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Senior Pictures 117 

Senior Directory 32 

Parent Messages 46 




Sports 1 04 



Advertising Section 1 86 

Student Life 189 



I support two teams. 

the Red Sox 
*nd whoever beat$? 
tie V; 

f I 



J 5 ' VV 

^^^^ .'■'■•■AO 

-'.*<r i.*#T'J-VV2JS 

9 10 

102 000 000 

©to ooo ._■ 

RED SOX WIN SERIES, 4-0 Lowe (W 3-0), Marquis (L 0-1) 

R H £ 
3 9 

"Twenty years from now you will be more dissapointed by 
the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw 
off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the 
trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover/' 

- Mark Twain 

Daniel Abate 

Jonathan Alcorn Jenna Alexander Christopher Amado 

Travis Anderson Michael Andruszkiewicz Stephanie Annis Kristen Archibald 

Katrina Argeros Natalie Armano 

Sara Atkinson 

Kenneth Austin 


Jennifer Ballou 

Lillian Barres 

Craig Bartlett 

Casey Basset! 



Emily Bergeron Krystina Beatrice Kayleigh Bishop Timothy Blodgett 

Ashtar Boulos Christopher Bouton Nathan Boynton 

Lear Brace 

Sara Brainard Kathleen Brennan Kristina Breton 

Katlyn Breton 

Stefanie Brewer 

David Briand 

Kevin Browder Benjamin Brown 


Kimberly Callahan Douglas Campbell Kathryn Cancellieri Thomas Chalifour 



Ashley Charlton Jennifer Chase 

Cara Chatellier 

John Checchi 

Christopher Collins Meghan Comeau Jason Comeau 

John Condon 

Brittaney Ellis 

Benjamin Engle 

Francesca Eramo 

Lindsey Estes 

Gregory Jackson Alexander Jewell 

Curran Justesen Marshall Jutras 

Molly Kelley Sarah Kemmer 

William Kitchenmaster Michael Klemis 

Donald Johnson Latonya Jones 

Ashleigh Karp William Karvouniaris 

Adam Kent Tad Killam 

Amy Klesert Steven Knight 23 

Andrew Liporto 

Kaitlyn Knowlton Amy Kwiatek Katharine LaChance Melissa Lapointe 

Caroline Larson Emily Laverdiere 

Michael Lawler 

Ryan Lazowy 

Amanda Lojko Christopher Lopez 

Steven Lunn 

24 Laura Macomber 

Sasha Madore 

Brett Maguire 

Matthew Mahan 

Jaimie Mailander 

Faith Martel 

Amy Marcucci 

Alexandria Mari 

Andrew Marquart 

Andrew Martineau 

Emily McAulif f e 

Caroline McAvoy 

Sean McCormick Ashley McGilloway 

James McKeon 

John McLaughlin 

Christopher McNeil Brendan McNeill 

Michael McQueen 

Joshua Melanson 25 

Justine Miley 

Jacqueline Miller 

William Moynihan 

Aisling Mullen 

Justin Negrotti 

Shawn Nerden 

Ramon Molina 

Leighanne Munroe 

Blair Nickerson 

Kerry Monroe 

Erica Murray 

Erica Novack 

Megan Nylund 

David O'Brien 

Stephen O'Brien 

John O'Hearn 

Sarah O'Shea 

Gia Panniello 

Laura Parisella 

Adam Patterson 

Jaclyn Pelletier Krista Pelletier Bryan Pierce Michael Pirrello 

i \ 







Tiffany Pisa 

Breann Plamowski 

Clayton Pudvah 

Theodore Quinlan 






|! ; " 

M l 

Kelly Rafeal Jessica Rando Brian Ranta Wendy Rathe 

John Raymond 

Stephanie Robinson 

Victor Servian 

Stephanie Read 

Stephanie Rodolico 



Brian Schwab 

Kimberly Servizio 


Paul Richardson 



Julie Rynkowski 




Corey Schweizer 



Ryan Shairs 

Joshua Roberts 

Kirsten Salmonsen 

Katherine Seaman 

Jeremy Sharp 

Heather Shaw 

Jessica Silvio 

Kelly Simmons 

Alexander Simoes 

Jonathan Verry 

Andrew Walker 

Jade Weston 

Garrett Williams 

Lauren Williams 

Aimee Woodbury 


Katherine Wilson 

Johnpaul Wioncek 

Benjamin Wolf 

Rose Desmond 

Matthew Woolaver 

Christina Zaikowski 

Tamera Hios 

Emily Berger 

Thomas Gross 

Crystal Richardson 

Christopher Brazie 

Joshua Gurney 

Jessica Rogan 

Duncan Bruce 

Tamera Hios 

Rachel Shairs 

Brain Cargile II 

Christopher Kruczynski 

Christina Siebertz 

Meaghan Cassidy 

Christopher Krukonis 

Brian Silva 

Michael Cole 

Christos Markos 

Michael Theriault 

Joshua Courtney 

Angel Martin 

Joseph Thomas 

Armando Cuko 

Jonathan Martinez 

Tanya Twohig 

Angelo Gamarra 

Catherine Martini 

Trisha Wihelm 

Medelyn Gondim 

Ryan Mello 

Matthew Woodyard 

Kevin Gordon 

Ashley Newman 

Kristen Zona 

Nichole Gosselin 

Aferdita Papuciu 

Jacqueline Granese 

Christopher Reardon 


■teorn, Jonathan Leonard 2 1 Brackenbury Ln. 922-5394 
Vctivities: Lacrosse, Ultimate Frsibee Club Memorable 
Cvents: The "illegal" poker club all over school, all the bad 
enior pranks before me, the last good principle Quote: "If it's 
vorth doing, it should have already been done." Leaves: The 
ast remaining tyranny (dictatorship), bad grades and good fri 

Alexander, Jenna (Jenner, Nerer) 23 Crescent Ave. 922-4838 
Activities: Soccer, Best Buddies, NHS, Chorus, Habitat for 
lumanity Memorable Events: Soccer sleepovers, scav. 
lunts, forking, waffle ball, Prep games w/KC & CL, trips to 
|lorida, hanging out/sleepovers with JE MK GL LM SL JC KS 
)D ED EF~I love you guys! Quote: "GET SOME", "So 
ih...;o)", "Fix up, look sharp". Leaves: High school drama to 
he next generation. . .AND great times with the gang : ) 

Andruszkiewicz, Michael Stephen (Skev, Skevich, Skev 
4oney, Skevy to the Levy, Route 66) 14 Virginia Ave. 
Activities: Football, Key Club, Track, Boy Scouts, DI, NHS 
/lemorable Events: Red Sox winning the World Series, going 
o Europe, Worlds, Pats winning 2 out of 3 Super Bowls, 
mating Salem 49-0 on Thanksgiving '04 Quote: "Keep the 
"aim" Leaves: three more years for my sister in BHS, good 
uck to my fellow classmates, another World Series and Super 
Jowl title for the future 

Vnnis, Stephanie Lindsey 14 Exeter Rd. 922-8596 Activities: 
"ennis, Peer Mediation, Peer Ed., Key Club, NHS, and 
Yearbook. Memorable Events: Powderpuff, nights out with 
he girls and Halloween dances!! (AC, CC, NA, EN, KS, NA, 
X, SR, EM, JR), soccer games in the rain (KB, EB, CC, KB), 
'the corner", running around after the Sox won the World 
Series (AC, NA, KS), NBRB! ! !, a hectic junior year we though 
vould never end (KC), 3 peas in a pod (KC, SK), and great 
unchroom talks (BE, MK, JA, LM, SS). Quote: "It's not 
ibout the years in your life, it's about the life in your years." 
Leaves: Sean S. three more years @BHS, Katie B., Sheedy 
freshman? j/k), Annie, Julie and the rest of my favorite 
uniors a great senior year, and Mr. Kelleher with the memo- 
'ies of our pod! 

\rchibald, Kristen Anne-Marie (K-Tag) 23 Rowell Ave. 
?27-5990 Activities: Fresh softball, JV softball, V Softball JV 
Basketball Cheering, Varsity basketball cheerleading, Varsity 
football cheerleading (Capt) Chorus Yearbook, Key Club 
f secretary) Memorable Events: Two Years to you 10.6.02, 
Gina and babo, Rachels eye, Beach days with the girls, 
Kaitlyns Birthday Events GBC n Basement, Jackies Locked in 
her Bathroom, Thanksgiving dance03, Cheer parties, 
Holloween Dances with the girls, 76Sundays Quote: "Cel- 
ebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certain were 
-limbing two by two to make sure these days continue"-Dave 
Matthews Band Leaves: Rachel with her black eye Sorry hun! 
dine with babo Katie my number one ref, Fellows with his 
OVl'R excitment, Travis with catch bees and cheesecake, Joel 
with 36.5 hours n a gold chain, Kaitlyn with a wet sholder, 
loopahs and good stories, Dj, all my love 2 amazing yrs n 
1 0,6.02, Jackie with a lock on her BR door, peewee and 
lierman, Mcdonalds, weathervane and my advice, Stcph Em 

Katie n the Cheer Girls, Fballers, The crew, My faves: Jm Kk 
Kc Mf Aa Mo Rt Gg Kr Dh Jc Ta Mf Aa Cc Ad Dg Ak Love 
you guy 

Argeros, Katrina (Trina) 1849 Bay Road Sharon, MA 02067 
(781)-784-2029, 766-7005 Memorable Events: -*KKLTTJ* 
BFFL- Always good times! Love you girls! West Side Story, 
"Mean Girls", Boys-always making me laugh, Love you all! 
Quote: "Actually, he is kinda cute!" "I don't have any 

Leaves: Many amazing teachers! Ridiculous drama of high 

Atkinson, Sara Renee (Sara no H, Sarabear, M.I.L.F., Little 
Lisa, Soccer Mom) 27 Andover Rd. 922-7588 Activities: 
Softball 9, Soccer 9-11, MAOM/DI 9-12, Chorale 9-12, GSA 
Day of Silence 9-12, Mini Musical 10, Vocal Ensemble 1 1-12, 
Concertquire 11-12, DramaFest 11-12, Musicals 11-12, Habitat 
for Humanity 11-12, Powder Puff 12, Color Guard 12, Great 
Expectations 12, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk 
12 Memorable Events: Sleepovers at JM's, Skiing in ME with 
the Big Macs, OMDI Competitions, Like a Bridge Over 
Troubled Waters, Blueberry muffin-pancakes, Camping out 
on CM's trampoline, the first OM session at JM's new house, 
getting lost in the woods with the soccer girls, Fourth of July 
'03, Quebec City, January 5th, 2003, 

Ballou, Jennifer Meagan 54 Ellsworth Ave. 922-3536 
Activities: Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Key Club, The ledger, 
Yearbook, Powderpuff! Memorable Events: NH, Rockport, 
Campouts, Catering, Red Sox '04, Nature walks at BP w/CC, 
Maine skiing, BK, BenFolds, John Mayer Concerts Quote: 
"What I want is what I've not got but what I need is all around 

Bassett, Casey Kamman (CBass, Ogre) 1 1 Sargent St. 927- 
2219 Activities: BHS Varsity Soccer (9-12) - Captain Memo- 
rable Events: 4 years with all of my good friends AP MT BB 
DM GH EM MW NL SL AC and all of the girls CC KB LE 
KB MF AC EB. Nights at Nates house with big Jimbo 
gone with drizzed boxing matches. Soccer and field hockey 
gatherings. Desis house many times junior year. The big scare 
in Ptowns backyard with AP BB MW and AM. Winning the 
NEC freshman year. Beirut champs with Ptown. Chuckberry 

Beatrice, Krystina 631 Cabot St. Memorable Events: Je: 
Manchester Parties w/ Sammy & the boys. Summer '03- 
CmCI. Late Nites Holla. Black Jeep. Millar and Iverson! 
Sammys party. Monster Jam '03 Wanna Get Krunk? Shorty 
Krunk. Red Camry. Summer '03 Crew love you always n 
forevcr.Ewingjuice and Wheeler. CcRt Arizona Iced Tea and 
granola bars. CC-sarge, and all of our friday nites at ur 
house. CcJe-making the video w/stevens. Shanaynay-BUe 
CcGgRtBt-15th b-day @ polcari's. Supcrbowl '04. lit & Gg 
takin my dads car b4 we got our license. MIB miss u & love u 
eastie isnt the same. My Boys miss u 2 MbAbNb. R.B fori Ver 
and always, so many times together Quote: "You have lo go 

through something to get something." Leaves: Mr. B with all 
my excuses of not being in class. 

Bergeron, Emily (Emmy, Berg, Emily Cheese Burger-on, 
Midget) 51 Shortell Ave. 972-4220 Activities: Field Hockey 
9-12 capt, Indoor Track 9-12, Softball 9-12, Yearbook, NHS, 
World of Difference. Memorable Events: Goodtimes w/ 
LeMfKbSkKbAm and my boys MsCpJcAklmMtCbAp, Cape 
cod, Boston, FH/Soccer, FL '04, H/W, summers, The Hill, 
MS's house, New Years '02 and '04, Pool parties, Night 
games, West Beach, CBs house, Downtown Bev@ 2 am 
SkMfLeCc, FH@ NBev, The corner, Semis/Prom, Good times 
@ the track, Snowed In, meeting@ Nicks, John Mayer w/ 
SkMf, DC, GC/NFG, nights w/ LbJcSbCIWk, Chicago, Lib 
Crew, Cowanade, Lunch wars, Sox/Pats Pride, Food runs with 
MT, Cha Cha slide with SBall, Bev Pride with KS, Talks with 
DM and EB, Physics/Chem Crews. Quote: "That's why I keep 
you around", "Mrara that looks good", RSP, "And in the end, 
you just want to be with the ones who make you laugh" 
Leaves: 4 years I will never forget, My amazing FH and Sball 
girls, ED and ET to carry on the Emily FH tradition, the 
memory of Blue to NK, and my loving wife NN 

Boulos, Ashtar Leaves: Katie Bushey one more year. 

Bouton, Christopher H. (Old Man) 44 Ellsworth Ave. 
Activities: Senate, Ledger, Band, Musical, NHS Memorable 
Events: Fight Club Night, Snoot Party... The Usual Quote: 
"So that happened" Leaves: A pox upon your houses. 

Brace, Lear 20 Cole St. 922-2147 Activities: Tennis, Key 
Club, NHS, Chorus, Yearbook Memorable Events: 4 years of 
great friends and good times. Starbucks therapy w/JB, nights 
with JC, SB, CI, WK, EB, and KS. The Hannah School girls 
and Briscoe kids. Amazing Calc nights w/LM, JD, and CM. 
Doubles w/JC and the SNCL. Tennis girls and "stuffy 
groups", missing curfews, and parking lots. 4 long but crazy 1 
years at BHS. Leaves: My favorite underclassmen to 3 more 
long years, and lastly to the BIG A to forever instill fear in 
underclassmen who think you will sit on them. 

Brennan, Kathleen K. (Little B, KT, katiegirl, B) 39 Sonning 
Rd. 922-0522 Activities: MCJROTC, causing a ruckus 
Memorable Events: Dane Street Beach EVERY NIGHT w/ 
AC, VT, KC, AG, JD ; mucho laughs w/ AC ; crazy crazy 
times w/ BM ; Sputnix w/ MK, PC & AP ; HQ w/ VH and AC 
; Sweet ROTC times w/ Smitty, DS, AC, CW, VH & RW ; 
Michelle's w/ AG, KC, JR, & AC ; MC Ball ; Willows Air 
Hockey w/ MK ; Picture booth w/ AC & MK ; Purple Scor- 
pion w/ AC ; Summer on the deck w/ AC ; Meeting to 3DG ; 
CVS arguments ; Family Dinner w/ AC & the Brennan's ; 
Super Bowl '04 ; "Corners". Quote: HEART! ; Hark.... fight 
lupus! ; I lava ewe! ; Hey a Flapjack ; Leaves: My youngin' 
friends with just two more years! ; 

Breton, Katlyn 9 Walcott Rd. 927-6035 Activities: Soccer, 
Basketball, Lacrosse, Key Club, Habitat for Humanity, NHS 
Memorable Events: Good times EB, MF, LE, KB, SK, AM 

with all the girls and AK, CB, AP, MT, JC, MS, CP . Bostoii 
'04, Cape Cod, 4 th at West, New Years, Soccer sleepovers. 
Quote: "Let the good times roll", "Get some". Leaves: CP, 
AB, KP, JS, MB, LM, JN-keep having fun. 

Breton, Kristina 9 Walcott Rd. Activities: Varsity Soccer, 
Varsity Lacrosse, Varsity basketball, Habitat for Humanity, 
Key Club. Memorable Events: Good times with EB, KB, L. 
MF, SK. Cape Cod. Prank phone calls, Lindsey Pork, RSP! 
Fun times with MS, JC, AK, CP, Hanging out at Mike's houm 
Snow storm fun. Soccer sleepovers, scav hunts, memorable 
times w/Lax and soccer girls. Quote: "I don't hate it!", "Whh 
invited her!" "That's why I kept you around." Leaves: Soccti 
girls to a winning season and Chels to 2 more years of high 

Brewer, Stephanie 30 Dunham Rd. 922-8655 Activities: 
Aegis 10-12, Student Govt. 10-12 Memorable Events: 
Birthdays in NH, Adventures with KS, Good times and laugiJI 
LB WK JL Quote: "It's not always rainbows and butterflies. || 
it's compromise that moves us along." Leaves: Last minute 
planning, sarcasm, tears of laughter 

Briand, David Paul 15 Pillow Lace Ln. 921-1801 Activities 
Ultimate Frisbee, Winter Track, Baseball, odel UN, NHS, Km 
Club, Ledger, Peer Mediation Memorable Events: Alcott, 
concerts in Boston, IHOP, ping pong, hanging with the gang: 
good time was had by all Quote: "Have you ever transcendec 
space and time?" "No. Yes. Uh, Time not space. No, I have 1 1 
idea what you're talking about." Leaves: My Frisbee on the : 
roof of A-Wing to whoever gets it first. 

Brown, Benjamin D. (Benny Bo Jangles) 49 Cross St. 927-- 
9017 Activities: BHS Soccer and LAX. Hanging out w/ the 
buds (you know who you are), and just straight chillin. 
Memorable Events: 2003 LAX Div 1 State Champs. 12/2/0* 
20th anniversary tour, 8/10/04- amazing Phish shows AM, J r i 
Summers at West. Wiffleball. Street hockey. The good ole' 
days at JO's. Pool hoppin' Marcia's DM, RF, JT, AH. Hikin 
in NH w/ JC, AH Quote: "Waiting for the time when I can 
finally say that this has all been wonderful and now I'm on nn | 
way..." Leaves: Sweet Melissa at the Stratham PD, and leavi 
the Red Sox as the 2004 World Series Champs 

Callahan, Kimberly 16Northridge Rd. 921-2013 Activitie 
Soccer, Winter Traxk, Spring Track, Habitat for Humanity, 
NHS Memorable Events: Soccer sleepovers, pasta parties, I 
scav hunts, forking, "study" group w/SB, MC, SR, WK, fun I 
times w/MH, AK, Red Sox World Series Champs, "Bam! P. 1 
da ball mon!" (SR, KT, TD), Physics w/LS, Friday Night i 
Lights w/the team Quote: "JUBIE!" Leaves: SP, BH, AS, f 
CR best of luck to the soccer and track teams; all of my love i 
shimmy sideways 

Cancellieri, Kate 45 Millbrook Rd. 921-0036, (978) 337-22 j 
Activities: Football Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Best Buddie 
Yearbook, DECA! Memorable Events: Hurd Stadium SR. I 
Circle @ Coppozzi's, Every Halloween/Thanksgiving Dane 
EVER!, NYC for my sweet 16, Amazing times with Bryan I f! Quote: "Let's move on because the minute hand moves 
lister than you think it does." -John Mayer Leaves: Leahy all 
jjiy love, FBallers- Spirit & pride in Bev football always; 
iymnasty girls. ..always #1, so; The hope that everyone to 
bme through BHS after us loves it as much as I have. 

halifour, Thomas 17 Morningside Dr. 921-8487 
ctivities: Stage Right, Drama Fest, Destination Imagination, 
and. Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Photo Club, Film Club (ha- 
ia) Memorable Events: joining band last, Meg's Fancy and 
ot-So-Fancy shindigs, movie nights, throwing the coat, being 
man dammit, DI sleepovers, plays about pants Quotes: "To- 
pAY!" -BBBD "Pants are merely a suggestion, much like 
)ad signs." -Melvin Howard Leaves: timpanis, the Tom 
halifour Archive, penguin jokes, red suspenders, Mr. Dunn's 

harlton, Ashley 45 Ellsworth Ave. 927-6255 (978) 578-1012 
ctivities: Tennis 9-12 (Captain), Softball 9-10, Key Club, 
earbook, Peer Ed Thank you and Love you my heroes Mom 
; Dad, RY, Pat, Grandpa, Always & Forever<3Jc, Jg, Kg 
lemorable Events: B&H '05 CI Cc Na En Em Sr Jr Sa Ks 
..m An The Boys Ah(my #1 always) 

I'mAmJcJtJfBbRsBfJoMtRfBp, dance fest '04, nights at JfBf, 
led Sox games, World Series Champs, always caught, 1/ 
,AOR, Jr. Prom, New Years at Dm, meangirls, nbrb, 
eepovers, dunks, pickles, bleachers crew, animals in the bag, 
iie loop "wanna pull over and dance?" RR'03, window 
■ imping,school dancers, Pats parade, 4 th @ West, Boston 
sxcuse me can we go?", Waltham for twist, "studying" w/Ap 
nd amazing classes w/Cb. Thank you for making these four 
ears an incredible experience I LOVE YOU! Quotes: "It 
^mmed normal at the time" "Party's over" Leaves: Pat, my 
1 bro, have as much fun as I did, I LOVE YOU! Scan, without 
Cs aid, thank you for everything esp. FC, I'll miss you! Xoxo 

"hatellier, Cara (Piece a Chat, C-Chat, Cara-boo) 20 
rankwood Ave. 922-8095 Activities: Field Hockey & 
oftball (9-10) Key Club, Yearbook, Peer Education Memo- 
able Events: B&H '05- Ac CI Na En An Am Sr Jr Em Sa Ks. 
-ove you Girls & all The Boys. Dance Party '04. Hole in Nats 
/all.Skippin school w/ the Girls. Cruisie w/ Eno. Kitty!. Nat out 
hte window. Mean Girls. Putting makeup on AM. Jr 
i'rom. Urn. Excuse me,Can we Gooo? Musante sign. OAR & 
j)MB w/ the girls. Jeremiah was a bull frog. Pats Parade'04. 
iValtham Trips. Wat,Ap&Straw Twist.Dunks&NBRB. .Bev 
tec Madness. Quotes: "It seemed normal at the time..." 
| Tickaaaas! !" "No I did not wet the bed" Leaves: Em Den 
vith Girl Talk & Concentration & Lil' Megger w/ 4 years at 

Cheney, Cassie A. 15 Doane Ave. 927-2619 Activities: Field 
lockey 9,10,1 1,12 Winter Track 9,10,1 1 Softball 9,10 Memo- 
able Events: Field hockey & soccer parties, 9/7/03-amazing 
:oncert w/ AK, foot long hotdogs, Sox in the World Series, NH 
v/ KS, scanning the "crowd" freshman yr w/ Mil, jess & her 
■kiing wipeouts, & busing it up to the jr prom Quote: "To 
iccomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; 
lot only plan, but also believe." Leaves: Km Den at P. Farms 

and crazy morning car rides with Erin, I'll miss you guys! 

Clay, Katie (Tatie) Activities: Soccer (Capt.), Track (Capt.), 
NHS Memorable Events: Prom 3:47, scav hunts, topsfield 
fair, Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds Leaves: J.N.- 1 win!!, a 
Polaroid camera, J.R. and L.S.- "original 3"!!, Soccer girls- 

Cobbett, Erica Jean (Dolly, The Almighty Locker Queen) 50 
Hillside Ave. Activities: Band, musicals, Band trips Memo- 
rable Events: Mrs. Doyle's wedding, making tuna for Pitman, 
hang out in Patten, riding around with D.H., C.Z., and C.C. 
B.T. during senior privilege Quote: "Banana phone" "Feed me 

Leaves: My possa friend N.T., my per S.B, and of course Mrs. 
Doyle among all my teachers that I've bugged all four years. 

Collins, Christopher Paul 96 Bridge St. 969-1949 Activities: 
Lacrosse Memorable Events: Rips at the hex, west beach, 
sally mull, and lynch, rendezvous at TPH Quote: "Set your 
gearshift for the high gear of your soul, you've got to run like 
an antelope, out of control." Leaves: The juniors with the 
responsibility of keeping the parties going, and leave a Red 
Sox World Championship my senior year. That was wicked 
friggen sweet. 

Comeau, Jason 15 Thompson Rd. 922-8381 Activities: 
Football, Indoor/Outdoor Track, and Yearbook. Memorable 
Events: LB, double dates with SBCL, throwing bad ice cream 
at bad people, November 30, 2003, Thanksgiving '04, lunch 
with Will and Al every day. Leaves: My jersey, Hurd Stadium, 
DS, Big A, a legacy of good times and a chronicle of bad 
times, and a legacy upon which BHS can build. 

Comeau, Meghan 18 Ashton St. 927-7342 Activities: Cross- 
country, Swimming, Key Club, NHS. Memorable Events: Po 

ttoe's!, Amazing dress up days for Cross-country, Field 
Hockey, & Swimming; Meeting so many new faces — Meg 
Home you helped make it one of the best summers I'll ever 
have Graduating with my two cousins, Billy & Jason who have 
grown to trust and rely on through thick and thin. I love you 
two! Quote: "The cradle rocks above the abyss, and common 
sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light 
between two eternities of darkness. ""-Vladimir Nabokov, "Life 
consist not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold 
well. "-Josh Billings. Leaves: 4 memorable years at the High 
School to my brother Ben. Enjoy! 

Condon, John 37 Odell Ave. 927-4854 Activities: Football, 
Track, Lacrosse Memorable Events: Late night, lots of drinks, 
COVENTRY! Tripping on stuff, Hexagon, The Day Quote: 
"We're making' sundaes" "That's what she said" Leaves: I 
leave the responsibility of partying at least twice a week to the 


Cormier, Vernon Scott 10 Hale Park Ave. 927-1229 Activi- 
ties: I am proud of doing absolutely nothing. Memorable 
Events: Constantly making fun of people for my own amuse- 

ment, stealing people's milk money, giving people swirlies, 
and so on. Quote: George Clinton is God... that's all that needs 
to be said. Leaves: This wretched place, a few good times, and 
lastly... the radio. 

Cowan, Jacob Seth (King, Queen Bee) 10 Cobblers In. 927- 
9925 Activities: Basketball, Chorus, and Straight Mackin' 
Memorabcl Events: 8A2K2; 18 lh B-day BC, TB, CD, DD; Fat 
Faille AK; Tripoli BS, MS; RXB AC, AA; Music Fest DB, 
AS; Beat downs Willy, CP, MT; Car Wars JP, TM, AK; NOW; 
The Posse; Surprise 18. Quote: "Class of 05 Beverly, J.O. til 
you P.-2X" Leaves: My NSYNC locker for the nest unsuspect- 
ing victim and my school pictures. 

Crescitelli, Samantha A. (Sam, Sammy, SamAnn, Kiddo) 6 
Lowell St. 927-6928 Activities: Chorus 9-12, Concertquire 1 1 
& 12, Peer Mediation 9-12, Yearbook 12, Stage Right 10-12, 
Fall play 10-12, Spring musical 1 1 & 12, NHS 1 1 & 12, Girl's 
State 2004. Memorable Events: Stage crewing with my 
"asst," band trips, apple picking, HANSON with AM & HB, 
signing karaoke with AN, Monty Python AK, Superman with 
EL, Girl's State with AM & Johnny Depp nights with DM!! 
Quote: "It's a good thing..." Leaves: Vanessa V to reign 
supreme over the fall play, Erin H to be amazing and Dan M to 
be the diva that he is! 

Cullen, James Michael 87 Northridge Rd. 921-9450 Activi- 
ties: Hockey, Baseball Memorable Events: Playing hockey and 
baseball, Comeback win against Lynn English, hanging out 
with friends Quote: "It is not the size of the dog in the fight, it 
is the size of the fight in the dog." "Live by the sword. Die by 
the sword." "Only those who see the invisible can do the 
impossible." "Yankees Suck." Leaves: Ability to laugh at 
one's self. Never say quit attitude. 

Cuttle, Christina (AkA Chrissy or Cuttles) 16 Longmeadow 
Rd. 922-6772 To the grls I love you guys n we've had so much 
fun.. Superbowl Party, the drives, the sleepovers, the ponitless 
nites the wildest New Years Eve parties weve had and lets not 
forget end of the summer as well 4th of July 2004 unforgetable 
Tanzy the highlands, BOSTONNNN SLURPEES Ely and 
Danny our gas men, wen im grounded ur grounded ...Jess to all 
the times uve banged ur head in my car, mummy's wedding 
.Rach the BOAT playin uno for hours, both being sick, Family 
gatherings... stranded at ur house for the snow storm, Our trip 
to NH wit PAT, Girls I love you and its hard to watch us drift 
apart but by heart we'll be together no matter what. 

Desmond, Rose Theresa 38 Nelson Ave. 927-2951 Memorable 

Events: "u-purn", FL, MV, hikes in the 

woods, little red car, kf kg so rm hb ww af mr 

mp Quote: I fall asleep with my friends around me 

The only place I know I feel safe. I'm gonna call this home. The 

open road is still miles away. Ain't nothin serious, we still have 

our fun -jimmy eat world Leaves: DD and friends, neighborhood 

kids,DB crew, library kids, at sb sm cb jp. 

Drinkwater, Tifany (Tif, Tiff-Tiff,TD) 6 Gregg St. 922-9410 
Activities: Varsity Soccer 9-12, basketball 9-10, lacrossse 9-12, 

winter track 11-12, Gay/Straight Alliance Memorable 
Events: Scav. hunts, forking, sleepover's, parties, Germa 
Exchange trip, surviving LOS Quote: "For those who this 
I can't, WATCH ME!" "GET SOME!" Leaves: little sis 
MD and LIZ M. 

Dwyer, Janna 262 Essex St. 927-8361 Memorabel Ever 

Driving in the halls with AH. France with AW, LM and tl 
discotheque with CM. The flip-flop bet with AW. Car rid i 
to tennis with LB. Pushing CCBB. And wicked fun Calc 
times with LB CM and LM. Quote: "if you're robbing a 
bank and your pants fall down, I think its okay to laugh ai 
to let the hostages laugh too, because, come one, life is 
funny." Leaves: BD to three more fun years. 

Eanes, Jonathan 1 Icehouse Ln. 922-6062 Activities: 
Soccer, Frisbee, and CCC Memorable Events: Soccer 
games, bus rides, parties, and proms. Quote: "The 
Snozberries taste like Snozberries." Leaves: The lochnes: 
and a Sunny Day. 

Ellis, Brittaney Elisabeth 554 Essex St. 922-1340 Memo 
rable Events: Driving around with Sally, chill in with the 
girls, *N.B., B.S., K.B., and N.H.*, Salem Boys, b-ball 
games with our favorite team, prom, parties, fastlane to 
Boston, Wendy's, the point, getting up at 8 on Saturdays ; 
most deicated fans ever, and sitting in. HaHa. Quote: "Y< 
will never be happy if you continue to search for what 
happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looki 
for the meaning of life." "It's the friends you can call up i 
a.m. that matter." Leaves: Mr. P, the city Wisconsin, and- 
N.B., 2 more years, i know you can do it! 

Engle, Benjamin Stevens 21 Winthrop Ave. 578-6293 
Activities: A few sports here and there, the Ultimate frisl 
club, the Jake Crandall Fan Club Memorable Events: Th 1 
Dwyer's roof, NH trip, Ozma, Alcott. Quote: "Our youth 
fleeting/ Old age is just around the bend/ And I can't wail 
go grey" -Death Cab For Cutie Leaves: Andrew Clay all 
eight person dinners he can eat. Taylor Marton great hair 
like his dad's. 

Eramo, Francesca 421 R Essex Street 921-1433 Activiti 
Winter Track, Key Club, Yearbook, DECA Memorable 
Events: I'll never forget the 4th of July, tent nights, cater 
ing, NH, sleepovers, Joe's Pizza, summer nights at Dane 
Street Beach, endless nights of driving around, po-hoes ai 
the Halloween dance, and of course Nick's Roast Beef. 
have had so many good times. I love you girls. Quote: 
"When I'm with you, I feel like I could die, and that woui 
be all right."- 3eb Leaves: I leave the letter B, btents, and 
the "cheap and easy" hat from Dick's to my girls, and I 
leave BHS to my sisters, Marcella and Liana. 

Estes, Lindsey (Lindz) 66 A Bridge St. 921-0325 Activi- 
ties: FH 9-12, Track 9-12, Softball 9-12(captain), Yearbc 
12 Memorable Events: Good times w/ the girls 
MfEbKbSkKbAmKrKsGpBhLw & the boys. H/W parties 
Woods, Boston 9/3, West Beach, SD'in @ JF's, FH/Socc 

-allies. Cape Cod, Road trips, Sox parade w/ Am Mf, Pats 
?arade, Florida 03&04, 10/30 @ KR's, Endicott, Ipswich w/ 
Vlf Kb, 7/4 @ West, Jakes 18 th , New Years @ MS, Parties @ 
'B's, Cleaning up Ap @ CB L s, Lynch Park, MP's w/ Ipswich 
rew, DMB 7/7, Colgate Park, EB's Pool. Blizzard @ KB's 
& Good times @ SK's. Quote: "Mrarn that looks good" 
Leaves: The FH & Shall girls - have fun! JC w/ 4 years. Nikki 
& Noele - good luck! 

Fellows, Matt 61 Putnam St. 927-0677 Activities: Basketball, 
Soccer, video games, hanging with friends Memorable 
Events: Not going to the woods, Basketball, listening to FE's 
itories, listening to SH complain, eggs and bacon, superhero 
:ostumes Quote: "A man that sees life the same way at 20 as 
le does at 50 wasted 30 years of his life." Leaves: JS x2 with 
;ood times in H.S., FE % SH nothing to do at all, SM the 
vood-not a chance. 

^iladoro, Joel R. (Filly, F'n Heeb) 6 Wellesley Rd. 922-7810 
Activities: Golf (9-12), Hockey (9-12), Baseball (9-12) 
Memorable Events: Ragers @ my house,BF's + all nighters 
% EM's, w/BF, JT, AH, DM, AM, BB, RF, JO, BP, RS, MT, 
C, + all the girls. Turning 21 jr yr, D-State, DMB+OAR 
toncerts, Stratham PD,BB Vball tourny @ west, RR 03',Red 
>ox+Bruins games, superbowls, movies w/Fabio, Nude 
:ings@jc,30 pk challenge, new years 04' @DM's Quote: 
It'd be a lot cooler if you did" Leaves: jackdizzle one dang 
ough yr w/out me, and Jayful one more year to screw up. 

7 iore, Meredith (Merry, Merfee, Merda) 19 Sargent Ave. 
>22-6452 Activities: Tennis and skiing Quote: "Cherish Life, 
t's precious. ..Don't be anything but happy" "Life moves 
)retty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, 
/ou could miss it." Leaves: I leave all of the fun times with 
ny friends especially the summer of '04-good times. I will 
ilways remember my three best friends Brenda, Michelle, and 
vleg. Love you guys. 

Freeman, Meaghan (Megz, FreeStyle, Meggy, Capt. Mo, 
ree-Unit, Crazy Meg, Blonde Meg) 30 Shortell Ave. 92 1 - 
)354 Activities: FH 9-12, Track 9, Softball 9-10, Bball 
heering 10-12 Memorable Events: Good Times with Le Kb 
2b Kb Sk Am Kr Gp Ks Bh Lw and all the boys, Woods 
D arties, FH/Soccer parties, Boston 04, Cape Cod 03, Cheering 
3 arties, NE Parties, Good times at Kr's and Cb's, Pats/Sox 
oarades, Yaga, and Colgate Park. Quote: "Let the good times 
oil" "Hmm weird" Leaves: Aa, Mo, Bp, Ec, and all the club 
jirls ily, Regitone, TJ Max, Hampton, The Real World Dunks 
Style, Scorps and Zombies at Jade's. 

Fullerton, Brendan J. (Fully) 85 Bisson St. 927-7802 
Activities: Golf 9- 12, Hockey 9-12, Baseball 9-12, and 12- 
lunce curls. Memorable Events: Getting legless w/JF, JT, 
(IS, AM, BB, DM, MT, BF, MK, BP, RF, DG, JO, AH, JC, 
md broads, SR love ya, Red Sox, Pats, Benders at JF, EM, 
Vball at West, BB Tourny, O.A.R. Concert-Stratham P.O. 
Quote: "It's suppose to be hard, if it wasn't everyone would 
Jo it, it's the hard that makes it great." Leaves: DG and my 
no Jay, if he is still around. 

Gaudette, Keira Marie 3 South St. 921-6304 Activities: BHS 
Field hockey, Habitat for Humanity, Yearbook, Key Club, 
NHS Memorable Events: Keys in car @Topsfield faier, fun 
times w/The crew: SB, AT, JS, BR, MT, SH, AN, FH: love 
you guys, 2 wonderful years w/MT. Quote: "Life's a big 
party... eat cake and enjoy!" Leaves: younger brother Lee and 
friends one more year @BHS. Great memories w/my crew. 

Geary, Gina Marie 38 Jordan St. 921-1910 Activities: 
Varsity Football and Basketball cheering Memorable Ever 

"STEW" TA, JC, CC, RT/elf clog dance- B-ball cheering/ 
Superbowl-all the girls/Cabot St Maniac-CC, RT/Gin and 
Juice- JE, GG/BABO!/Red Sox 04 World Series/CL Prank 
calls/Dominos fake delivery-CL, CC, KB, RT< GG/pussy 
willows! NBRB Leaves: The Chicago Routine ©, All under- 
classmen cheerleaders 

Gosselin, Nichole 43a Wilfred St. Lynn MA, 01905 (978) 239- 
4744 Activities: Fall play, Chorus GSA Memorable Events: 
Band trip, ALL of the inside jokes and a much better time then 
past years. Quote: "You are my Cupikake." Leaves: Many 
friends, inside jokes, and whale jokes behind. 

Greenberg, Alison (Ali) 922-7358 Activities: Horseback 
riding, swimming, drawing, and hanging out w/friends Memo- 
rable Events: Good times in Eastman's class w/Kelly R., Bree 
H., and Jackie M., AND, FABULOUS Farrer's class w/Kelly 
and Kristina B. Leaves: Debbie wonderful times for the rest of 
her high school years and good luck, and Ashley too. 

Griffin, Kristen 17 Roderick Ave. 922-1867 Activities: 
Soccer 9-10 Memorable Events: Summer trips to FL and MV, 
The Hi Game Winner-RD, IP nights-KF, Friday Night Dress- 
ups-RD KF SO RM, Flanders-RD, U-PURN nights- RD KF, 
Meeting at #55 everyday after school Quote: "PL PL PL!", " 
Somethin' Somethin'", "This is our life..." Leaves: DD and 

friends, AT, and the rest of the DB crew to graduate 

Harbick, Brianna (Bree) 7 Lawrence St. 927-7571 Activities: 
Key Club Memorable Events: Good times with AM GP LW 
KS KB MF LE EB KR KB. 9-3 crazy night in Boston! All the 
Halloween dances with the girls. Celtics games with LP. West 
Beach, homecoming. Six Flags! Leaves: Two amazing years 
with Steve! I love you! 

Harris, Samantha Deborah 2 Tall Tree Dr. 921-5957 
Activities: Lacrosse, Track, Yearbook, DECA Memorable 
Events: 4th of July, tent nights, catering, Joe's, Nick's, and the 
many times of driving around with no destination Quote: 
"Turns out not where but who you're with that really matters" 
-dmb Leaves: All of my teachers and the rest of the school to 
my little sister Stef who will be here in 2005, the letter B, and 

Helgasan, Kristine (Sophmore bunny) 21 Morningside Dr. 
921-01 1 1 Activities: Art club, photo club, dramafest Memo- 
rable Events: The stars are like pow in your face, I wanna go 
to the china shop, 2 to RBI 

Quote: "The universe is made out of starics, not atoms!"- 
Muricl Rukcyscr Leaves: Jason K 99 problems & gag signs 

Hickcy, Amanda (Smickey, Smitty, Sticky) 76 Northridge Rd. 
921-4318 Activities: St. John's CG, Spartans DBS Memo- 
rable Events: Times hanging out with the girls! Ail the color 
guard trips and shows! Tour 2004 w/Smacki! My 35 hours 
with Nickel Pickle (skate boarding-K3)! Frogs! P-cake! Lips! 
I love you guys!! NS JM CM KR SS SM NN MS BP HN MS 
EM, and the boys: HB ZT DC PC CW<3 Quote: "Life was so 
simple when boys had cooties!" "Hey Chris" Leaves: St. 
John's CG girlies! KD MD MS KH KD AH KT! I love you 
and I miss all of you! 

Hobin, Andrew M. (The Great Hobino) 6 Gardner St. 922- 
6498 Activities: Football 9,10,11,12 Basketball 9,10 Baseball 
9,10,1 1 ,12 Memorable Events: Parties with BB BF AM. Fin 
Heeb JF DM BR JO JT MT RF JF JC and the girls. D-state 
Sox games w/all the guys and my girl Ash, RR03, Wiffle, 
Lynch and The Rec, The loft and lots of I want to remember if 
I try. Quote: "Good and you" "Thanks for comin'" Leaves: 
Liz Hobin and Longhill to whoever will keep it clean. 

Home, Meghan Margaret 51 Lovett St. 921-4998 Activities: 
Field Hockey, St. John's Color Guard, Deca, Powderpuff 
Memorable Events: Summer "04"- Megsquared , scamming 
the crowd w/CC, RegFam, ST CG so many good times I love 
you, Taco nights w/KS, FH w/AK, CC, KS, JB, 4 amigas KP, 
MC, SR Quote: "Regrets are a waste of time" Leaves: STCG 
girls good times, FH-good luck! Go for 3 next year 

Hurst, Alexander (Alex) 99 Grover St. 921-2062 Activities: 
Swimming 9-12, Band 9-11. Memorable Events: Lots of 
stuff. Quote: "Mr. Belding: Screech, you can't elope!", 
"Screech: Who are you calling a cantaloupe, melon head!" 
Leaves: this crappy place. 

4k • *» * (Sr. 
Jewell, Alex 40 Nelson Ave 922-4979 Activities: Band, Play, 
Musical, Photography Memorable Events: Ted '03, Top of 
North Bev, NC, Trombone line 1 10%, The Bro's - PE TQ CJ 
BM, The Cure, Air Force One, A Five Guys In English Class 
Production, Old and new NSMT buddies "would you 
rather...", First String, Paul's crazy parties. Quote: "Booya!", 
"Hey Ted, want to play some uhhh. ." Leaves: Jon 
Kenney with a trombone award, just kidding, you can keep 
Devekos though. 

Johnson, Donald (DJ) 22 Roderick Ave. 578-1342 Activities: 
Football, Lacrosse, BHS Partying Team Memorable Events: 
Hobin speaking Egyptian after the Fresh. Semi, Coventry w/JC 
TP CC BT MT JS MN, 4 th of July @Spo's, Concerts w/AD + 
JC, Freshman Lax, Kelcie's Parties, Hex, Streakin the summer 
of '03 w/DA Quote: "It is better to burn out than to fade 
away." Leaves: Hennessey to keep up the partying after all his 
friends graduate. 

Karp, Ashleigh J. 19 Sherman St. 927-1817 Activities: Field 
Hockey 9,1 1,12, NHS Memorable Events: DMB concerts w/ 
CC, HH-MC, Ski trips w/ JS and CC, Starbucks sessions w/JB, 
fun times at FH with MH, CC, KS, JB, ED, sidelines and CG 
w/ Meg H, busin' it to the junior prom Quote: "such a long 

long time to be gone and a short time to be there" Leaves: 133 
D in the Maiden woods and Kaitlyn her own room 

Karvouniaris, William (Will) 44 Echo Ave. 927-8566 
Activities: Band, Musical, NHS, Key Club Memorable 
Events: Good times and laughs with AK JC KB MS KB, Faiil 
and everyone else; long nights of laughs and food with SB C? 
LB JC CL; Food fights; Acapulco Birthdays; Starbucks; NYC 
Ocean City, Chicago, Toronto with JC MT CP; NSMT; miniii 
golf and ice cream runs; Seussical; Sox 04; Meg- thanks for 
everything you have done, you have no idea how much it all I 
means; all the talks, all nighters, and parties that made up 4 
long years at BHS Quote: "When there's a will, there's a 

Leaves: SC, EMO- all the best; LB for always being there; ai 
all the good times with the crew. 

Kelley, Molly Elizabeth 54 Middlebury Ln. 927-3649 
Activities: Stage Right, Drama Festival, Peer Mediatiob, NH 
Memorable Events: "You Can't Take it with You"-Alice, 
"Great Expectations"-Wemmick, Ogunquit. Quote: "Raise 
your head, meet the sun." Leaves: Vanessa Kelley with the co 

Kent, Adam (Perro) 5 Arbella Dr. 922-1623 Activities: 
Basketball Memorable Events: Bo-Sox games, partying wiiij 
the NWO, chillin with JC, JW, JM, WK, MS, CP, KB, EB, 
AM, MF, LE, and the Diggs and Faille Quote: "Nooo, that's 
not right" "Party at the HEX!" "Ichiban." Leaves: All the gec 
times with everyone. 

Kitchenmaster, William (Kitch) 10 Northridge Rd. 927-55' 
Activities: Band, Hide and Seek, Geekness Memorable 
Events: Friday metal shows Episode III Quote: "There is m 
ignorance, there is knowledge." Leaves: All my ladies fine 
memories 'o' me. 

Klesert, Amy Marie 6 Oceanside Drive 781-223-0651 
Activities: musicals, fall plays, vocal ensemble, concertquirn 
chorale, Senior District Chorus, All State Chorus Memorable 
Events: Ocean City, NYC, Hollywood Hits, Dedham, 
Amherst, Sputnik's, acid rain parties Quote: "We don't neeo 
no education, we don't need no thought control..." (Pink 
Floyd) Leaves: SM a little probing and a Chili's scrapbook, 
SC silly walks and Dorcas Butt, JM le fromage and a man in 
box, KW a yearbook trenchcoat and INSANE!!!!! 

Kwiatek, Amy 13 Millbrook Rd. 922-9050 Activities: Choiij 
color guard, NHS Memorable Events: Music trips, GFW 
every year, dances, All That Jazz, weekends at Shaws (thum \ 
down!), Virgin Records in NYC Quote: "And if you get the 
choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance." 

LaChance, Katherine Michele 2 Cherry Rd. 922-4424 
Activities: Key Club, Aegis, Art Club, Soccer, Lacrosse 
Memorable Events: Tent nights, catering, concerts, 4 th of h 
NH, Canada, FL Quote: "And I want life in every word, to t 
extent that it's absurd."-The Postal Service, "Sign out your 
bike!"-I Heart Huckabees. 

aPointe, Melissa 8 Jewett Rd. 921-7343 Activities: Field 
lockey 9-10 Memorable Events: Trips to Lynn, getting lost 
n the woods, driving w/DH, wet naps, Isner & Sam-Sam, 
lancing in Laura's car, E2F, Boston trips, summers LG DH AL 
CK KW CL-Love you Girls Leaves: JL, JR, TG, JC Good 

^arson, Caroline (C-Line, C-Lizzie, ChuggyLar) 10 Gateway 
n. 927-4146 Memorable Events: Crazy Times w/ 
<JaCcAcEnKsSaAnAmEmSrJr & My Boys-Love You All! 
Veekends @ Em's, Streaking, Morning Rituals, NH Visits, 
VatAp&Straw Twist, MeanGirls @FK, OAR&DMB, 
OnlFC, Strip 21 -Cant Count, Icing Hickeys?, The 
ianchez, Jr.Prom, Hair Fire & Smizzin On BPR, Trips To 
Valtham Quotes:"It Seemed Normal At The 
1me...""Lets Do A Beep & Wave/Moon!" Leaves: Rob 1 
/lore Yr. (My David Silver) BHS-Stay Classy 

^verdiere, Emily (Em Lav, Emaline, midget, gizzard, illson, 
chelle) 47 Kenwood Ave. 927-9366 Activities: Fall play, 
lusicals, drama fest, swimming, vocal ensemble, concert 
uire, chorus, Destination Imagination, powderpuff, color 
uard Memorable events: twilight zone night, Wakefield '03, 
irates vs. ninjas, prom in the bowling alley, the decades, the 
layan video, playskool french videos, boardwalk boogie, 
amen in the coffee pot, trucker sleepover, OM sleepovers, 
inger painting the OM sign, the swimming song with Bre P, 
Hue Club, Ben Folds in the rain, x-mas at the Northern Grind, 
.andstorm, Ashtar the dinosaur, Meg's Fancy and Not-So- 
ancy, Jiffy Lube, Enchillada, "Button?" Quote: "We are now 
ntering Hell: please keep your hands and elbows inside the 
ar."- Daria Morgandorfer Leaves: Daniel Meyer, Katie Don 
nd Heather McAvoy: my adopted daughters, Antonio my 
avorite mexican, the color guard girls, and the band kids (good 
uck!!), a costume for Vanessa Valdes, and the rest of the 
mazing people and memories that have made these four years 
t BHS something that I will never forget. 

^azowy, Ryan 178 East Lothrop St. 922-5106 Activities: 
vis, Soccer Quote: "Sure, the world may have its problems, 
>ut at least it's not infested with Robots. Robots with lasers." 
Mike McQueen Leaves All my friends. My goddess, Ali 
.ebel, and everyone in the G-love family crew. 

Jporto, Andrew David 2 Old Rubbly Rd. 927-0925 Activi- 
ies: Soccer 9-12, Basketball 9-10, Baseball 9. 

.ojko, Lynne Amanda 49 Sunset Dr. 927-5349 Activities: 
{ earbook Memorable Events: "Hex", Utopia, Junior prom, 
iynn boys, lost in the woods, Baseball, "wreckless" driving, 
|*305, Boston trips, KW, ML, LG, DH-lovies Quote: "Drink it 
ip, this one's for you. It's been a lovely cruis4e. "-Jimmy 
Jufifet Leaves: MM, RL, ED, KW, ML, LG all my friends 
through the years fo^BHS and all the good teachers to my little 
ister. Buh-bye BHS! 

j.unn, Steve 20 Pickman Rd. 578-0154 Activities: Chillin at 
he Holiday Inn Memorable Events: Din Din at Sarah's; 
umaica!! Quote: "Don't be bashful." "Do you mean the tree 

. . .or the tree trunk?" Leaves: MH, SI, LIZZY M., Dani. Latin 
Class, Dan D. 

Macomber, Laura Elizabeth 28 Foster St. 921-0097 Activi- 
ties: Aegis, swim team, Student Senate, NHS Memorable 
Events: French student exchanges, Friday night dance-offs, 
California Reserve Quote: "Take a shower and shine your 
shoes, you've got no time to lose." Leaves: JLR arm cramps. 

Madore, Sasha Love 59 Essex St. 969-2330 Activities: Stage 
Right, Chorus, Rocky Horror Memorable Events: Pulling the 
toaster out, Ocean City, N.Y. tour, Rheba + Donald, Mounsey 
and Sparrow, Peanutbutter and Salmon, "Ghosts of the Abyss", 
Ryan singing Boys 2 Men, Donald Trump eating Dog Salad, 
FORKS, and doing the time warp again Quote: "Don't Dream 
it, Be it"-The Rocky Horror Picture Show Leaves: Katie 
Wilson an aerobics tape instructed by John Goodman. Amy 
Klesert my equal sign. Mrs. Taylor my useless wisdom of 
puppetry and rock opera. Ms.P and the music Dept. my utter 
greatness. Paul Richardson hoping he'll be happy and success- 
ful. I Leave Rob my brown eyed babe. A.P. S.C. H.S. I Leave 
everyone my condolences, for losing me. 

Mailander, Jaimie 77 Boyles Street 927-8374 Activities: 
Destination Imagination, NHS, Fall Play. Memorable Events: 
Class video projects, prom dress bowling, 18-1 party, DI/ 
MAOM competitions/sleepovers, late night hot dog programs, 
concerts, Meg's camp. Quote: "Doesn't ANYONE in this 
town wear pants anymore??" "Button??" "Fat man with his 
kids and dawg, drove in through the mornin fawg..." Leaves: 
A treasure map, in locker B208. 

Marcucci, Amy Lee (Ameline, Ames, Ame, Cooch, Enchi- 
lada) 126 Colon St. 922-3141 Activities: ColorGuard, Stage 
Right, Vocal Ensemble, ConcertQuire, Chorus, Mini Musical, 
Photo Club, Destination Imagination Memorable Events: 
Band Trips, Movie Nights with Pineapple Pizza, Deviled Eggs 
with Katie and Em, OM Sleepovers (making that awesome 
sign), marching block in Franks' driveway, Proms, the dark- 
room with Garrett?, Stage Productions, turning 18, Pirate vs. 
Ninja, Ramen in the coffee pots, Guard Pot-Lucks, Meg's 
Resort, The Atomic, Bonfires, Red Sox with Tom Meg and AJ. 
Quote: "I would give you a high five but youre holding a 
sandwich", Leaves: my mark and some twinkies in the prop 
room, the possessed enlarger in the dark room, all my under- 
classmen friends; especially Dan, K-Don and Tony, and above 
all the friends who stuck with me through the years even when 
it was a chore. You know who you are, Love you all. 

Mari, Alexandria 55 Sturtevant St. 927-9453 Memorable 
Events: TN mission trips, NSCBC retreats, Creation '02, 
Girlsnights, camping in my backyard, and poker nights, 
political signs for sale, Bible Study, Youth group. Quote: 
Proverbs 4:7 - Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom 
Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Leaves: 

Marquart, Andrew S. (Drew) 47 Cross St. 921-0578 Activi- 
ties: Soccer 9-12 Baseball 9-12 Memorable Events: DMIJ 
Shows, Danver State w/JF,AH,JT,JC,BP, World Series '04, 

and Don's First Downs, Doug holding hostages New Years 
"04, Benny's house w/out him & the Loft. Parties at JF,BF,EM 
w/BB,AM,JT,BF,AH,RF,JO,BP,JC,MT. Plus all the girls-AC, 
CC, CL, EN, NA, SA, SR, EM, JR. Quote: "Absolutely nat, 
that would be devastating to my case" Leaves: My bro-Matty 
Marquart, Freni, Steph Ncgrotti, and John Bzdula. 

Martel, Faith Teresa (Slayer bunny) 9 Phillips St. 617-270- 
7915 Activities: Band, Yearbook, Fall play, Musical, Photo, 
Drama fest Memorable Events: Pirates vs Ninjas capture the 
flag, Mr. Novack's accordion, PA + NH, scavenger hunts, 
Megs restaurant, music trips and stars that go pow in your face. 
Quote: "Twenty years from now you will be more disap- 
pointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you 
did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe 
harbor. Catch the trade winds in the sails. Explore. Dream. 
Discover."-Twain. Leaves: Margaret H, Katie B, Tony, Dan 
M, Katie D, Heather M and the clarinet girls and their gas. 

Martineau, Andy 5 Evergreen Dr. 927-5569 Memorable 
Events: rips at fillys,GB's in Barrys shak, common trips jc jt 
ah, dmb 02-03, phish, denied at Coventry, Vball toumys down 
west, stratham P.D.-rf jf bf, ems crib jr prom pullover, nancy 
flipping the bird bb dm, sox world champs 04,longhill,the 
willowtree,kings cc ac cl, 10:21 harry flys, oar, the musante 
sign, pats parade,the loft, old times at jo, ruit riot, 3mc short 
career, sallymull, chunky applejuice, Quote: i keep 
repeating,wicked pulled Leaves: sweet mellissa rip, ill be 
reading this in 20 years (10-27-24) 

McAuliffe, Emily (Em, Emmy, Emmylou, Emmyloosa, 
Emmyloubug) 48 Boyles St. 922-0908 Activities: Varsity 
Fball cheering 9-12 capt., Varsity Bball cheering 10-12, JV 
Bball cheering 9 capt., Softball 9-10, NHS, Yearbook, Key 
Club Memorable Events: All the good times with the crew JR 
SR EN AC CC CL NA SA KS and the guys JF JT AH AM DM 
BF RS JC RF BB JO BP MT Dance Party 04, morning rituals, 
Joes, summers at West, goin to town, NorthBev, poolside at 
JRs, Sox game 9/1 w/ JR SR EN, TOO MUCH FUN 
Quotes: You mighta heard I run with a dangerous crowd. It 
seemed normal at the time. Leaves: My cheer girls — Enjoy the 
precious years you have left. I love you all! Its been fun BHS, 
best of luck to everyone 

McAvoy, Caroline 337 Cabot Street 927-4881 Activities: 
OM/DI, swimming, chorus, powderpuff, NHS. Memorable 
Events: OM sleepovers, fun times in France, decades day, 
formal bowling, weekend in NH, scary movies, skiing, depth 
perception. Quote: "Travel through time!" Leaves: Heather. 

McKeon, James 7 Pierce Ave. 922-1339 Activities: Hanging 
out, XC, track, soccer in the summer Memorable Events: 
Watching the Sox with JC, MW, TB, MT, BT, MN, MF, JS, 
EB, NA, AC, MT, EB, summer rage 03 and 04, crazy times 
with JC, Arsenal's unbeaten run Quote: I didn't breeze 
through school, well actually I did. I breezed through the 
campus center back to my crib Leaves: Danny D and Niles to 
hold it down. 

McNeill, Brendan 106R Colon St. 927-4342 Activities: Band, 

vocal Ensemble, Fall play, Musical, wearing back packs 
Memorable Events: Chebacco Chase, Mickey Mouse'n it, 
Crystal Bike Pump, B-Dog, Aflex, Pizza E, Buffalo, Steeeve 
Quote: "Hey Brendan, what's that big star over there?" 
Leaves: Our beloved High School to Sarah, Margaret, and 

McQueen, Mike (Moondigga) 26 East St. 927-5952 Activi- ■ 
ties: Aegis Ledger Memorable Events: Spitting rhymes wit! 
the Eastside Killaz, breaking it down at the prom(s), "green 
light" parties, and every moment spat laughing. Quote: "Nex 
time, Gadget!"-Dr. Claw. Leaves: Everyone who's ever mad 
me laugh (and vise versa) and a special message to all incom- 
ing Freshmen: walk faster when you're in the hallway. Seri- 
ously, it's getting ridiculous. 

Miley, Justine (Justeeni Bikini, Teeni, Jem, Stiney) 123 Col< l 
St. 922-9555 Memorable Events: Sweet times w/ NS, AH, 
SS. FOB show was awesome. Blink concert. 8/5/03 Donny, I 
love you! <3 Jr+Sr Prom '04. Love to all my friends! (you kre 
who you are) Quote: "Live everyday as if it were your last." 
"Best friends just won'y leave you side." Leaves: All the 
youngin's! SAB RS KM - have fun. 

Molina, Ramon 3 Westerly Rd. 922-0402 Memorable 
Events: To walk the stage and getting my diploma with my 
friends. Quote: "Thanks and have a great day" (Principal) nc : 
pleasant. Leaves: The best ESL teacher in the world. 

Monroe, Kerry Ann (K, Ker, KeRBaxX) 101 Rantoul St. 9'A 
0035 Activities: Jv BasketBall Cheering 9-10 Memorable 
Events: *KKLTTJ* BFFL *6*Forever-Always Crazy- 
Summer 03', West Side Story!, Mean Girls, Can you turn thei 
music down? Wut you do? Ya'll r Crazy! Dunks, Love 2 Alll! 
the boys, Fun Times-LoRAxX&KeRBaxX-RUB S ! - 1 Love 
You Chris- 12. 15.00- Quote: "Oh Pleasee..." Leaves: All the 
ridiculous Drama of High School and My favorite Teacher- 
Mr. Hernandez! 

Mullen, Aisling 15 Radcliff Rd. 922-9656 Activities: Socce 
Ice Hockey, Clean up Crew. Memorable Events: Sleepover 
proms, good times on the way to soccer games. Quote: "Liftf 
too short to not be living it." Leaves: The controversy of bei i 
a teenager going through high school-to Nessa & Sunnie. 

Munroe, Leighanne Claire (Princess Giggles-dedicated to 
those who gave it to me) 12 Old Rubbly Road 927-2290 
Activities: NHS, Band, GSA, Yearbook, Peer Ed., Habitat f< 
Humanity, Powderpuff Memorable Events: Band trips, Bar 
Camp, Prescription Motrin, the Pink Joke (thanks Nichole), 
Saratoga Quote: "Hi honey" "One time, at band camp..." "11 
something unpredictable, but in the end it's right. I hope yoi 
have the time of your life"-Green Day Leaves: My friends 
enough fun to last a lifetime M.S. H.S. K.W. S.M. E.E. N.S. 
All my GSA buddies fun times and yummy doughnuts. Hey 
Sis, I love ya and good luck surviving the rest of high schoo' 

Murray, Erica Anne 30 Lyman St. 922-3856 Activities: Pe 

,'lcdiation. Color Guard, Tennis, Swimming, FBC FELLOW- 
SHIP! Memorable Events: EAT at BOB's w/KT! NH & 
.Boston w/BP. The Beach/Our notes-BB. The closet w/KT, J A, 
BB. Serious talks w/AC&KN. Bickering and "the Book" w/ 
"KT. NYE w/AC, RM, KA. "Bad" driving, and Adam's car w/ 
IB. Flour girl w/EB, BB, AC. Proms w/BP, AK, AM, TS, WR, 
iMS, AH, JM, AW, Amazing Grace w/WR&KB. Cemetery w/ 
BB, EB, AC, KT. Back of the bus w/AH&CA. Room Raiders 
w/BB, EB, AC. "THE Loft" w/SC, KT, JA, EB, BB, AC. 
\shlee in my car w/RM! Camp Mitchman! Quote: "I seem to 
lave been like a child playing on the sea shire.... whilst the 
^reat ocean of truth lay undiscovered before me"-Issac 
Sfewton. Leaves: THE TIME OF MY LIFE! The best memo- 
•ies for YOU to remember! ! ! ! 

Vegrotti, Justin Andrew 6 Roderick Ave. 978-927-4393 
Activities: Football-9, 10,1 1,12 Baseball-9,1 0,1 1,12 Basket- 
ball^, 10 Track- 11,12 Peer Mediation-9, 10,1 1,12 DECA-12 
VIemorable Events: All the Varsity Football and Baseball 
Karnes, Passing Chemistry, classes with Mr. Kelleher, Teachi- 
ng CCD w/ Al, P.B @ Slaughterhouse, and all the awesome 
imes with Jess, Matty D, and Jake. Quote: "It Ain't Over Till 
t's Over" - Yogi Berra Leaves: #80-football /#17-baseball, 
(ess-all my love 071202, Matty D-$800.00, Pppercorn-092603, 
Mom + Dad-all my love, Bob D.-a free pass to smack me on 
1 he head, Steph-BHS ( good luck with chem!) 

Vewman, Ashley Ann 41 Hillside Ave. 921-0500 Activities: 
Zhorale, Vocal Ensemble, Concertquire, Concert Band, 
Marching Band, Peer Education, Mini Musical. Memorable 
Events: Sammie, four wonderful years of best friend-ness, 
'keep throwing those notebooks Sam." Em and Amy, Alex, 
ousting out a movie in the piano room, band trips, our lunch 
;able with it's Dan Meyer stories, the illegal song being 'happy 
3-day!', meeting Christina this year, Mr. Novack and Ms. P. 
^ringing music into our lives everyday, Mr. B. pulling my hair, 
heh. Quote: "These are the moments I'll remember all my 
life. ..I could never ask for more." Leaves: All my underclass- 
men friends with more high school, 3 rd trumpets, and four years 
of high school to my little brother. 

Nickerson, Blair (Gee la Blur, Blizaire) 8 Iuerson Rd. 927- 
8684 Activities: Hockey, DECA Memorable Events: Hockey 
North, Chillin w/DO, JM, KK, Sunday golf w/DO, Late night 
Puck w/DO, KK. Quote: "When the going gets tough, the 
tough get going." Leaves: The hockey team. 

Novack, Erica (Eno, Bombs) 28 Nelson Ave. 927-5165 
Activities: Varsity Lacrosse, Football and Basketball 
Cheerleading. Memorable Events: crazy times with B&H and 
the guys, p.t.s hair, wknd's (^Emmy's, Dance Party '04, jr yr 
.cheer parties, strkng, kings, 1/9/04, FDA, code, m.a. talks, 
boston w/AC & CC, DMB w/DM, Musante, ant's quote, 
"ticka's", cruise w/CC-kitty, bonding, h.u. shirt, REC smmr's, 
SOX playoffs, a.pitt, joy to the world, jr yr & smmr '04 w/ 
Nylund, Megan 26 Belmont St. 927-4251 Activities: Gymnas- 
tics Memorable Events: Lynch, West Beach, the Hex, "need 
'urn. got 'urn", gymnastics sleepovers, , and hanging out with 
everyone. Leaves: SK-best friends no matter what. I love you 

and im gunna miss you so much next year! WK-known u since 
kindergarden.I'm gunna miss the 2nd dinners at your 
house. Your family is like a second family to me. Miss you next 
year. You All my loves at BHS-miss you so much next year! 
Love you. Gymnastics Team-good luck! I'll miss you guys! 

O'Brien HI, Stephen Peter (SPO) The Farms 927-0619 
Activities:Football, skiing, surfing, beach brinking peers. 
Memorable Events: 3 rd , 4 lh of July, Condon "Plastered", DBA, 
M.A., D.J., N.B., A.H., Labor Day, Newfoundland, Concerts. 
Quote: "No game is a damn shame." -D.C. Leaves: The 
Hexagon to Scott Mesalbas for 4 more years, "The Pit". 

O'Hearn, John (Johnny o) 6 Farms Lane 927-4303 Activities: 

dmb concerts, chillin withjt, am, ah, dm, bb, jf, bp, bf, rf, jc, 
rs, mt, mw + all the girls, sox games with rt, kc, bp, vball 
@west, rout riot '03, superbowls @joels, bruins games, gettin 
lost in boston with rt, poker at brys Quote: "big gulps 
huh. ..well. ..see ya later" Leaves: nothing 

Parisella, Laura Elizabeth (Lauralu, LuLu,LoRAxX,RaRa) 
150R Dodge St. 927-1609 Activities: jv cheering capt.varsity 
cheering luv u girls always, freshman,varsity fieldhockey 
goodtimes. never forget Memorable Events: all the times with 
the girls KM TP KL KA JC best friends for life, the packed, 
ya'll are Crazy, mean girls, what you do, westside 
story,Rides,KKLTTJ, summer 03' ,all the times w/"the boys" u 
kno who u are espcially Mikey 05/08/04 i love you,recording/ 
modeling w/KM, All of the Celtics games w/ BH fapp34 and 
big daddy, the redsox04 WC,and all the other amazing times 
with the crew. Quote: "heyy ugly" "yah i kno" Leaves: 
MO...BYE!!!, christineluvyah2moreyears, and all the drama of 
high school 

Patterson, Adam Patrick (P-town, Paddington, Clark, 
Patterson) 688 Cabot Street 927-7448 Activities: Soccer (10- 
12)-Captain, Baseball (9-10), winter track (10), Football (9). 
Memorable Events: Soccer seasons with CB, MT, BB, DM, 
GH, NL, SL, AC and the girls KB, KB, LE, MF, EB, CC, 
AC. Chuck Berry duckwalk. Luciendar and Daywalker. Great 
times studying w/Ashley. 1 1 history class w/ CB BB AC CC 
EM. Playing Ninja Turtles w/ casey on a friday night. The Red 
Sox finally winning the World Series, the Pats and all they 
have done. Dressing up as my alter ego on Halloween (aka 
Superman) and touring the school w/ Leonardo (Greg Halle). 
Quote: "Why don't you just change your name to Mike?" 
Leaves: Boches the ability to grow a beard and the best of 
times to everyone on the soccer team. 

Pelletier, Krista M. 14 Chapman St. 927-5126 Activities: 

Basketball, Softball, DECA, Boys Varsity Manager Memo- 
rable Events: 4 Wonderful Years With MF! School Dances, 
Four Amigas (MC,SR,MH) Great Times Girls, Awesome 
Times With Julie And Our Soccer Boys, LW & BH- You Girls 
Have Helped Me Grow As A Person. Love You Girls! Quote: 
"You should always learn, with life comes wisdom and with 
wisdom comes the courage to live your life selflessly. The 
more you learn about yourself and the experiences surrounding 
your life the more opportunities you have to make your life 

better and more fulfilling." Leaves: All The Under Classmen 
That I've Met Throughout The Years! Also, The Soccer Boys 
And Leahy!! 

Pisa, Tiffany Marie (Tiff) 1 1 Turner Street Salem, MA 01970 
594-5466 Activities: Basketball JV and V Cheerleading 
Memorable Events: Summer of '03, KKLTTJ-BFFLNMW 
*6* + all the boys! Fun & Crazy times together, Mean Girls, 
West Side Story, Kenny-1 Love You! Quote: "Yeah, I know!" 
"Can you turn the music down?" "That puppy is mine!" 

Plamowski, Breann Elizabeth (Bre, BEP, Brebabe, Brebear, 
Aungey) 29 Bosworth St. 927-7391 Activities: Softball 9, 
Swimming 9-10, Student Senate 9-10, Chorus 9-12, 
Concertquire 12, Colorguard 11-12, Carol Singers 9, 10, and 
12. Memorable Events: Maryland 03, New York 04, Proms 
and sleepovers (Ash's house), Good Friday Walk, Bleu! EM, 
AK NUTS (JM NS), Tutor sessions w/EM, Bus tides w/JC I'll 
always take your hat! Nubs CH. Undergarments on the outside 
of our clothes E M, Our own song EEL, Cookie dough eating 
contest w/AK EM, Lean on me WR, Boston and NH w/EM, 
Awake all night on trip & tattoos w/JJ KS EE, Long talks w/ 
AK, studies w/ZC, BREBRGBEP, JD, you always have a seat 
in my car, Hottoddies AK EM Quote: "Live life with no 
regrets." Leaves: All of my underclassmen friends: JD, JC, 
ZC, KS, EE, AE, CH, JJ, AJ, BG, BB, SM, and 

Rafeal, Kelly Anne (Kel, Kel Kel, Kelifer) 24 Woodland Ave. 
922-3813 Activities: J.V. B-ball Cheering 9, Varsity B-ball 
Cheering 10, Varsity Football Cheering 10-12 Memorable 
Events: Crazy cheer parties, Soph. Semi night @ SR's, 
Halloween '03, GP's + BL's w/the girls, Fish pillow @BL's, 
Bob Seger nights w/GP, NYE '04 @ JC's, 3-10<3DG, Moe. w/ 
DG, Dead w/DG,SH, 9/3 Crazed in Boston w/MF, AM, GP, 
KS, BH, LW, KB, EB, LE, KB, Pegs Bday, 10-15 Guys n Girls 
plus MO BP JC, Game 7 w/DG,MO,JF, World Series w/DG, 
10-29/10-30 Halloween dance&Costume Party! All the crazy 
times w/Dg, Pepper, MK, SR, SH, BF, GP, BH, KS, AM, LW 
Quote: "We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow?"-GP 
Leaves: Love 2 the FBallers-you made it an amazing 3 years, 
BC's in the stang for Peg, TS-2 more years, miss you! And my 
love to DG-you're amazing, good luck with 1 more year babe. 

Rando, Jessica Ashley (Jess, Jessie, Jessa, Jessiciya) 16 Miller 
Rd. 927-6287 Activities: Varsity F-Ball & B-Ball Cheering 
(Capt. 1 1& 12) Memorable Events: The very best times 
ever w/ the crew- B&H's- Em Sr Cc En CI Na Ac Sa Ks & the 
Guys! Nights @ JC's B's JF's. C- House, Dave & B's. 
Superbowl @ JF's New Yrs '04 @ DM's (sorta) Jr Prom 04, 
Weekends at Emmys, dance fests, morning rituals, FebVaca @ 
ML, June miday Poolside, birthday dinners, Raid, Racking & 
Jax. NBES deposits, NorthBev & Joes Best BSquad 
around, JmbTrn 3x, IceGirls. BPC. Thank you lovas! 
Quote: "Who let me out of my cage you guys" "What hap- 
pened?" "No Waay, No but seriously, No Joke" Leaves: 1 
more cuz, JFull, FBers, and Margie's new babies. 

Ranta, Brian (B Rant) 18 Wedgemere Rd. 927-1761 Activi- 

ties: Swim Team, Lacrosse, Ultimate Bee. Memorable 
Events: Taking long walks on the beach and getting caught i \i 
the rain along with car rides and swim team events. Quote: 
"Second place is the first loser." Leaves: Dubs to all and I 
leave this school with a plan. 

Rathe, Wendy Ann 14 Beckford St. 927-6156 Activities: 

Hockey Cheerleading, GSA, CCC, Soccer??? Memorable 
Events: "Tucker, say it again." (JA) fair; 1 S^'s; "This looks i I 
like my room when I was 17."; The basement, Junior Prom, 
ACE, JE, TS, AK. Quote: "When you find me here, do not 
think me to be lonely, only alone." Leaves: Sunnie!; HC '05^ 
(JD); Nessa; melting ice (J(T)A) Luv ya. 

Raymond, John (Bill) 8 Davis Rd. 921-6301 Activities: 
Cross-country, Winter/Spring Track Memorable Events: Al 
the dances and Proms, "Dripping" at Powder Puff game, 
Sophomore Cross-country NEC Meet, Going to Merideth, 
Sharps camp, 4 th of July. Quote: "Life's an adventure, have 
fun with it." Leaves: The keys in the car at the Fair, Amanda 
one more year, my sister three more years (and luck). 

Read, Stephanie 14 Kennedy Dr. 927-8487 Activities: 
Soccer, Basketball, Track Memorable Events: Soccer 
sleepovers, scav hunts, forking, twin life, the Peg Family, 
"Bam! Pass da ball mon!", NSMT Crew, The Four Amigas, 
Red Sox World Series Champs, Leahy's teachers aid four ye> J 
running, Quote: To accomplish great things, we must not on 
act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." - Anato t 

Robinson, Stephanie A. (shorty, stepha) 14 Chestnut St 921 !§ 
1843 Activities: Soccer 9-11, Spring track 11-12, Winter traall] 
1 1-12, Color Guard 1 1-12 Quote: " Your Point being?" , " 
OK!", "None ya...none ya buisness" Leaves: all those crazy 
nights with the crew, Random drives, Trips to Steffy's kitchi 
before school. (C.Z, J.C,A.H,the old crew, all the guard 
grls,track grls every- 1 else much love), another year to all m 
junoir pals and Antonio for all the ladies 

Rodolico, Stephanie (Steph, Stepha, MissStepha, StephiRo( , 
Stephaniya) 14 Jackson St. 922-0092 Activities: V. FBall 
Cheering 9-12 (Capt.), V. Bball Cheering 9-12, BH05 Menu 
rable Events: Times w/ B&H05 EM JR CC NA AC EN CL 
MT, Nights® EM JF BF, West&Vball, JRPrm04, AllNighta : 
DanceFest, RSPlayoffs, OpnNghtBs, BdayDinners, RR03, 
NBRB, BCP, Bsquad, C-house, BruinsJmbTrn, IceGirls, 
NewYears04, Superbowl@JF, Cookouts, 2+ Years w/ BF: 
LateNights, Sleepovers, BevCommons, Lighthouse, 
Sox&BGames, RealS, SphSem&JRPrm, Hookey, 
lstKiss,<3you Aug 23rd 02 Quote: It seemed normal at th< I 
time, You mighta heard I run with a dangerous crowd, No 
Joke, No WAYY Leaves: Love to SR JF BP TS DG AR, 
CheerGirls, & RF-1 more year @ SJP 

Rynkowski, Julie L. (Jubie) 27 Grover St. 922-2522 Activi 
ties: Winter Track, Spring Track, Boys Varsity Soccer Man- 1 
ager, DECA Memorable Events: Tennessee Mission Trips ' | 

) , 2 NSCBC Youth Group, poker nights, "All in baby!" sleeping 
put at Ali's, Political signs for sale! My Bible study girls, I 
I love you! Miss you SJN! Jubie & Tatie! Krista, we love our 
jsaccer boys! You girls are my favs! NSMT Crew! Love you 

Stephie thanks for everything! Peg Fam! Kimmy!! Quote: "Let 
'love and faithfulness never leave you, blind them around your 

neck, write them on the table of your heart." Proverbs 3:3 

Leaves: JN, TM, ES, SK, JC, CC, AC, DK, BD, LM, BK, TN. 

Soccer boys & Leahy. 

Salmonsen, Kirsten (Patches, K-Kizzle) 59 Middlebury Lane 
927- 8590 Activities: Basketball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Key 
Club, Senate, DECA Memorable Events: Bonnie's Girls, 
Prank Time USA, Senior Citizens Club, Christmas Crabs, The 
Plantations, Team 111 Nast, Global Guts, Moe, Sr. Prom '03, 
Haillie's Poems, FH camp w/Helgar, Shoe Me Young, Jose 
.Lina, yelgnol, Crazy Leb, Billings-Face, DANIEL! Quote: "I 
swear on Bonnie's Life!", "Hello, this is Teresa Mcleawd...", 
"Barbara is so hott!" Leaves: AB-fun times w/Mernill, JS-spit 
on ya face!, JD-sick cheerleader parties!, CB-have fun bud! 

Seaman, Katie 21 Upland Rd. 927-1624 Activities: Field 
. Hockey, Swim, Softball Memorable Events: Summer 04-03 

w/ the girls, NH w/ the gang, going on adventures/missions w/ 

SB,F1 with CC, FH w/ AK MH CC JB , Ice skating in NH w/ 
' CC JS MC, table dancing with my girls on the 4th of July, Red 
^ox '04 World Series Champs. Quote: " you are sooo boofull 
, don't eva change", "But I won't forget the place I come from ,1 
j gotta take a risk, take a chance, Make a change, and break 

away.","Give me my god-dam pancakes" 

Servizio, Kimberley 324 Elliott St. 927-3510 Activities: 
[Softball, cheering Memorable Events: Cheering party "02-03" 
; Leaves: Good friends AC, MP, AP, and lil sis NS. 

[Shairs, Ryan W. (Shairsy) 21 Folger Ave. 922-0784 Activi- 
ties: Hockey, Lacrosse Memorable Events: Parties at Filly's 
jw/BF, JF, JT, AM, JC, BP, JO, AH, RF, DM, MT, BF, KG, 
; SO, LK and the girls; Sox; Pats; Lax State Champs; DAVE; 

late nights at LK's. Quote: TTFT. Leaves: I love to the 

Fam... Coach J. 

Shaw, Heather Katelyn 42 Trask St. 922-2929 Activities: 
Gymnastics, Dance, Chorus Memorable Events: Ferry Beach 
w/KW, TR; Gymnastics events; Dance in Disney w/KW; 
Guidance trips TW; Helping Anne out in the training room. 
Quote: "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again." 
Leaves: Love for my gymnastics, inside jokes KW, MS, LM, 
AH, SM. 

Silvio, Jessica (Silv, Bugz) 41 Northern Ave. 922-6606 
Activities: Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Winter Track, NHS, 
DECA Memorable Events: Softball Spring Training trips to 
Disney, skiing adventures with CC & AK, team sleepovers, 
scav hunts, forking, World Series '04, etc. Quote: "Champions 
arc not made at microwave speed!" — Softball'04 moto Leaves: 
Burried Purdue Chicken in Danvers, dirt dessert, and Den his 
morning stop @ Dunks and 2 more years (cyBHS. 

Simmons, Kelly Jeanne 27 Beacon St. 927-1385 Activities: 
tennis Memorable Events: 9/3 Trip to Boston with the girls. 
Halloween Dances. Thanksgiving dances. Red Sox parade. 
Beach days. Proms and semis. The powderpuff game. Quote: 
"Flope the fun never ends!" Leaves: I leave my little sister 2 
more years of high school and a great four years at BHS. 

Sparrow, Andrew 7 South Ter. 922-8171 Activities: Badass, 
Band Memorable Events: When Steve kicked ass at the 
cowbell. Quote: "Hell is what you make of it." Leaves: My 
name on the gym ceiling. 

Speicher, Lisa Marie 16 Douglas Ave. 969-1095 Activities: 
Soccer, Winter/Spring Track Memorable Events: Jr. Prom 

'04, Summer '03, Topsfield Fair, Scav hunts, Twin life w/SR, 
Original 3 KC, JR, LS, Physics w/KC, Red Sox World 
Champs, Friday Night Lights. Quote: "Make Life Worth 
Living." Leaves: JS-2 more yrs., LM, JN, AB, CC, KP, JS, 
MB, CR an amazing Sr. yr. & LB: college fairs. Coach & girls 
the best of luck next yr. 

St. Amand, Nicole 17 Dolloff Ave. 922-21 15 Activities: 
Softball 9, Photo Club 12 Memorable Events: All the shows. 
FOB show w/MS, JM, SM. My 16 th b-day. Walks and talks w/ 
JM. 35 hrs w/AH. Summer '04, it was amazing. 72804<3 ZT. 
Thank you all: JM, AH, SM, MS, SS, BP, EM, ZT, JP, SM, 
MS, BF, TS, HN, LZ, CW, and my gj friends and anyone else. 
Every day becomes a memory <3. Quote: "Best friends just 
won't leave your side", "HEY CHRIS". Leaves: Sab, RS, HN, 

Stantial, Sam 63 R. Corning St. 927-3885 Activities: Soccer, 
Drama Fest, Ultimate Frisbee Memorable Events: Making 
Chris feel small, first Frisbee match, that tall lanky kid, S.D., 
That Bug kid from M.I.B., "I have to pee!", and "I hate, 
Corey." I love oatmeal cookies. Quote: "If your killed by the 
question like a cancer, then you'll be buried in the silence of 
the answer." Leaves: Basketball, Football, and Volleyball with 
the Boys: Mike, Corey, Steve, Jon, and Greg. Awesome times 
with the wo-men's: Molly, Steph, Jenna, and Laura. 

Suazo, Nelly P.O. Box 757 Beverly, MA 508-932-0237 
Memorable Events: ROTC, College trips & meeting people 
every day. Quote: "These last couple of years, I achieved more 
than what I asked." Leaves: For, Thank God & everyone else 
who helped me remain strong especially Mrs. Helen Casella & 
L. Seals. 

Sullivan, Kelly (Sully, Stella) 66 Haskell Street 922-4743 
Activities: FH 9-12 Captain; Basketball 9-12 Captain Memo- 
rable Events: Best of times w/ AC SA CL CC NA EN EM SR 
JR, Soccer and FH sleepovers. Dance party '04, Cherry Hill 
drives w/ LM KP JS KM MB, Bball Sleepover, Cleaning Crew 
KS MB KP, DDs, NBRB, Panther Pride w/ EB, Yelgnol- KS 
Quote: "I knew I smclled * on your face", "It seemed normal 
at the time" Leaves: LM the green monster. 

Sullivan, Samantha Lynn Crofts 36 Thorndike St. 922-4714 
Activities: Field Hockey, Lacrosse Memorable Events: Red 

Sox winning World Series, AH 15"' birthday cake w/JM and 
NS. Leaves: Stickers in my locker, RM to find her own ride 
home, JS, ED. 

Swartz, Tara 8 Dunham Rd. 927-2151 Activities: C.C.C., 
Chorus, NHS. Memorable Events: 100 feet, parties at Ash's, 
soccer games, hockey games, proms, getting lost in the Farms. 
Quote: "This is not 100 feet!" Leaves: Kristine & Michael 
peace & without me. 

Sydorko, Michael (Sydorko) 38 Cross St. 922-2256 Activi- 
ties: Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, NHS. Memorable Events: 
Mark Henry, BC, PG, JNEGS infamous yogourt, DIGGS2K, 
The Lab, all the good times I've had with my dwags and g's. 
Quote: "Moving on is a simple thing. What it leaves behind is 
hard'" -Megadeth Leaves: I leave Party Stein the hex for 
however long he stays here for. 

TamUio, Robert (Rob) 40 Bates Park Ave. 922-1718 Activi- 
ties: Marching Band (9- 1 0),Chorus (9-12), Musical (10), 
Lighting crew (10), Stage crew (9), Soccer (1 1). Memorable 
Events: Cherry Hill, proms/semi's, Jam sess' (CP, AD, DG, 
SM), stop n shop serenade (MM, RL, JS, GC), Bus Rides (CP), 
playin shows (SC, SM, BC), Saves the Day (DB, AS, JL, JC, 
DD, CD) Run ins with cops, dl grad cookouts, Hackey Sack. 
Quote: "Dude", "Do It", "D PEP", "Nugs". Leaves: all the 
damn frustration. 

Tanzella, Brittany 23 Dartmouth St. 921-5716 Activities: 
Cheering 9, 10 Memorable Events: Trips to Lynn w/CC, KB, 
JE; late night w/CC, KB; jet skiing in Maine & snow mobiling 
w/CC, KB, JE; New Years Eve @h.w's w/CC, KB, JE; DEF in 
da kitchen w/KB; drives to Manchester, I think the rain is 
callin Murdaaa!; who laced you wit tha ill hair cut-KB, JE; 
McDonalds in Salem-KB, JE; good times @JE's grandma's w/ 
KB, JE, CC, RT, GG; trips to Boston w/CC; movie nights 
@Cuttles w/KB, JE, CC, RT, GG. Quote: "See what happened 

Tetreault, Amanda Beth 676 Hale Street 927-0841 Activi- 
ties: Field Hockey, NHS, Habitat For Humanity, Senior Class 
Treasurer Memorable Events: The Fab Five (plus one) 
hanging out on friday nights (JS SB KG MT BR & AN), Ben 
& Jerry's Pints of Ice Cream @ Cove Park, Mini Golfing in 
Swampscott, Sociology buddies JS AT, ice cream Sundays 
during lunch and how they made me broke, Fh cheerleaders 
senior year (KG AK & team). Quote: "If its not fun, why do 
it?" Leaves: Four years .to little sis MBT 

Theriault, Kyle (Ky, Kylie, Biggie, Notorious) 28 Cliff St. 
922-8645 Activities: Soccer, Track, Lacrosse, Destination 
Imagination, lifeguarding, hanging with friends Memorable 
Events: Patriots becoming Superbowl champs ('02 and '04), 
Red Sox winning '04 World Series, proms, hexagon(haha) 
Quote: "Life is just a game of inches" - Al Pacino Leaves: A 
winning season to the soccer team, yellow bowties, and the 
Playa's Lounge. 

Thomas, Sarah Marie 151 Dodge Street 922-3928 Activities: 

Lacrosse, Winter Track, Key Club Memorable Events: NH, 
Tent nights, Florida, Cruise '04, Boston, Canada Ski Trip, PC 
RED SOX '04! Quote: "What I want is what I've got and wh 
I need is all around me" Leaves: My sister with some good 
memories and all my old school work. 

Tormey, Matthew D. (Torm) 7 Sunnyvale St. 927-0970 
Activities: Golf 9-12, Lacrosse 9-12 Memorable Events: So 

Yanks games; Sox & Pats Champs; being on National TV; 
Sox win WS @Fullerton's; golf w/BF, JF, MK; Poker @BP's 
Chillin every weekend w/BF, JF, JT, BB, DM, AM, AH, BP. 
JC, RF, JO, RS, BF, MK, MW, BS, HS. Quote: "The Jeep, th 
Jeep, the Jeep is on fire! We don't give a damn, let that mathc 

Tracchia, Brenda M. 28 Vine Street 927-6087 Activities: 

tennis; best buddies; and other boring stuff to try and get me 
into college Memorable Events: tennis 10 th grade; craziness > 
junior year and trying to find that "perfect spot"; lost in India ; 
w/ lw &mt; the intensity of Coventry (one word Ty); Red So> 
series 04'; finally making Beverly my home. Quote: "I know I 
was born and I know that I'll die. The in between is mine. I ai i 
mine." Leaves: Some amazing times with the regulars that w 
can only remember through all the pictures I took! 

Hockey Cheering 9-12, Capt. 12 Football Cheering 10-12 
Memorable Events: Love you girls CC GG BT KB JE and tl ■ 
boys, Cheering Parties, Semis and Proms, Thanksgiving Blacl 
Eye, Hockey Style Salad Tossing, All the Trips to Maine w/ 
BT and CC, Arizona Iced Tea w/KB, All the Memories With 

Tracchia, Michelle (Mishelly) 28 Vine Street 927-6087 
Activities: tennis, model u.n., key club, best buddies, and all 
that other "fun" stuff that I had to be at school at 7:30 for. 
Memorable Events: Hampton Beach 03704', Bertucci's Pizz 
w/ Britt, Summer 04': NH w/ JC JM KW BT, Indiana w/ 
Lauwen & Brendie, CONVENTRY (36 1/2 hrs. of traffic), 
battling mono, Danny D attacking the radio & Red Sox Series 
04' BT JC JM IM Quote: "every step you take is a step away 
from who you use to be" Leaves: all the great memories w/ n ] 
friends who have been w/ me everystep of the way! <3 the 

Tracy, Matthew (El Trace) 15 River St. 524-9910 Activities 
Peer Mediator, Soccer, NHS, Vocal Ensemble Memorable 
Events: 1 1/29/01, North Finals, '01 Conference Champs, pas ; 
parties, Junior Prom Quote: "Ben's a weasel"-CB, "C'mone> : 
Yaha"-SS. Leaves: Soccer team, Little sis, LCW-Love 
you... Forever. 

Trowt, Jason B. (Trowty) 3 Iverson Rd. 922-4857 Activities 
Baseball 9-12, Drizzin 9-12 Memorable Events: Parties at B : 
JF, EM, w/BF, AM, JF, DM, BB, BP, JO, AH, MT, RF, JC; 
Danvers State w/DM, JF, BP, JC, AH; World Series Rout Rk I 
waffle ball Quote: "To live simply, proudly, boldly, and mani 
this is the high life." Leaves: Jay Ful and the young Biddys, 
R.I.P. Sweet Mellisa. 

Turner, Rachel 21 Virginia Ave. 927-4481 Activities: 

Jade Weston 

Everything about who 
you are makes us proud. 
Keep shining - Keep 
laughing - Always 

"Words and music will 
never touch the beauty 
that I see looking into 

We love you - 
Mom and Dad 

Jade Weston 


j We are so proud of the 
^ courses you have been 

We wish you fair skies 
and calm seas. 

Love/Gram and Grampy 

■Veston, Jade 18 Hillcrest Ave 509-5594 Activities: band, 
heater, student gov't, yearbook, ledger, aegis 
Memorable Events: pirates vs. ninjas capture the flag, CJ & 
|4exico, loffly, fried dough nights, Wakefield, sinking the raft, 
; ka shows Quote: "The only people for me are the mad ones, 
(he ones who are mad to talk, mad to live, mad to be saved, 
lesirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never 
:, awn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, bum, bum like 
abulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across 
he sky" - Jack Kerouac Leaves: my hot twin - KB, my 2nd 
nother - Mrs. Cohen, Pokey the Pidgeon (or will I steal him 
rom the bio lab before I graduate?) 

Williams, Garrett 5 1 5 Cabot St. 922-2403 Activities: Band, 
Jhorus, Vocal ensemble, Musicals, Plays Memorable Events: 
(id TV, sing alongs, Barbershop quartet, Mexico, Chicago, 
)cean City, NY, the kangamangas, DI & sleepovers. Quote: 
Dance as if no one is watching, sing as if no one is listening, 
md live each day as if it is your last." Leaves: A bad taste in 
'our mouth. 

Williams, Lauren (Lowy, Slowy) 4 Marshall Road 922-6447 
vctivities: Field Hockey 9-10, Softball 9-10, Best Buddies 1 1- 
2, Yearbokk 12 Memorable Events: All the good times w/ 
iP, BH, AM, KS, KR, KP, BT, MN, MT, KB, LE, KB, EB, 
/IF. I 1/29/01 <3 MT Love You, Summer 03, West Beach, 
lomecoming, Jr. Prom, Boston, Red sox game. Leaves: My 
ittie sister 3 more years, have fun!! 

Wilson, Katie 726 Cabot Street 927- 2481 Activities: dance 
class, musicals, chorus, Vocal Ensemble, Concertquire, band 
trips Memorable Events: Musicals, pants jokes, your mom 
jokes, Ocean City, New York, Klesert's parties! Quote: "Life's 
what happens while you're making plans." Leaves: KP: a pinch 
of Donald Trump cologne, AK: my Washington's Fairwell 
Address and various pahnts, SM: a kick in the shins, HS: 
whiffs, a spinny thing from Ferry, and the 369 song, AH: a 
Raven internship, AK(Kwi): a pas de bourree and some hip 
rolls, MS: some Kenny dressing, LM: Zane Cobriana!! <3, WK 
My merr and ugly water towers. 

Wioncek, Johnpaul (JP, ironman) 7 Arebella DR. 927-9644 
Activities: Lacrosse, Cross-Country, Winter Track, Waterpolo 
Memorable Events: D-block studies, Stage Champs in lax. 
Quote: "Pain is weakness laving the Body." Leaves: Jillian 
three more years of high school. 

Zaikowski, Christina (CAZ, Crissy) 17 Baker Ave. 922-0465 
Activities: Swimming, Colorguard Memorable Events: 
Hanging w/the crew, being w/my baby (JM), nights al the 
movies. Leaves: JA, JD (Hooters Girl), All, KS. 

Curran Justesen 

Congradulations Scoobs, 

Now you can escape from Beverly and spread joy throughout the world. 
You have done so much - from skiing mountains to scuba diving the oceans 
Exploring caves, hikking a volcano, to building cars - But there's more to do... 
So aim for the stars and 

You'll always be our little STAR 
We love you, Mom and Dad 

Matthew Tracy 

To my son, Matthew Tracy, 
"A True Champ" 

I have been so blessed to watch you grow into the fine young man you are. As you go off 
to college, remember how much you are loved and prayed for. 
Your Biggest Fan, Mom 

Stephanie Annis 

Always similing, always laughing, always life to the fullest. You have 
always brought such joy, love, and happiness into our lives. You are 

an extraordinary person with many wonderful and unique qualities. 
We are so very proud of you. Follow your heart and your dreams, as 
you have always done, and success and happiness will continue to 

follow you. Thank you for all the wonderful times and memories. All 

of our love, Mom and Dad. 


Jon Alcorn 

Congratulations and best 
of luck in school, career, 
and life. We know you'll 
always be standing in the 
winners' circle, 
no matter what. 

Mom, Dad, and Jamer 

David Briand 


We are so proud of you! 
Congratulations on all 
your achievements. 

Mom, Dad & Liz 

Emily Bergeron 


We are so proud of you! Never forget: the tree 
house, beach days, mac & cheese w/ da,a,m&r, 
buttercup, sweat pea, weekends at "Mim & Pip" & 
tea parties with Gram! 
Love you, Mom, Dad & Dan 

Casey Basset and Adam Patterson 

Congratualtions! We are all very proud of both of 

Love, Your families 

Ashtar Boulos 


According to an ancient Chinese proverb: "A 
child's life is like a piece of paper on which every 
passerby leaves a mark." May positive marks con- 
tinue to be left on your 'page' as you begin a new 
chapter of life. We love you so very much! 
Mom and Dad 


lEwuly \Awvtlv\jw Berber 

Cory^atuLcUXxyn^l Yaw wre/ w xtcwl 

We/ love/ yaw very wiwch/ wvid/wC&fo cuU/tke/be#t 

ahead/ far yawl 

ChrC&ttnw, Mam/, Vwd/cwid/Vwnw 


Kim Callahan 


"And it is still true, no matter how old you are, 
when you go out into the world, it is best to hold 
hands and stick together." 
Congratulations! You did it! We're so proud of 
you. Good luck in college- we know you will 
suceed in whatever you do! We love you! 
Love, Mom, Dad & Val 



/ ^ 

$ fir 

John Checchi 

John Louis Checci, III 
Congratulations ! 
Love, Mom, Dad and Jenna 

Tom Chalifour 

What does the future hold for you? 
Writing? Film-making? Production? 
Editing? Oscar? Work hard, and it will happen! 
Love, Dad, Mom, Jill, Andy and A.J 

Ashley Charlton 

Ashley Elizabeth Charlton, 
Congratulations, Babe! 
Follow your dreams. We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Ryan & Pat 

Cassie Cheney 

Our Little Princess, 

Live life to the fullest. 

Have fun and laugh a 

lot. Be safe. 

Be kind. 

We love you!!! 

Mom, Dad, Erin, David 
and Molly 

Cara Chatelier 


Here's to another amazing Fall! 
Congratulations Graduate! 
We Love You, 
Mom, Dad, Danielle, Meghan & Tobi 

Eric Deffer 



We are so proud of you. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Andrew & 



Samantha Crescetelli 


The years have gone by so quickly. The world is at 
your feet. Follow your dream and remember there 
are no limits to what you can do. We are very 
proud of you. 
Mom, Dad, and Dana 

Andrew Edward Dunn 

Keep on playing! 
We love you, 
Mom, Dad and Abby 


Lindsey Estes 

We are very proud of you. 
Wishing you a future filled with happiness and 
We Love You! 
Mom, Dad & Nicole 

Joseph Fortunato 


Congratulations- You 
made it! I knew you 
could do it! 
Love, Mom 

Kristen Griffin 

Kris. We are very 
proud of you. 
Love always, 
Mom, Dad, Term, 

Keira Marie 
H Gaudette 


We are very proud of 
all your accomplish- 
ments and wish you 
great success in 
I engineering. Chase 
your dreams always! 
Love, Dad, Anne and 
Lee, Bernie, too! 

Brendan Fullerton 


Congratulations on a fine high school career. We 
all love you and wish you the best in your future 
Love, Dad, Pam, Grandma & Grampa 

Andrew Hobin 


Don't ever lose your 
spirit. We love you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, 
Lauren & Liz 

Alex Hurst 

We are so proud of the happy, confident young man you are today. You make being a 
middle child look fun! We know your love of people and your good nature will serve 
you well in life. Good luck in your future swimming and academic endeavors. May you 
have only "personal bests"! We are always here for you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Jonathan and Christian 

DJ Johnson 


We have always been 
so proud of you. Good 
luck in all you do. We 
love very much. 
Mom, Dad & Amanda 

Alex Jewell 

Wishing you love, happiness and success in 
whatever life path you choose. You are an 
exceptional young man and we are so very proud 
of you! Keep up the hard work and 
reach for the stars! 
Love, Dad, Mom, Ryan & Dylan 

William Karvouniaris 


We are so proud of you! 



Mom and Dad 

Ashleigh Karp 

We are so very proud of you. You can accom- 
plish anything you put your mind to. Your 
quick wit and good judgement will take you 
far. Congratulations. We love you so much! 

Mom, Dad, Josh, Steph, Kaitlyn, and Ryan 

Adam Kent 

Congratulations!! We are so proud of you! 
Good luck and success to our "Abum" 

Dad, Mom & Megan 

Amy Kwiatek 

We love you, and we're so proud of you! "and 
when you get the chance... I hope you dance!" 
Love, Dad, Mom, Joe, Anne, Luke, John, 
Melissa, Steve and Romayne 

Caroline Larson 

Cars, friends, boys and phone line, that's our 
sweet Caroline. As you dance past graduation, 
seek the paths of meaningfull aspiration. 
Love, Mom, Dad and Ryan 


Amy Marcucci 

Hey, Amy! 

We can't stop looking at 



Mom, Dad, Steve, Bubba, 
Grammy and Grampa 

Andrew Liporto 

Hey Bro, 

Have a great time at 
college; it's awesome! 
You'll love it!! Be sure 
to always keep that 
terriffic smile on your 
face. (As Uncle Rob 
would call you, GUY 

Emily Laverdiere 

You will always be our princess! Remember to go 
for what you want. We have always been so 
proud of you! Congratulations! 
Mom & Dad 

Andrew Liporto 


You haven't changed a bit, still the same pose. 
Congratulations on your graduation. We are all 
so proud of you. We wish you well in college and 
hope all your dreams will come true (like the Red 
Sox). Remember you just need to Believe!! 
(Look what it did for Grampy). 

Mom, Dad, Al, Karrie, Jen, TJ, Nana, & Grampy, 
and Little Foot 

Christopher Lopez 

Congratulations, Chris 
You have completed a 13-year commitment and it 
is a sweet success. Always remember that no 
matter where life takes you, there are people at 
home who are completely yours. We love you 
always and pray for you faithfully. 
Mom, Larry, Amanda, and Dominic 


Alexandria Mari 


H Although you are all 
grown up, you will 
always be our little girl. 
«f* We love you! 
" " Mom & Dad 
4 , 

Gia Panniello 

Congratulations Gia! 
We are so proud of you! 
Mom and Nina 

Emily McAuliffe 

Turn around and you're young 
Turn around and your grown 
Turn around and you're a young girl 
Going out on your own 

Best of Luck! 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Sean McCormick 

Sean, We are so proud of you for being such an 
independent person. Always keep that positive 

attitude you have. Set goals for yourself and don't 
be afraid of working hard to reach these goals. 
Always keep your determination and self disci- 
pline. Your greatest achievement has been the 

person you have become. You're a kind, compas- 
sionate, loving son. You have enriched our lives 
immeasurably. Embrace the life you have, and 
always remember how much you are loved. 
Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad 

Laura Macomber 


We Love You. 
Mom, Dad, Trevor, and Merlin 


Faith Martel 

Faith Terera Martel 
The best is before you TF, and our love is beside 

Avamay, Dad, Debbie, Robin & Bill, Charles & 

Aisling Mullen 


You are our "beautiful vision." You light up 
everyone's life with your wonderful smile. Con- . 
tinue to give your best and follow your dreams, so 
that all of your dreams come true. We are so proud 
of everything that you have accomplished. 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Sean, Mandy, Jay & Ava (Moia!) 

Leighanne Munroe 


You have grown into a beautiful young lady. Wherever you go in life, 
go with all your heart. 
All our love 
Mom, Dad, Brittany, Babci, & Dziadek 


Megan Nyland 


Know that we are proud of you always. May all 
your dreams come true. 

Mom, Dad & Kaitlin 

Breann Plamowski 


We are Happy and Proud of all your accomplish- 
ments. We respect how complete and reliable a 
person you are. Most of all, we are Proud of who 
you are (our daughter and sister). 
Love Mom, Dad, Eddie, and Sophie 

Adam Patterson 

We are so proud of you. 

We wish you all the 
success and happiness 
you deserve. 

Mom, Dad, and Missy 

Theodore Quinlan 

May your dreams take you where you want to go. 
Just remember to take time to "smell the beach" 
Mom, Dad, & Steve 

Ryan Shairs 

Congratulations Ryan! 

Mom, Dad, Justin, 
Derek, & Tayla 


Kelly Rafeal 

We are all so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Nick, and Laura 

John William Raymond Jr. 


What this power is I cannot say; all I know is that 
it exists, and it becomes available only when a 
man is in that state of mind in which he knows 
exactly what he wants and is fully determined not 
to quit until he finds it. 

Alexander Graham Bell 

We are proud to call you Son & Brother 
Mom, Dad, & Jen 


Stephanie Rodolico 


We love you and are very proud of you. I have 
enjoyed watching you grow into the beautiful 
young woman that you are. You've always had 
your mind set on the best and that's what you've 
become. Always aim high. You can do anything! 
Love Always, Mom and Sarah 

Katie Seaman 

The Will to Win is not nearly as important as the 
Will to prepare to Win. We are so proud of your 
accomplishments! Good luck in all you do. 
Love Mom, Dad and Patrick 

Kirsten Salmonsen 

Hey Cake, 

Always remember to dribble, draw, make people laugh, buy lots of athletic shoes and 
that "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could 

miss it." Ferris Bueller. 
We love you, KK! 
Breezy, Mycala, Woody, Mom & Dad 


Jeremy Sharp 

We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Janelle, and Jake 

Kelly Simmons 

Congratulations ! 

We Love You! 
Mom, Dad & Beth 

Andrew Lawrence Sparrow 

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather a 
man of value." -Albert Einstein US (German-born) 
physicist (1879-1959) 
Andrew- Congratulations and Good Luck in 
whatever path you choose. We love you four! 
Dad, Mom, Ben & Angela 

Alex Simoes 

Congratulations, Alex! 
We are all very proud of you! 
Good luck next year! 
All our Love, 
Mom, Dad, & Niki 

Samantha Sullivan 

Sam, Congratulations! We are so very proud of 
you and wish you the best of everything life holds. 

the #1 fans of the girl from Beverly 
D, M, J & 1 

Matthew Tormey 


Congratulations! We are so proud of you! 
Now the road to your dreams lies ahead of you- 
Enjoy the ride! 

Mom, Dad, Nana, Uncle Buck, & Murphy 

Rachel Turner 


As you move forward in life, cherish all your 
memories. We are so proud of who you've become. 
Keep that determined attitude. We will miss you as 
you leave for college, but our love and support will 
always be there. 
All our love, 
Mom, Mike & Ryan 

Jason Trowt 

Congratulations, Jay! 

Life is short but sweet for certain— so make it a 

good one. "You're sittin on top of the world 
with your legs hangin free"— so make the right 
choices. We are very proud of you and love 
you very much. Thanks for being you. 
Mom & Dad 


Jonathan Verry 

Congratulations, Jon! 

We always believed in you. 

Mom, Dad, Caitlyn, Nathan 

Andrew Walker 

We are so proud of you 
And all that you do 


Mom, Dad and Shannon 

JP Wioncek 

Thank you for giving us the pleasure of watching 
you succeed both on and off the field. Good Luck! 
You'll always be our "pumpkin." 
We love you #22! 

Mom, Dad, MK, Joe 

JP Wioncek 

Thanks for always being my best friend. 


Sarah Thomas 


Stand your ground, stay 

focused, and apply 
yourself like you have 
in the past and you can 
do anything. We are so 
very proud of all your 
accomplishments. We 

love you!! 
Mom, Dad, Amy, and 

Matt Woolaver 


We are very proud of 




Mom, Dad, and Mary 

Dan Abate 

You're so special to us. We couldn't be more proud 
of you. Good luck in all you do. 


Mimi, Aunt Tina, Uncle Jack, Sean, Ashley, and 

Katlyn and Kristina Breton 

Katlyn and Kristina- Congratulations! 
We are so proud of both of you. May your life be filled with happiness and joy as you 

have given us. Good luck in college. 

Mom, Dad, Jason, and Jessica 

Ashley McGilloway 

We're so proud of you. Good luck in college next 
year. We Love You So Much. 
Mimi, Mom, Dad, Sean, and Sarah 

Erica Novack 

Lean on me, when you're not strong and I'll be 
your friend I'll help you to carry on. For it won't be 
long til I'm gonna need somebody to lean on. 

We are so proud of you Big E, Congratulations!! 

Love, Mom, Dad, KelL and Moe 

Laura Parisella 

Our little Princess! You are a beautiful daughter, 
sister, and friend. We are so proud of you. Believe 
in yourself and follow your dreams. We will 
always be here for you. Congratulations! 

Love Dad, Mom, Dan, Christine, Michelle & JOJO 

Drew Marquart 

To our favorite 2 sport player 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad & Matt 

Krystina Beatrice 

You will always be 
the "Princess" 
Always and For- 
Mom, Dad, & 

Meghan Comeau 


Follow your heart! May 
all your dreams come 
true! We are so proud of 
We Love You! 
Mom, Dad, & Ben 

Jennifer Ballou 

Congratulations Jen, you're the 
flower that blooms eternally in our 
hearts! We are so very proud of 
you and your accomplishments. 
Follow your dreams for we wish 
you love, laughter and happiness! 
Love Always, 
Mom, Dad, and Kim 

James M. Cullen 


It seems like just yesterday you 
were in Mite Instructionals. We will 

never forget your first goal and 
seeing you carried around the rink 
by Brent Hughes. Today you are 
graduating high school as captain of 
the Beverly High Hockey Team! We 
are all VERY PROUD of the young 

man you have become. Stay fo- 
cused, continue to conduct yourself 
in the manner you do and the sky is 
the limit!! 
Personally Responsible, 
Individually Accountable, 

With all our Love! 
Your Mclnnis and Cullen Family 

Samantha Harris 

We love you Sami-D... 

When I imagine 
the life you will live, 
I think of the pleasure 
your presence will give. 

I see the joy your smile will light 
and the wonders you'll weave 
when you take your flight. 

I feel the hope 
that will grow with your grace 
and the difference you'll make 
to each heart you'll embrace. 

I imagine your life 
as I know it will be; 
for, my daughter, you've given 
all this to me 

By Robert Sexton 


Junior Class Officers - "Thank you, Ms.Hoeffner! 




"Aim for success, not perfection. 
Never give up your right to be 
wrong, because then you will lose 
the ability to learn new things anc 
move forward with your life." 

-Dr. David M. Burns 


Katherine Accomando 
Alexander Adams 
Michaelene Albright 
Jameson Allen 
Jeffrey Alsup 
Colin Amatucci 

Kate Amiro 
Jaron Anderson 
Precious Andrews 
Kunle Atewologun 
Ali Avallon 
Mary Bailey 

Marianna Baker 
Sam Baiter 
Jennifer Banks 
Christopher Baratz 
Emma Barbin 
Rose Barry 

Douglas Bartlett 
Aarika Batista 
Lauren Battistelli 
Jessica Bennett 
Sara Bennett 
Sanela Beslagic 

Junior Class Survey 

Alanna Birner 
Nicole Bissel 
Dmitri Boulanov 
Elizabeth Boyle 
Sean Brady 
Kathleen Bushey 

Katie Bushey 
Brendan Cahalin 
Ciara Camire 
Ashley Cammarata 
Erica Cancelliere 
Caitlin Cantin 

MTV Show : 

1. Laguna Beach 

2. Real World 

3. Pimp My Ride 

TV Show (WB) : 

1. One Tree Hill 

2. Everwood 

3. 10 O'Clock News 

Chris Carpenter 
Julianne Carrozza 
Amanda Cavallaro 
Kelly Channell 
Zachary Chertok 
Matthew Clari/.ia 

Joseph Clemenzi 
Brian Cleversey 
Brenden Clocher 
Elizabeth Coburn 
Peter Cohan 
Hannah Cohen 

Max Cohen 
Philip Colangelo 
Kevin Concannon 
Michael Connors 
Kenneth Coogan 
Ashlin Cook 

Stacey Cook 
Griffin Coombs 
Aaron Costain 
Damion Cotter 
Danielle Cotter 
Jeffrey Courtney 

Jessica Cousins 
Sean Cronin 
Shannon Cronin 
James Cross 
Anisa Cuko 
Sean Curtis 

Jaclyn Davidson 
Matan Davidyan 
Christina Davis 
Catherine Davison 
Andrew Dean 
Zachary Decker 

Favorite Songs . . . 

Pop Song : 

1. "My 


- Britney Spears 

2. "Toxic" 

- Britney Spears 

3. "She Will Be 


- Maroon 5 

Rap /Hip-Hop : 

1. "1,2 Step" 

- Ciara 

2. "Yeah" 

- Usher 

3. "Just Lose 


- Eminem 

Movies • . . 

Emily Dennesen 
George Deveau 
Craig Dewitt 
Anthony DiPaolo 
Daniel Divincenzo 
James Donlon 

Krystal Dossett 
Stephen Dow 
Dylan Dubois 
Nicole Eanes 
Matthew Eastburn 
Anna Ebersole 

Ryan Egan 
Amanda Elliott 
Emily Elliott 
Laureen Ercha 
Christopher Ethier 
Justin Everett 

Mariana Fernandez 
Mathias Fernandez 
Kristopher Foley 
Jessica Forsberg 
Haley Fortado 
Anthony Fortunato 

Aaron Fournier 
Eric Frattura 
Mario Freedman 
Jason Fullerton 
Sara Gallant 
Holly Galvin 

Carolyn Garbati 
Elizabeth Gates 
Lee Gaudette 
Steven Gendall 
Kristina Gies 
Melissa Ginsburg 

Rock Song : 

1. "Float On" - Modest Mouse 

2. "Meant to Live" - Switchfoot 

3. "Vertigo" - U2 

Comedy Movie : 

1. "Napoleon 

2. "Elf" 

3. "Mean Girls' 

Gabriela Gondim 
Luis Gonzalez 
Heather Goss 
David Gray 
Brianna Grenier 
Shawn Guy 

Jordan Haddad 
Erin Hadley 
Kalee Haggstrom 
Corrina Hairston 
Jacquelyn Hall 
Margaret Hall 

Gregory Halle 
Abhishek Handoo 
Melissa Healey 
Brian Heffernan 
Robert Heil 
Daniel Hennessey 

Antonio Hernandez 
Nora Hilfinger 
Kaylene Holman 
Edlira Hoxha 
Bethany Hurley 
Sean Hutchinson 

Steven Hutchinson 
Leila Huygens 
Hannah Israelsohn 
Sarah Ivey 
Ian Jacober 
Justin Jervinis 

Andrew Johnson 
Jenna Johnson 
Anthony Keaton 
Richard Kee 
Ryan Kelly 
Jonathan Kenney 

More Movies . . . 

Drama Movie : 

1. "The Note- 

2. "Stepford 

3. "Finding 

Horror Movie : 

1. "Saw" 

2. "Texas 

3. "TheGrudge 

Sarah Kerrigan 
Christine Kohli 
Rastko Kos 
Joseph Kwiatek 
Ryan Lacy 
Andrew Lafontaine 

Mollie Lampert 
Robert Larson 
Andrew Lauranzano 
Henry Le 
Ali Lebel 
Erjon Lena 

Alison Levy 
Michael Lewis 
Nerline Lindor 
Nicholas Lovasco 
Rachael Macaro 
Matthew Macdonald 

Nancy Macintyre 
Caroline Mahoney 
Rebecca Manganaro 
Sean Martin 
Flavia Martins 
Brandon Mason 

Kelly McGann 
Kelly McGovern 
Matthew Mclnnis 
Amanda McMahon 
Caitlin McMahon 
Lwidy Medeiros 

Kaitlin Mendell 
Elizabeth Me'nesale 
Daniel Meyer 
Brian Michaud 
Jessica Miedzionoski 
Paul Mourer 

School Stuff . . . 


School Subject 
(Major) : 

1. History 

2. Math 

3. English 

j School Sport : 

1. Soccer 

2. Football 

3. Cheer- 

John Mullarkey 
Alyssa Munroe 
Rosalind Murphy 
Megan Nash 
Katherine Nelson 
Heather Nessinger 

Chad Newman 
Amanda Nichols 
Joseph Nichols 
Richard Nicholson 
Jacqueline Norton 
James Norton 

Todd Norton 
Meghan O'Reilly 
Peter Ortiz 
Richard Otolo 
Emily O'Toole 
Brian Ouellette 

Kathryn Palm 
Racheal Palomo 
Ally Papa 
John Pappas 
Ryan Paradis 
Marissa Parisi 

Raisa Peguero 
Kristen Pekoske 
Nikki Pierce 
Kenny Pierre 
Peter Pilanen 
Brittany Pirrotta 

Detrina Piatt 
Jeffrey Pomponi 
Robert Porterfield 
Dylan Powell 
Jamie Prendergast 
Katherine Prince 

Junior Favorites . . . 

Celebrity : 

1. Johnny Depp 

2. Britney 

3. Jessica 

Fast Food Place : 

1. Nick's Roast 

2. North 
Roast Beef 

3. McDonald's 

Nicole Proctor 
Danielle Proudman 
Emily Putur 
Brent Read 
Kathleen Ready 
Julissa Reyes 

Samantha Richardson 
Raul Riollano 
Orlando Rivera 
Chanel Robinson 
Victoria Ross 
Thomas Roys 

Benjamin Russell 
Joseph Ryan 
Guy Saint-Vil 
Bryan Sakamoto 
Stacey Sargent 
Maxine Schlein 

Nicolas Schwertschlag 
Jennifer Sciamanna 
Kaitlin Scott 
Paul Segura 
Nicole Servizio 
Julie Sharkey 

Angelina Shea 
Parker Shea 
Erik Sheedy 
Erica Silva 
Nicole Silveira 
Olivia Simpson 

Britney Smith 
Ryan Smith 
Thomas Southerton 
Dominique Staffiere 
Jacob Stains 
Henry Stephens 

Beverly Restaurant : 

1. Not Your 

2. Bertuccis 

3. Casa de Luca 

Things to Do in Free Time : 

1. Hang out 
with friends 

2. Shop 

3. Play 

Janelle Stokes 
Anthony Sudak 
Derek Sullivan 
Micheal Sullivan 
Patrick Sullivan 
Stephanie Surels 

Jordana Swanson 
Kristine Swartz 
Frederick Sylvester 
Robert Taeger 
Rebecca Tanzella 
Rebecca Tarr 

David Theriault 
Amy Thomas 
Jessica Thomasson 
Natasha Thorpe 
Kevin Tobyne 
Shawn Tondreault 

Thomas Tremblay Jr. 
Laura Trowt 
Brent Trudeau 
Amanda Twohig 
Tanya Twohig 
John Upton 

Vanessa Valdes 
John Vavladellis 
Michael Waselchuck 
Shawn Wear 
Scott Willard 
Tyrell Williams 


Beverly's Mullarkey hopes for strong showing at Junior A World Cup of fencing 

By Jean DePucido 

Jake Mullarkey had a big decision 
to make recently: travel to France 
with his family for a fencing competi- 
tion, or stay home so he could com- 
pete in a United States tournament in 

The 16-year old Beverly High junior 

didn't want to slip in the national 
rankings for his age group — he was 
ranked 28th at the time — but decided 
he didn't want to miss out on the trip 
abroad with his family. So he left for 
France, and finished sixth in the foil 

As it turned out, going to Europe 
didn't hurt his standings in this coun- 
try. When Mullarkey returned home 

two weeks ago, an invitation was performers his age from around the 

waiting in the mail for him to attend country and throughout the world 

the prestigious Junior A World Cup over the three-day competition, 

at the Louisville Convention Center which begins tomorrow. 

in Kentucky. 

This will be the first international 
level event for Mullarkey; 'A' tourna- 
ments are the highest level for Under- 
20 fencers. He's thrilled to see how his 
fencing skills stack up against the top 

'I've been to Junior Olympics and 
fenced in the Under-19 Nationals be- 
fore," said Mullarkey, "but now IH be 
going against the best of the best" 

KIRA HORVATH/Stair photo 
Beverly's Jake Mullarkey is competing In the 
Junior A World Cup fencing championships. 


Nicholas Abraham 
Jonathan Belanger 
Ivan Bogdanovic 
Shirelle Brandon 
Benjamin Burt 
Brian Coner 
Amanda Conway 
Bruno DePaula 

Laura Gadbois 
Jacob King 
Jason LaBonte 
Tiffany Lamontagne 
Grevin Lehman 
Candace Levesque 
Britni Luszcz 

Amgad Mukhtan 
Megan Ouellet 
Theodore Parson 
Taylor Raynes 
Sovanna Soy 
Mario Thompson 
Kevin Walsh 
Kelcie Webster 

Sophomore Class Officers: "Thanks, Mrs. Harris 








Class Officers: Allison Chaisson, Vanessa Athanas, 
Meaghan Lyons, Amy Gelineau (Absent) 

Jor some Cife Casts a short wfiiCe, 
but the memories it hoCds Cast forever 

-Laura Swenson 

Sophomore Class Survey 

Nicole Acciavatti 
Jeffrey Ackerman 
Ashley Albano 
Daniel Amore 
Vanessa Athanas 
Sarah August 

Ashley Auld 
Christopher Austin 
Patrick Bailey 
Jeffrey Baker 
Gentian Bako 
Kristin Ballentine 

Scott Barbeau 
Stefano Basso 
Brittany Batchelder 
Kathryn Beaman 
Danielle Benham . 
Shaquona Benson 

Keith Bettencourt 
Emily Bissel 
Natacha Bloise 
Jason Boaman 
Bethani Boccia 
Alexander Boches 

David Boeggeman 
Lauren Bolger 
Joanna Borsetti 
Christopher Bouchard 
Leah Boucher 
Chris Bougas 

Eric Bracero 
Billy Brady 
Trevor Bryant 
Alanah Bueno 
Robert Burgess 
Brendan Byrne 

Il^lity tV Show 

1 . Real World 

2. Laguna Beach ^ 

3. Fear Factor 

FwoHte %vh Shop 

1. Nick's Roast 

2. Mi key's 

3. Maria's 

Stephen Capodilupo 
Kimberly Capozzi 
Pola Carrclla 
Molly Cassidy 
Michael Cassola 
Allison Chaisson 

Alexandra Chandler 
Erin Cheney 
Andrew Clay 
David Colasanti 
Patrick Coletti 
Rosa Coloma 

Peter Constantine 
John Conway 
Kathleen Conway 
Theresa Coogan 
Scott Cool 
Ellen Cooper 

Breanna Cornell 
Jonathan Crean 
Anthony Criscuolo 
Elizabeth Cronin 
Patrick Cronin 
John Crowley 

Catherine Cullen 
Rubens Cunha 
Molly Curran 
Jamie Dalton 
Peter Davekos 
Brandon Dean 

Alison Defter 
Andrew Deforrest 
Jami Devito 
Joseph Diaz 
Thuy Dinh 
Britney Dion 

Sophomore Class Survey 

>oDg of ZOm 

1 . Yeah - Usher 

2. Broken - Seether 
ft. Amy Lee 

3. Lean Back -Fat Joe 
3. My Goodies -Ciara 

1 . Not Your Average Joe's 

2. Bertucci's 

3. Stephy's Kitchen 

1 . Red Sox 

2. Crazy Black 
& Orange 

3. Pajama's 

Clothing Itorg 

1 . American Eagle 

2. Abercrombie & Fitch 

3. Weathervane 

Arthur Dipaolo 
Ashley Dipaolo 
Nicholas Doig 
Megan Drinkwater 
Kathleen Driscoll 
Meredith Driscoll 

Matthew Dube 
Samuel Dyas 
Kenneth Ebersole 
Samuel Eckmann 
John Encarnacion 
Marcella Eramo 

Tyler Eriesian 
Andrew Eriksen 
Heather Fahey 
Connor Fanning 
Nichole Feilteau 
Furcy Ferreras 

Laura Fickenwirth 
Julishaa Flannagan 
Jessie Forcier 
Molly Forman 
Robert Forster 
Thomas Fournier 

Aubrea Fowlkes-Winbrone 
Bonnie Fullerton 
Benjamin Galante 
Tricia Gallagher 
Timothy Gansenberg 
Amy Gelineau 

Angela Gendall 
Nicholas Genthner 
Thomas Geras 
Bridget Giarusso 
Jackson Gilbert 
Caroline Gilligan 

%&$te of ZOO^ leg Gsesvo Fb\?or Iste for Clm B^cugg %dJ 

1 . The Notebook 1 . Cookie Dough 1 . Locker Problems 1 . Dave Matthews Band 

2. Mean Girls 2. Chocolate 2. Bathroom/Oversleeping 2. Maroon 5 

3. Napolean Dynamite 3. Mocha Chip 3. "I Got Lost" 3. Dashboard Confessional 

Skernld Gjata 
Breanna Glidden 
Mai-Ling Gonsalves 
Freddy Gonzalez 
Debra Greenberg 

Jason Greene 

Terrell Greene 
Ashley Guzofski 
Melissa Haibon 
Rebecca Haile 
Tyler Hall 
Ryan Hamilton 

Casandra Hammett 
Justin Hannibal 
Philip Harrison 
Wesley Harrison 
Stephen Hawkins 
Kevin Hayes 

Kendra Healey 
Justina Hebert 
Ryan Hegarty 
Octavia Henry 
Shaunte Heyward 
Samuel Hill 

Vanessa Hill 
Alicia Holman 
Caroline Horvitz 
Nicole Hotz 
Eric Hudon 
Alison Hunt 

Katherine Hurley 
Veronica Hurley 
Christian Hurst 
Rachel Huxley-Cohen 
Melissa Ingemi 
Nicolas Jacobs 

Adam Jalbert 
Eric Jalbert 
Brittany Johnson 
Marissa Johnson 
Kristine Kapoll 
Kaitlyn Karp 

Derek Kavasch 
John-Paul Kehoe 
Victoria Kelleher 
Charlotte Kelley 
Daniel Kilham 
Sunnie King 

Dylan Kintish 
Noele Kleemola 
David Klemis 
Amy Knight 
Eric Knowlton 
John Konaxis 

Karen Koo 
Jason Kruczynski 
Samantha Krukonis 
Suzanne Lachance 
Heather Lacombe 
Nicole Lambert 

Sam Langone 
Joseph Lapointe 
Tyler Lapointe 
Kerril Laverdiere 
Benjamin Lawler 
Cindy Le 

Andrew Lebel 
Kristen Leblanc 
Kayla Lefavour 
Bujana Lena 
Maria Lepe 
Matthew Levesque 

Trevor Levine 

r 'a 

Julia Levin-Rector 
Mark Linscott 
Sean Lloyd 
Jhenna Louis 
Laura Loures 

Brent Lowry 
Eric Lowry 
Amanda Lozada 
Margery Luangrath 
Susan Lunt 
Meaghan Lyons 


Kevin MacCarthy 
Robert Macy 
Allison Madore 
Bryan Maisonet 

Samuel Maisonet 
Mark Malionek 



Laura Mann 
Devyn Manthorne 
Shaina Manuel 
Sabrina Marchelli 
Evan Marks 
Michael Marks 

itm, ■ -\k A 

Aphrodite Marmarinos 
Matthew Marquart 
Jacqueline Martinez 
J. D. Martz 
Ashlee Mastrangelo 
Jalisa Matta 

«p , j 


Matthew McAniff 
Andrew McCord 
Christopher McDonough 
Molly McDonough 
Jill McGann 
Robert McGinnity 

''<"* 'i* 

Hps.. tfflH 

w - - T 

Maria McGuigan 
Sean McKenna 
Christine McKeon 
Brenna McNiff 
Erick Melanson 
Kodie Mezzles 

Darcy Milburn 
Amanda Miller 
Keith Miller 
David Mock 
Max Modugno 
Stephen Moffett 

Theodore Mori 
Brad Morris 
Katherine Morse 
Kristen Morse 
Dana Moulton 
Kelly Mulcahey 

Brittany Munroe 
Connor Murphy 
Migena Mustafa 
J. Michael Nardella 
Nicole Nardella 
Jose Neto 

Andy Nguyen 
Meghan O'Brien 
Alanna O'Grady 
Christine Oh 
Kelly O'Hara 
Elizabeth O'Shea 

Grejtis Osmanaj 
Robert Ostrander 
Nina Panniello 
Anthony Paolucci 
Christine Parisella 
Christopher Parker 

Lilia Paulino 
Reynaldo Peguero 
Marshall Pelletier 
Julianne Perron 
Tuesday Petrathelis 
Danielle Phelan 

Christopher Picardy 
Nicholas Picardy 
Thomas Pierce 
Zoe Pierce 
Jennifer Pino 
Edmund Plamowski 

Sara Ploss 
Jordan Pomazon 
Jason Ponticelli 
Christopher Poor 
Bradley Powell 
Amanda Powers 

Sarah Powers 
Heather Proudman 
Matthew Provencher 
Bridget Pugliesse 
Stephanie Quartarone 
Darwin Ramirez 

Eddy Raphael 
Molly Regan 
Kimberly Reinold 
Patricia Rennick 
Amanda Richards 
Jessica Richardson 

Joshua Richardson 
Jacqueline Robichaud 
Madalena Robo 
Sarah Rodolico 
Norberrto Rodriguez 
Matthew Rollins 

Melissa Rouleau 
Michelle Rowe 
Alexander Rubin-Johnston 
Jenna Ruta 
Jaycee Salerno 
Justin Salvato 

Mary Sarantopoulos 
Carly Schultz 
Alex Scialdone 
Julie Sciamanna 
Jamie Sebastian 
Jessica Settles 

Nicole Shairs 
Tayla Shairs 
Nathan Shaw 
Kimberly Sheehan 
Aarish Sheikh 
Rebekah Shephard 

Abby Siemasko 
Dermis Silvio 
Beth Simmons 
Alexandra Skerry 
Michael Sloan 
Rachael Small 

Elisha Sonia 
Joana Sousa 
Lorraine Sousa 
Ashley Spagnuolo 
Ashleigh Spaniak 
Jamie Speicher 

Matthew Spencer 
Nicole Spiridigliozzi 
Seth Stantial 
Alana Stickney 
Matthew Stigers 
Amanda Sullivan 

Michael Sullivan 
Anthony Susanno 
Kyle Sweeney 
Nicholas Tanzella 
Ana Tassone 
Jessica Taylor 

Shayla Terry 
Kevin Thomasson 
Douglas Tibbets 
Allison Tobin 
Emily Traicoff 
Nicholas Traicoff 

Caroline Trainor 
Jennifer Turner 
Mihai Tutila 
Dianne Upton 
Lyndsi Vaccaro 
Adam Vanikiotis 

Claudia Vargas 
Nathan Verry 
Derek Vonzweck 
Emily Walk 
Brian Ware 
Charissa Ways 

James Webb 
Corey Williams 
Jacqueline Willwerth 
Tameisha Womack 
Gavin Wood 
Corey Woodbury 

Matthew Woodbury 
Michael Wronski 
Ashley Young 
Angel Zamot 
Ashley Zimmerman 

Sophomore Candids 

Camera Shy 

Natasha Bloise 
Bethanie Cahill 
Kayla Caisse 
Ashlin Cook 
Wilney DeLaCruz 
Jami DeVito 
Holly DiFava 
Henry Fernandez 
Irene Friedman 

Camera Shy 

Allen Gilligan 
Caroline Horvitz 
Kelsey Hutchins 
Chelsea Johnston 
Steven Joslin 
Seem a Khatoon 
Aaron Lebow 
Scott Maselbas 
Steve McCarren 

Camera Shy 

Bryan McDonald 
Jennifer Moulton 
Brianne Parker 
Misty Rivera 
Patrick Tarmey 
Rhys Thomas 
Kyle Tipton 
Thi Tran 

E. Mather Wilczek 


Freshmen Class Officers-'Thartks, Mr. Brechko! 







Class Officers: Jillian Wioncek, Liam Blodgett, Kyle Tuneburg, 
Amanda Ingiemi (Absent) 

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us 
are tiny matters compared to what lives within 



- Oliver Wendell Holmes 


I'd trick Abate 
Alyssa Accomando 
Eric Allison 
Allison Andersen 
Levi Anderson 
Zachary Anderson 

Kristen Andrada 
Ashley Andrews 
Melanie Andruszkiewicz 
Nicasio Arzu 
Matthew Avigian 
Nibal Awad 

Alex Baker 
Patricia Banks 
Brett Battistelli 
Amanda Beard 
Matthew Belisle 
Susannah Bell 

Jonian Beqo 
Christianne Bernardi 
Ashlie Berube 
Thomas Berube 
Cara Birner 
Daniel Bissel 

Tyler Bissel 
Samantha Blackburn 
Liam Blodgett 
Sarah Blotcher 
Matthew Boccuzzi 
Michael Boches 

Christopher Bodek 
Joshua Boucher 
Andrew Bourque 
Morgan Brace 
Richard Bright 
Katina Brings 

Allison Brown 
Rachel Brown 
Michelle Brozonos 
Kristin Burke 
Christopher Bushey 
Eric Cagney 

Michael Calitri 
Andrea Capodilupo 
Diana Carpenter 
William Carr 
Elizabeth Cashman 
Nicholas Ceurvels 

Benjamin Chapman 
Michael Church 
Robert Cicchetti 
Danielle Cimon 
Amanda Close 
Alison Coburn 

Samuel Cohen 
Nicholas Colanto 
Aaron Cole 
Casey Coletti 
Christopher Collins 
Eric Collins 

Mary Concannon 
Megan Condon 
Meghan Corcoran 
Matthew Corning 
Matthew Coughlin 
Alicia Couture 

Amy Couture 
Paul Couture 
Ashlynn Crandell 
Gregory Crane 
Alexandra Crawford 
Brenden Cronin 

Katelyn Cross 
Kaitlin Crowley 
Makala Crowley 
Llazar Cuko 
Bethany Cullen 
Sara Cunningham 

Daniel Cushman 
Colleen Dailey 
Katie Davekos 
Raz Davidyan 
Sean Deady 
Erica Decker 

Brendan DeCourcy 
Michael Delossantos 
Katelynn Denis 
John Depaula 
Danielle Desmond 
Breana Desrocher 

Michael Dettorre 
Cory Devaney 
Marianna Dimaggio 
Emily Diminico 
Katharine Donohue 
Erin Doody 

Paul Drinkwater 
Kelly Driscoll 
Brendan Dunphy 
Aric Duplinsky 
Elisabeth Dwyer 
Tamara Emery 

Jocelyn Ercha 
Kaitlyn Ethier 
John Euell 
Taylor Ewing 
Ashley Farrar 
David Farrar 

Kursie Ferdinand 
Felipe Fernandes 
Collette Fidrych 
Kamyla Figueiredo 
Emily Fleming 
Megan Flynn 

Marissa Foley 
Hannah Forma n 
Nicole Fortunato 
Aubrey Fowlkes-Winbrone 
Ella Froggatt 
Daniel Frost 

Alyshia Frusteri 
David Gadbois 
Jessica Gagnon 
Amanda Gallaghar 
Christopher Ganey 
Rosemary Garcia 

Sofia Garcia 
Alartna Gauthier 
Anatachia Gell 
James Getchell 
Elizabeth Gillen 
Kristina Gioulis 

Donald Glidden 
Brian Goldberg 
Bethany Goss 
Jennifer Goss 
Corey Grasso 
Nicole Greco 

Mia Greenberg 
Connor Grenier 
Breanna Grifoni 
Nichole Guidry 
Ryan Hannable 
Morgan Hannigan 

Scott Hansen 
Erin Harrington 
Matt Harting 
Trevor Harwood 
Klenis Haxhiaj 
Daniel Heald 

Jamie Heckman 
Caitlin Heffernan 
Laura Henriquez 
Winfield Henry 
Daren Hiller 
Emily Hilly 

Jordan Hirschfeld 
Elizabeth Hobin 
Brieanna Homsey 
Christopher Hopper 
Hannah Howard 
Erjola Hoxha 

Amanda Ingemi 
Kyle Irving 
Andrew Jaquith 
Christopher Jason 
Jules Jefferson 
Karina Jimenez 

Amanda Johnson 
Meghan Kartstein 
Gabrielle Keeley 
Chris Keith 
Vanessa Kelley 
Benjamin Kemmer 

Jonathan Kleemola 
Kelsey Klibansky 
Kassandra Kluge 
David Knight 
Rachel Konaxis 
Amanda Krugman 

Brian Kureta 
Michael Lamothe 
Sarah Lane 
Peter Langstaff 
Sasha Lan/.ikos 
Kiersten Lawler 

Stephanie Lawler 
Jonathan Lee 
Francisco Lehman 
Nichole Lemelin 
Zachary Levine 
Robert Liani 

Eric Linscott 
Ashley Lischinsky 
Marissa Lischinsky 
Dean Littlefield 
Jordan Luangrath 
Michelle Lubas 

Guilherme Lunardi 
Tyler Macdonald 
Ross Macgregor 
Matthew Mahan 
Thomas Mahoney 
Erika Majeskey 

Meredith Malionek 
Jeremiah Manson 
Adam Martin 
Shawna Martin 
Stephanie Martinez 
Taylor Marton 

Brett Mason 
Heather McAvoy 
Shannon McCarthy 
Derek McCulloch 
Brian McDonald 
Heather McDonald 

Samantha Mclntyre 
Michael McLaughlin 
James McNulty 
Chad Mecham 
Glenys Mejia 
Heidi Meyer 

Cayla Miceli 
Jennifer Miller 
Vanja Miocevic 
Erica Miranda 
Michael Mirra 
Jordyn Mitchell 

Kory Mitchell 
Alexander Mock 
Kyle Mooney 
Juan Moran 
Marpran Moreira 
Charndra Morency 

Hannah Mori 
Matthew Morris 
Nathaniel Morris 
Alyse Mounsey 
Anna Mourer 
Sasha Mulcahey 

Kara Murphy 
Megan Murphy 
Kristen Negrotti 
Stephanie Negrotti 
Christina Nichols 
Hayley Nichols 

Tahsa Nickola 
Brendan Norris 
Shannon O'Brien 
April Oliver 
Bradford Olson 
Samantha O'Neal 

Greg Ormiston 
Katclyn Page 
William Palocci 
Elise Panzner 
Hali Parsons 
David Patnaude 

Scott Pendleton 
Elise Perron 
Greg Pierce 
Kevin Pietrini 
Joshua Pilanen 
Rebecca Pizzello 

Sara Prendergast 
Lauren Pudvah 
Ismaelle Pulido 
Mallory Rapalyea 
Jennifer Raymond 
Paul Reardon 

Joseph Reinold 
Michelle Rhoades 
Christopher Ricci 
Lauren Richardson 
Samuel Rinaldo 
Annie Robbins 

Alexa Rodolico 
Karina Rodriguez 
Melissa Rodriguez 
Nicholas Rogers 
Mark Rosenfield 
Daniel Ross 

Adam Rotondi 
Christopher Ruest 
Timothy Russell 
Alison Sambrook 
Kate Santos 
Andrea Sargent 

Samantha Schulman 
Carolyn Schweitzer 
Jamie Semos 
Jaclyn Scrino 
Christopher Serpa 
Janelle Sharp 

Michelle Shaw 
Jayna Shea 
Ronnie Sinclair 
Brian Skerry 
Megan Skerry 
Jordan Smith 

Alyssa Soares 
Jayne Spiridigliozzi 
Raymond St. Amand 
Sean Sullivan 
Brian Surels 
Karah Swanson 

Kendra Swanson 
Michael Swartz 
Samantha Sylvester 
Hannah Tannebring 
Jessica Tanzella 
Jane Tarr 

Michael Tarr 
Kassandra Terzakis 
Allison Theriault 
Daniel Theriault 
Megan Thomann 
Rebekah Thompson 

John Tiplady 
Kanika To 
Matthew Tobin 
Kelly Tracy 
Jessica Tries 
Mellonie Trippett 

Kyle Tuneburg 
Caroline Usovicz 
Jeffrey Varney 
Alexandria Vavladelis 
Giiola Veliaj 
Pollyana Vieira 

Lien Vuong 
Anjuli Waldron 
Conor Walsh 
Jennessa Wear 
Chelsea Webster 
Alycia Welch 

Benjamin Whitmore 
Timothy Wilczek 
Katelyn Williams 
Jillian Wioncek 
Kathlyne Woodbury 
Richard Xenos 

Camera Shy 
Kristin Ballentine 
Scott Barbeau 
Kathryn Beaman 
Christanne Bernard i 
Jessica Brazie 
Micheal Cagney 
Alexandra Chandler 
John Conway 
Kathleen Conway 
Emilia Costa 
Anthony Criscuolo 

Camera Shy 

Peter Davekos 
Joseph Diaz 
Julishaa Flannagan 
Katie Gallant 
Jackson Gibler 
Freddy Gonzalez 
Ashley Guzofski 
Jereme Harm 
Mitchell Jackson 
Adam Jalbert 
Danielle Kenney 

Camera Shy 

Samia Khatoon 
Eric Knowlton 
Brent Lowry 
Bryan Maisonet 
Andrew McCord 
Susan Mendoza 
Matthew Morrisey 
Bicole Mothersell 
Christian Nunez 
Grejtis Osmanaj 
Anthony Paolucci 

Camera Shy 

Darwin Ramirez 
Norberrto Ramirez 
Nicole Ross 
Jenna Ruta 
Maria Serrano 
Joana Sousa 
Micheal Sullivan 
Alexander Tina 
Albert Turner 
Angel Zamot 

Compliments of the Beverly Citizen Compliments of the Beverly Citizen 

Compliments of the Beverly Citizen 


Compliments of the Salem News 


r i o 

play section 


work fight shoot 

sweat run coac 
v defend 

boy's soccer 
girl's soccer 
girl's XC 
boy's XC 
field hockey 

football cheering 



;ompliments of the Salem News Compliments of the Salem News 

Beverly sports making head- 

Compliments of Gainsburo Studios 


► Girts basketball 

Beverly swims p jnt 
to head of NEC ma( j e 

Girls basketball team 
hopes to start new tradition 

girl's indoor track 
boy's indoor track 
girl's basketball 
boy's basketball 
basketball cheering 
swimming and diving 
ice hockey 
hockey cheering 
figure skating 





The BHS Boys 
Varsity Soccer 
Team finished off 
a roller coaster 
season with a 
stellar state 
tournament run. 

£ £ You have to play 
with heart, pride, 
and courage. That 
is Beverly soccer. 

Head Coach Kevin Leahy J J 

Varsity Soccer 



Left: Coach Leahy rallies 
the team during a pre- 
game speech. 

A never 
quit attitude 
helped in 
the team 
through four 

* 'v^5 

Junior striker Erik Sheedy, an inte- 
gral part of the team's offense, 
takes on a defender near the op- 
posing net. 

Senior midfielder Drew Marquart 
skies for a headball during a 
Beverly victory over Lynn English. 

Above: Junior midfielder Greivin 
Lehman dribbles around the 


Captains: Matt Tracy and 
Drew Marquart celebrate a 
Beverly goal. 

Coach FriehJ and Head Coach 
Kevin Leahy with their four 
captains:Casey Bassett, Matt 
Tracy, Drew Marquart, and 
Adam Patterson. 

An amazing fingertip save by 
junior goalkeeper Greg Halle. 

Front: Drew Marquart, Matt Tracy, Casey Bassett, Adam Patterson Middle: Chris Ethier, Sam Stantial, 
Victor Servian, Andrew Liporto, Ben Brown, Jon Eanes, Matt Fellows, Greg Halle, Erik Sheedy, Wesley 
Harrison. Back: Coach FriehL Alex Boches, Alex Baker, Llazar Cuko, Matt Dube, Seth Stantial, Erick 
Melanson, James Webb, Mike Sullivan, Greivin Lehman, Coach Leahy 


Bev Opp. 
Dracut 1 5 

Lawrence 6 
Danvers 1 
Lynn Classical 5 
Marblehead 2 
Lynn English 2 




King Phillip 








Girls Varsity Soccer 


"I don't know what to 
say really. Three 
minutes to the biggest 
battle of our profes- 
sional lives all comes 
down to today. Either 
we heal as a team or 
we are going to 
crumble. Inch by inch, 
play by play, till 
we're finished." - 
Any Given Sunday 

'You miss 100% 
of the shots 
you don't take. J J 

-Coach MacDonald 

MVP: Katie Clay 
Most Improved: Mary Bailey 
Unsung Hero: Jacqui Norton 
Coaches Award: Kim Callahan and 
Katlyn Breton 

The Varsity Girls soccer 
team closed out the season 
with a record of 5-10-2 and 
5th place over all in the 
North Eastern Conference. 

New Head 
Coach Kristin 
had the girls 
try a new 
formation at 
the beginning 
of the 
giving them a 
slight deficit 
in the 
However that 
did not stop 
these girls 
from playing 
their best. 

The team was led by Jenna 
Alexander, Katlyn Breton and 
Katie Clay. Games in which the 
team played their best were 
against Lynn English, Lynn 
Classical, Winthrop and 


Captains Katie Clay, Katlyn Breton and Jenna Alexander with there 
new coach, Kristin MacDonald. 

Back: Coach Kristin MacDonald, Jacqui Norton, Alyssa Accomando, Lauren Bolger, Chanel Robinson, 
Kathryn Palm, Annie Baker, Ciara Camire, Liz Menesale, Holly Galvin. Middle: Jen Sciamanna, Tifany 
Drinkwater, Kristina Breton, Kim Callahan, Lisa Speicher, Mary Bailey. Front: Kyle Theriault, Katlyn 
Breton, Jenna Alexander, Katie Clay, Stephanie Read 


Bev Opp. 
Lynn English 3 1 
L Classical 
Lynn English 
Swampscott 3 
Gloucestor 2 
Peabody 3 













Follow through. 

Senior captains 
Meredith Fiore, 
Stephanie Annis, 
and Ashley 
Charlton were a 
huge part of this 
year's girls team 
and will be 
missed next 

Girls Tennis 

Coming together is a beginning. 
Keeping together is progress. 
Working together is success, y y 

1 ■ 

i ^ 

Sophomore Jamie Sebastian held 
her own for the girls tennis team 
finishing with a final record of 
11-2. She was recognized as the 
team's Most Improved Player. 

Senior captain Stephanie Annis 
played both first and second 
doubles, finishing with an impres- 
sive 11-3 record. She and Ashley 
Charlton received the Coach's 

- m 






Captains: Meredith Fiore, Stephanie Annis, Ashley Charlton, 
tanding with their coach, Coach Corcoran. 

VlVP: Katie Ready 

Back: Alexa Rodolico, Briana Grenier, Jamie Sebastian, Allsion Tobin, Kiersten Lawler, Meghan Corcorar 
Kelly O'Hara, Hannah Tannebring, Katie Ready, Steph Laeler, Nikki Nardella, Marissa Johnson, Vanessa 
Valde/., Beth Simmons, Claudia Vargas Front: Nicole Zarkades, Kelly Simmons, Lear Brace, Natalie 
Armano, Meredith Fiore, Staphanie Annis, Ashley Charlton, Gia Panniello, Janna Dwyer, Brenda 
Tracchia, Michelle Tracchia 













Lynn CI. 






Lynn Eng. 


















1 1 



Record 7-1 

Juniors Megan 
Ouellet and Katie 
along with 
Brenna McNiff, 
were the leading 
scorers for 
Beverly this 

fi ' Our sport is 
your sport's 

Class B Meet at Franklin Park in Boston 

Team Candids 


Coach Dave Jellerson and junior Cap- 
tains Katie Accomando, Amanda Nichols, 
and Megan Ouellet 

S o p homore 
B r e n n a 
McNiff was 
the only girl 
to qualify for 
the state meet 
held in 
MA. She 
qualified, for 
this meet by 

within the top twelve finishers at the Class 
Meet held at Franklin Park in Boston, MA. At 
the state meet, Brenna finished in 22nd place 
with a time of 18:03. 

Back: Sara Bennett, Elizabeth Boyle, Libby Simpson, Breezy Dwyer, Michelle Shaw, Megan Murphy, 
Hannah Forman, Meg Comeau. Middle: Jillian Wioncek, Brittany Batchelder, Katie Page, Becky 
Manganaro, Katherine Morse, Erica Silva, Julie Sharkey. Front: Katie Accomando, Megan Ouellet, 
Amanda Nichols. 


Bev Opp. 

Winthrop 22 36 

Gloucester 22 37 

Lynn Clas. 15 50 

Marblehead 34 23 

Lynn English 15 50 

Swampscott 19 42 

Danvers 15 48 

Salem 19 36 

Record 5-4 

Senior Jeremy 
Sharp, sopho- 
more Jason 
Kruczynski, and 
junior Todd 
Norton were the 
top runners for 
the Panthers this 

Boys Cross Country 

In September, the Salem Evening News listed both 
Jeremy Sharp and JP Wioncek as runners to watch, 
among many runners from other schools in the North- 
east Conference. 

Although the team did not have a winning record, this 
season was looked at as a "building year" because many 
of the top members of the team were young. The season 
ended with a record of five wins and four losses, placing 
the Beverly boys fifth in the Northeast Conference. 

' ' Leif... Leif.. 
Leif...Leif... 3 5 


Senior Jeremy Sharp is a year 
round runner and has been an 
asset to the team for the past 
four years. 

Boys XC 












Lynn Class. 






Lynn English 












Back: Dylan Kintish, Andrew Erikson, Tyler Bissel, Brad Olsen, Anthony DiPaolo Middle: Coach Dave 
Jellerson, Joey Reinhold, Jason Kruczynski, Lee Gaudette, Steve Capodilupo, Dan Killham, Brendan 
Norris Front: Bill Raymond, Jeremy Sharp, JP Wioncek, Clayton Pudvah, Matt Woolaver, James 


You Know!!! 


The Panther 
Field Hockey 
team worked 
hard during the 
preseason and 
regular season 
to beat both their 
rival, Salem, and 
their record from 
last year. 

Field Hockey 

The team worked very hard 
this season. The girls 
showed their endurance 
from the preseason 
"gauntlet" until their final 
game against Salem. We 
were victorious! 

The team was 
led this year by 
Coach Julie 
Flachs, who 
proved to be 
just what the 
needed. Flachs 
comes from a 
history in field 
hockey, holding 
University of 
Michigan's first 




Flachs and tri -captains 
Emily Bergeron, KK 
Salmonsen and Kelly 
Sullivan led the team, which 
will graduate 14 seniors this 

t i Field Hockey 
Tradition: play- 
ing hard and 
having a good 
time. J 5 

the Pan- 
t h e r 

Hockey net this season as start- 
ing goalie. She came up with cru- 
cial saves that led to the team's 
big wins over their long-time ri- 
val, Salem. 

Senior captain, KK Salmonsen 
takes control of the ball during 
the last home game of the sea- 
son against Danvers. KK led 
the Panthers as the team's only 
Conference All-star. 

Coach Flachs and Tri-Captains 
Emily Bergeron, Kelly 
Sullivan, and K.K. Salmonsen 

Front: Cassie Cheney, Katie Seaman, Kelly Sullivan, Emily Bergeron, K.K. Salmonsen, Linasey 
Keira Gaudette Middle: Jen Ballou, Meghan Home, Noelle Kleemola, Meaghan Freeman, 
Laura Parisella, Ashleigh Karp, Amanda Tetreault Back: Coach Julie Flachs, Emily Dennesen, 
Juliane Carrozza, Vanessa Hill, Alicia Holman, Kayla Lefavour, Roz Murphy, Emily Traicoff, 
Erin lladley, Danielle Cotter, Samantha Sullivan 


Take' Em 

This year the 
team was lead 
by Captain Nate 
Boynton. The 
season started 
off shaky with 
the first three 
games, but as 
the season 
progressed they 
improved, ending 
with a 4-7 

£ £ The Panthers ended 
the season victori- 
ously by beating 
Salem in the 
Thanksgiving Day 
Game. J J 

*» & *!: »*• 


And there he is, Armando Cuko and the million 
dollar kick that has earned Beverly countless 
field goals over the year. 

Varsity Football 

It took a while but the team 
finally pulled it together 
giving impressive 
preformances when 
defeating Saugus 24-14 and 
triumphing over Lynn 
Classical with the same 

the season 
we have 
by Senior 
Dan Abate, 
Junior Nick 
Pat Bailey 

But the person that caught 
everyone's eye the most was 
the star kicker, Armando Cuko. 

What time is it? GAME TIME! Captain Nate Boyton and Coach Bauer 

Back: Marshal Pelletier, Nick Tanzella, Nick Traicoff, Matt Provencher, Craig Dewitt, Kevin Thomansson, 
Jim Cross, Mike Wronski, John Pappas, Nick Doig, Parker Shea, Matt Rollins, Matt McAniff, Jay Michael 
Nardella, J.P Kehoe, Nathan Verry, Ryan Hegarty Middle: Pat Bailey, Dave Mock, Sean Curtis, Joe Ryan, 
Justin Fisher, Sean Hutchinson, Brian Michaud, Scott willard, Ben Lawler, Steve Hutchinson, Steve 
Hawkins, Sean Lloyd, Rob McGinnity, Chris Austin, Aaron Costain Front: Jay Norton, Mike 
Andruszkeiwicz, Dan Abate, Armand Cuko Martin Gomez, Capt. Nate Boynton, Steve O'Brian, Justin 
Nigrotti, Travis Anderson, Doug Campbell, Chris Kruczynski, DJ Johnson, Andy Hobin, Nick Abraham 


Us Them 

































Varsity Football Cheerleading 

Reach For The Sky 

£ £ B-E-V-E-R-L-Y! 

Beverly High! y 5 

"Mash potatoes and ROCK THE MULLETS Girls' 

Back: EmilyMcCauliff, Stephanie 
Rodilico, Kelly Rafeal, Jacqueline 
Miller Front: Rachel Turne^Gina 
Geary, Kristen Archibald, Kate 
Cancelleri, Jessica Rando 

To the Right: The team slides to 
the middle of the football field into 
the mud, after the Thanksgiving 
Day win over Salem. 


Captains: Emily McAuliffe, Stephanie Rodolico, 
Kristen Archibald, Kathryn Cancellieri 



he Girls say that no one can replace the many seniors 
lat will be leaving, but they hope to make them proud 
/hen they return as alums. 


there is no 
[" in team, 
"he girls 
>ick just 

me outstanding atheletebecasue 
to them, they are all outstanding. 
They set goals as a team and 
achieve them as a team. Although 
our music may sometimes get 
messed up (no names), we s 
manage to do GRE 

Back: Jayne Spiridigliozzi, Haley Fortato, Ali Avallon, Meghan O'Reilly, Corrina Hairston, Tayla 
Shairs, Stephanie Quartarone, Bridgette Pugliesse, Sarah Rodolico, Brittany Pirrotta, Stacy Cook 
Middle: Kelly Rafeal, Rachel Turner, Gina Geary, Jacqueline Miller, Jessica Rando 
Front: Captains Emily McAuliffe, Stephanie Rodolico, Kristen Archibald, Kathryn Cancellieri 




The play of 
seniors Joel 
Filadoro, Mike 
Klemis, Matt 
Tormey, and 
Brendan Fuller- 
ton was a huge 
part of the team 
and will be 
missed next 

varsity go! 

Miss it, Noonan! 
Miss it! 
Miss it! 

Captains Brendan Fullerton and 
Joel Filadoro worked well with 
coaches Tommy Smith and 
William Ferman. 

Above: The four Panther seniors 
all had a strong last season. 
Below: Senior Joel Filadoro had a 
strong year himself, going 7-2. 

^ This year's Panther team 
Jfl saw a lot of young talent anO< 
jM. looks promising in the years I 
to come. 

Matt Tormey 
has been a 
member of 
the squad for 
all four years 
of his high 

Mike Klemis has made a solid 
impact in each of his four 
seasons on the team. 


3rendan Fullerton had an immacu- 
ate senior year qualifying for the 
states and finishing second in the 


Players like Bryan Sakamoto will 
be put in the leadership role next 

ear guiding the team through 

he season. 

Back: Coach Ferman, Corey Williams, Eric Allison, Christopher Poor, Nick Jacobs, Jake Konaxis, 
Tyler Lapointe, Kevin Hayes, Brian Ware, Ryan Hannibal, Jordan Luangrath, Dereck Vonzweck 
Front: Coach Smith, Matt Tormey, Mike Klemis, Joel Filadoro, Brendan Fullerton, Brian Sakamoto, 
Patrick Sullivan, Robert Larson 



Saugus 32 
Swampscott 42 













1 23 


he Beverly High Girls Track Team went 
into the season with one expectation - to 
continue the legacy of being a major 
competitor for the North East Conference 
title. They knew that it would come down 
to one meet, Beverly verses Marblehead, 
and they trained all season for it. 
[Unfortunately the meet wasn't as 
close as they had hoped, with the 
Panthers falling 51-36 to the 
The Panthers moved on 
to finish the 
season with a respec- 
table 8-1 record, 
coming in second in 
the conference. With 
an extremely talented 

unior class, the Beverly High Girls 
Track Team has big plans 
for next year, as well. They 
will be as solid as this year 
competing for the NEC title 
once again. 

Front: Steph Robinson, Tiffany Drinkwater, Sarah Thomas, Kim 
Callahan, Katie Clay, Julie Rynkowski, Emily Bergeron, Lindsey 
Estes. Middle: Lauren Bolger, Brenna McNiff, Juliane Carrozza, 
Christina Davis, Ciara Camire, Becky Manganaro, Amanda Nichols, 
Megan Ouellet, Elizabeth Boyle, Jaqui Norton, Leila Huygens Top: 
Coach Jellerson, Allie Theriault, Katie Page, Jillian Wionsek, Emily 
Traicoff, Katie Crowly, Alyssa Accamando, Sunnie King, Amanda 
Close, Nibal Awad, Hannah Forman, Kara Murphy, Debbie 
Greenberg, Jen Pino, Ashley DiPaolo, Vanessa Hill, Katherine Morse 


Coach David Jellerson 
with his co-captains Kim 
Callahan and Katie Clay. 


Juniors Megan Oullet and 
Jackie Norton 

Opp. Name Bev.Opp. 

Seniors: Steph Robinson, 
Tiffany Drinkwater, Sarah 
Thomas, Kim Callahan, 
Katie Clay, Julie Rynkowski, 
Emily Bergeron, Lindsey Estes. 

"We have had a 
successful season. 
The young ladies 
continue to work 
hard. The seniors 
have lived up to my 
expectations and 
provide a strong 
sense of leadership.' 

o say the least, the Beverly 
High Winter Boys Track team 
surpassed their preseason 
expectations. Nobody expected 
them to pose a challenge, 
nevermind be a possible con- 
tender in the battle for the 
North East 
Conference title. 

However, with 
an impressive 
win over 
Marblehead, the 
boys were look- 
ing for the title. Unfortunately 
they suffered a dissapointing 
loss to Gloucester, finishing 
Panthers 27, Fishermen 59. The 
season came to a close with a 
heart breaking 
loss to Salem. 

Front Row (left to right): Justin Negrotti, Jason Comeau, Bill 
Raymond, Jeremy Sharp, J. P. Wioncek, Clayton Pudvah, Travis 
Anderson, Ben Brown, Matthew Woolaver, Nate Boynton. Second 
Row: Anthony DiPaolo, Brian Michaud, Michael Sullivan, Brent 
Read, Nicholas Abraham, Todd Norton, Kevin Concannon. Back 
Row: Coach Nelson Desilvestre, Andrew McCord, Kevin Thomason, 
Dylan Kintish, Thomas Mahoney, Daniel Kilham, Douglas Tibbets, 
Mike Mirra, Brenden Norris, Zack Levine, Jeff Varney, Jason 
Kruczynski, Tyler Bissle, Bradley Olson, Wesley Harrison. Missing : 
Matt McAniff, Lee Gaudette, Sean Deedy, Ben Chapman, and Alex 

Senior J. P. Wioncek 
racing to the finish line ir 
the 1000 meter run 
against Gloucester. 


Seniors, back: Justin Negrotti, Bill Raymond, Jason 
Comeau, Travis Anderson, Nate Boynton, Ben Brown, 
Matthew Woolaver. Front: Captains Jeremy Sharp, J. P. 
Wioncek, and Clayton Pudvah. 

Senior Matt Woolaver clears 5'8" 
in the high jump. 

CC. a very 
season. The 
team is a tight 
unit, which 
has helped us 
achieve our 
success, j j 

he Beverly Girls Basketball team had an 
eventful and fun season. Although they 
finished with a 8-12 final record, they 
suprised many teams in the North Eastern 
Conference. The girls always played with 
their hearts and never gave up. They were 
strongly led by their three seniors:K.K 
H Salmonsen, Kelly Sullivan, 
and Katlyn Breton 
out the season. 
The higlight 
of their season 
was the last 
game vs. Danvers in which 
them a huge 
• upset loss. 

This season was memorable 
X' and there is much hope for 
: next year. 

Junior Jen Sciamanna 
handles the ball during the 
Winthrop game. Fellow 
Junior Kathryn Palm 
shows her speed in the 

Front Row: Jen Sciamanna, Kathryn Palm, Kelly Sullivan, Katlyn 
Breton, KK Salmonsen, Kelly McGovern 

Back Row: Coach Scott Shairs, Shaina Manuel, Catie Cullen, Charlotte 
Kelly, Nicole Nardella, Brittany Batchelder, Coach Matt Smith. 

Senior Captains Kelly 
Sullivan and Katlyn 
Breton pictured here with 
Coach Smith. 

The starting jump by 
Katlyn Breton, with KK 
Salmonsen, Brittany 
Batchelder, and Jen 
Sciamanna looking on. 

The three seniors, Katlyn Breton, 
Kelly Sullivan, and K.K 
Salmonsen were key assets to 
the team and will be missed 
greatly next year. 

Coach Smith gets through to the 
team during a time out. 














O 1 

L. Classical 




Swampscott 39 





































^ ^We're not 

ladies. J J 






This season the Beverly Panthers were led by first- 
year coach Scott Lewis and Team Captains Martin 
Gomez and Brian Tobin, as well as fellow seniors 
Matthew Fellows, Michael Sydorko, Adam Kent, 
and Jacob Cowan. 

The Panthers began their sea- 
son with a 25 point come-from- 
behind victory over Maiden 
Catholic. Unfortunately, this 
was the highlight of the 
Panthers' season. 

Next, the 
Panthers rolled into conference 
play, where they planned to 
have great success. Unfortu- 
nately, Beverly failed in its goal 
of reaching .500 in their region. 

In the North Shore Invitational, 
Beverly still had a chance to win 
its way into the State Tourna- 
ment; however, the season 
ended without making the play- 
offs. Still, with a 8-11 record 
things are looking up for 2005- 

Front: Jake Cowan, Mike Sydorko, Martin Gomez, Brian Tobin, Matt 
Fellows, Adam Kent Back Row: Coach Scott Lewis, Furcy Ferreras, 
Matt McDonald, Bobby Heil, Scott Maselbas, Seth Stantial, Ryan 
Smith, Dan Divincenzo, Greiven Lehmanl 

Junior Dan Divincenzo 
inbounds the ball to a 
Beverly teammate. 


Senior Captain Brian Tobin 
sends up a hook shot. 

Coach Scott Lewis along with 
captians Martin Gomez and 
Brian Tobin carried the Panthers 
throughout the season. 

Seniors Michael Sydorko (left) 
and Adam Kent (above) showed 
great heart and determination for 
the Panthers. 







Dan vers 










Swampscott 65 


Lynn English81 
































Like every other team, the season started 
out rough for the Basketball cheerlead- 
ers. They competed four times before their 
NEC competition and won many second 
place titles, but as the girls will say, "Num- 
ber 2 won't do!" 

St. Mary's 


The squad pulled it to- 
gether and regained the 
NEC title, later competing 
in the Regional competi- 
tion, moved to states, and 
recieved a bid to nationals! 

They followed their coach's ad- 
vice and decided to "GO FOR 

Front: Kaitlyn Knowlton, Jessica Rando, Stephanie Rodolico, Emily 
McAuliffe, Middle: Corrina Hairston, Brittany Pirotta, Jackie Miller, 
Gina Geary, Kristen Archibald, Meaghan Freeman, Erica Novack, 
Emily Dennesen, Meghan O'Reilly, Back: Cayla Micelli, Anna Mauer, 
Jhenna Louis, Sarah Rodolico, Amy Gelineau, Bridgette Pugliese, 
Meghan O'Brien, Marcella Eramo, Brittany Johnson 

Senior captain: Jessica » 
Rando has been cheerin" 
for Varsity Basketball 
since freshman year. 


At the many competitions the 
girls attended, the pyramids 
were the main attraction. The 
girls practice three hours every 
day working to perfect their two 
minutes and fifty-four second 
routine. Though most people 
think that winning is just 
because of the talent and hard 
hours of practice every day, the 
girls could not have been this 
successful without Coach Marge 
Robertson, and her daughter 
Colleen Robertson. 

Banquet Awards: 
Coaches Awards- Jessica Rando 
Meaghan Freeman 
Most Improved- 

Jhenna Lewis 
Best All Around- 

Steph Rodolico 
Overall Excellence- 
Meghan O' Brian 
Most Valuble Cheerleader- 

Kristen Archibald 
Cheerleader of the year - 

Kristen Archibald 

SENIORS:Back: Jackie Miller, 
Gina Geary, Kristen Archibald, 
Meaghan Freeman, Erica 

Front: Kaitlyn Knowlton, Jessica 
Rando, Stephanie Rodolico, 
Emily McAuliffe 

When you 
get out on 
that floor, you 
have to turn 
it on, and I 
mean TURN 
IT ON. You 
have to be 
FACE and 
sell this rou- 


Coach Marge Robertson 



he Beverly High School Gymnastics team 
I had a very successful season in 2005. For- 
merly known as one of the best teams in 
the Conference, the girls had a large repu- 
tation to live up to. The girls bonded as a 
team despite whether each meet ended in 
victory or not. 

Led by captains Kelly 
Channell, Megan Nylund, 
and Ashley McGilloway, 

the team was not able to win 
the Conference, but they had 
a very memorable year. 

Freshman, Stephanie 
Negrotti qualified for 
floor and vault at the 
State meet, and placed 
4th on vault. She was a 
great asset to the team. 

Front: Cara Birner, Jayna Shea, Jaclyn Serino Second: 
Megan Nylund, Katie Hurley, Danielle Phelan, 
Stephanie Negrotti, Jen Banks, Becca Haile Third: Julie 
Sciamanna, Danielle Proudman, Allison Chaisson, Kim 
Reinold, Amanda Gallagher, Jamie Heckman Back: 
Coach Vivian Mattei, Katy Cancelleri, Kelly Channell, 
Ashley McGilloway, Jessica Forsberg, Heather Shaw, 
Julieanne Perron, Rosalind Murphy 

Above: this team 
loved to have fun. To 
the left they are seen 
at Nicks Roast Beef, 
where they 

tradtionally went after 
each meet. Below they 
are at McDonald's 
after a victory against 

Above: Graduating seniors of 
2005. Heather Shaw, Katy 
Cancelled, Ashley McGilloway, 
and Megan Nylund (Clockwise 
from Heather) 


Gloucester 129.825 
N. Andover 133.0 
Winthrop 127.4 
Marblehead 129.75 
Masco 125.95 
Danvers 133.8 
Ham/Wen 133.275 
Salem 129.3 
B. Fenwick 

Record: 4-4 




Counts f" 

The Beverly High School 2004- 
2005 gymnastics 
captains(above)were Ashley 
McGilloway, Kelly Channell, and 
Megan Nylund. They were lead 
by coach Vivian Mattai. 

he BHS Swim team wrapped up the season 
with another success story taking their 
second consecutive NEC title for being 
undefeated in the dual meet season. With 
pecial thanks to coach Brian Cameron, 
NEC coach of the year, they defeated this 
year's rival team, 
Marblehead, 105-80 and 
placed second overall. 
The boys placed third at 
the NEC Conference 
meet, and the girls won 

Championship meet. 
With 9 All-Stars, 
12 high school records, a 
pool record, and the 


Sportsmanship Award, 
the team had an excel- 
lent season. Great job, 
£j team, and onward to 

1st Row: Alex Hurst, Brian Ranta, Andrew Walker, 
2nd row:Vanessa Athenas, David Theriault, Jen Ballou, 
Meghan Comeau, Dan Meyer, Mary Sarantopolous, 
Caroline McAvoy, Heather McAvoy, Ali Greenberg, 
Mary Concannon, Kristen Zarba, Julie Sharkey 3rd 
row: Chariissa Ways, Jackie Robichaud, Suzanne 
LaChance, Sam Eckman, Cody Mezzles, Christian 
Hurst, Kristen Pekoske, Katie Bushey, Matt Bocuzzi, 
Ali Anderson, Zach Chertok, Jackie Davidson, Libby 
Simpson, Coach Brian Cameron 4th Row: Ashlee 
Maestrangelo, Nicole Spiridigliozzi, Zack Decker, 
Nicole Acciavetti, Amanda Richards, Molly Curran, 
Liz Menesale, Catie Davison, Jen Raymond, Meghan 
Corcoran, Samantha Schulman 

Seniors: Andrew 
Walker, Alex Hurst, 
Brian Ranta, Meg 
Comeau, Jen Ballou, 
Ali Greenberg, and 
Caroline McAvoy 

/ Congratulations to 
1 Alex Hurst for 
■ breaking two pool 
* records in the 100 
fc meter backstroke. 

How good was the girls 
swim team at the Division 1 state 
meet? The Panthers had only 
one finish lower than fourth 
place in the entire meet. 

200 medley relay 

Beverly First 1:51.95 
200 freestyle 

Vanessa Athanas 10th 2:05.63 
200 individual medley 
Molly Curran First 2:13.27 
50 freestyle 

Jacyln Davidson Second 24.63 
100 Butterfly 

Kristen Zarba Second 1 :00.35 
Vanessa Athanas Fourth 1 :00.93 
500 freestyle 

Kristen Zarba Second 5:21 .30 
100 backstroke 
Jacyln Davidson Second 58.84 
100 breaststroke 
Mollly Curran First 1:08.34 
400 freestyle relay 
Beverly First 3:41.73 

Danvers 91 
Salem 87 
Classical 101 
Marblehead 1 05 
English 98 
Swampscott 99 



Captains (From left): Brian 
Ranta, Alex Hurst, and Andrew 

Coach: Brian Cameron 

Up the pool. 
Down the pool. 
Who do we 
think is really 



his year's Beverly High hockey team ex- 
ceeded everyone's expectations. They 
were led by a group of ten seniors, includ- 
ing Captains Brendan Fullerton, Ryan 
Shairs, and Jamie Cullen, as well as Joel 
Filadoro, John Checchi, Doug Campbell, 
John O'Hearn, Bryan Pierce, and Aisling 
; Mullen. 

, ^ # They finished the season 
jd% with a record of 14-4-1. 

Memorable wins during 
% . the season came at Salem 


with Beverly getting wins 
over division rivals 
Saugus, Danvers, and 
against Gloucester. 

One major aspect of the season 
was when Senior John O'Hearn 
stepped in to fill the void after 
starting goal tender Nick 
Lavasco went down with an 
illness. He did the job, and 
with the return of Lavasco, the 
team started to soar. 


Hockey is not cheap. J 
Success did not comeij 
from getting every- 
thing handed to the 

They earned their icee 
time and events 
through communtiy 
service and 
fundraising that was 
completed by the 
players themselves. 

Some of the ways 
they raised money 
was through raking 
senior citizens' 
lawns, cleaning the 
Senior Center, and 
lanscaping the 
perimeter of the high 

The coached stressed I 
to his players the 
importance of giving 
back to the commu- 
nity, becasue it was 
them who made it 
able for them to play. 

Back: Dennis Silvio, Doug Campbell, Chris Bushey, Alex Booches, 
Brian Pierce, Joel Filadoro, Jamie Cullen, Ryan Shairs, Brendan 
Fullerton, Blair Nickerson, John O'Hearn, Alex Baker, Andrew Dean, 
Mike Lamothe, Coach Gilligan, Coach LeBlanc, Coach Lampert, 
Coach Kinnaly, Coach Jones. Front: Aisling Mullen, 
Drew Johnson, Nick Jacobs, John Crowley, Jeff Baker, Nick Lavasco, 
Kyle Irving, John Checchi, Andrew Erickson, Jake Konaxis, Mike 
Cassola. Missing from photo: Ryan Paradis, Tom Berube 

The team's storybook 
season came to an end id 
the semi-finals of the 
Division 2 North tourna- i 
ment. After wins against! 
Tewksbury and Lincoln- 
Sudbury, the Panthers 
were stunned by division 
foe, Saugus. 

Beverly first-liners 
celebrate a goal 

Senior captain Ryan 
Shairs (22) fights 
through a Peabody 
defenseman in an 
attempt for a goal 

Bev Opp 
Gloucester 4 7 
Winthrop 2 
Marblehead 3 
Peabody 5 
B. Fenwick 6 
Saugus 3 
Lynn English 7 
Danvers 4 
Marblehead 4 
Gloucester 5 
Winthrop 4 
Saugus 4 
Swampscott 5 
Danvers 1 
Haverhill 3 
Peabody 3 




Coach Bob Gilligan nabbed 
Tier 1 Coach of the Year honors. 

No bologna, 
boys. Keep 
it simple. 
fancy. Just 
get the job 
done. j j 

Starting the season with a new group of girls, 
j it took a lot of work to become a team. With 
the strong efforts of the captians who success- 
fully choreographed the routine, the girls went 
to Invitationals, held in Peabody, which was 
some girls' first competition. 

After the first competition, 
where they came in 1st, they 
continued on to the NEC 
Competition. Against great 
competators, the girls placed 
3rd, taking them on to States. 

The 2-hour daily practices 
along with early Saturday 
mornings paid off in the end. 
The hockey cheerleaders and 
their supporters were pleased 
with their results. 

The boys had a great season, 
making it easy for the girls to 
cheer them on. To support 
the Hockey Team before each 
game, the girls had a blast 
dressing up in different 

Top Row: Gia Paniello, Nicole Zakardes, Krista Pelletier, Nicole 
Bissel, Alana Stickney, Amy Thomas, Migena Mustafa, Kristine 
Swartz, and Emily Bissel. Bottom Row: Kelly Simmons, Dominique 
Staffiere, Rachel Turner, Wendy Rathe, Stacey Cook, and Rachael 

Seniors: Kelly Simmons, 
Krista Pelletier, Rachel 
Turner, Wendy Rathe, Gia 

Juniors Dominique 
Staffiere and Nikki Bissel 
and Senior Rachel Turner 
cheer the Panthers on to a 
seasonal trouncing of 
State Champions, the 
Saugus Sachems, at the 
Salem State College ice 

Captains: Rachel Turner 
and Wendy Rathe. 

At the Hockey 
Cheerleaders ' 
first comptition, 
the Peabody 
the girls were 
pleased to take 

1st Place! 

We Do 
It, We 
Do It 
Twice! " 

Freshmen Teams 

Brett Battistelli, Juan Moran, Jonian Bego, 
Tom Mahoney, Andrew Bourque, Frank 
Lehman, Nathaniel Green, Daren Hiller, 
Eric Collins. 

Taylor Martin, Klenis Haxiaj, Alex Baker, 
and Llazar Cuko played both Freshman 
and Varsity Soccer during the season. 

Boy's Soccer 

Girl's Soccer 

Coach McCarthy, Nibal Awad, Mia 
Greenberg, Rachel Konaxis, Amanda 
Krugman, Makala Crowley, Ali Sambrook, 
Steph Negrotti, Ashlynn Crandell, Kelsey 
Klibansky, Lauren Richardson, Blythe 
Froggatt, Collette Fidrych, Jordan Mitchell, 
Katina Brings, Beth Cullen, Kristen Andrada, 
Becca Pizzello, Alex Vavladis, Kate Williams, 
Megan Flynn, Breana Desrosier, Meghan 
Kartstien, Alana Gauthier. 

Field Hockey 





JV Teams 

Andrew Dean, Alex Rubin-Johnson, 
Stefano Basso, Gention Bako, Keith Miller, 
Jeff Pomponi, Taylor Morton, Joel Kenney, 
Dan Ebersale, Kodie Mezzles, Dakota 
Hopper, Ben Kemmer, Jon Crean, Doug 
Tibbets, James Speicher, Klenis Haxhiaj. 

Bov's Soccer 

oy's Basketball 


There is no JV Football Team, per se. The 
juniors and sophomores who do not play 
in the varsity game on the weekend play 
JV on Mondays. The football team prac- 
tices together, and everyone dresses for the 
Varsity game. 

Dan Abate 


' l'isketball Cheering 








After three intense hours of practice, and hour-long bus ride, and plenty of anticipation, the Beverly High 
School Marching Band is called to attention under the bright lights of a very noisy football stadium. Counter 
off by Drum Majors, Jade Weston, Chanel Robinson, and Christina Davis, the show begins. This is no home 
game at Hurd Stadium; this is a judged band competition. 

These competitions put marching bands to the test across Massachusetts both in the MICCA and NESBA 1 
districts reguarding marching skill, music, visual effect, percussion, color guard, and general effect. The 
category of general effect grades based on the impact the show had on the audience. 

MICCA awards each category with one to five stars while NESBA, a more competitive show, is based on , 
score of one to one hundred and in each district, the bands are placed in divisions by size. 

So why do so many students at BHS work so hard for one marching season each year? Competing in a 
high school marching band requires mental and physical discipline, something every member of the band 
works hard to achieve over the course of the season. 

The over-all band was led by Mr. Ray Novack, drill was led by the notorious Frank Raffa, and the color 
guard was instructed by Lyn Pilanen and lead by captains Amy Marcucci, Lillian Barres, and Amy Kwiatek. 

Concert Band 

Following the conclusion of the Marching Band season is the much 
anticipated Concert Band. All those who participate in marching 
band are automatically enrolled in the concert band. Throughout the 
concert season the band performs in the Winter Concert, the All-City 
Concert, the Spring Concert as well as a annual competion during the 
spring music trip held this year in Toronto. The band is composed of 
a wide variety of students ranging from athletes to chorus members. 
The Concert Band, as well as many of the other musical groups at 
BHS, is led by "musical entrepreneur" Raymond Novack. The Con- 
cert Band always does their best to put on a fantastic show for their 
audiences and is a big hit here at BHS. 

Strine Ensemble 


Jazz Band is an exclusive, audition-only group that plays on a higher lever than the other 
musical groups. Some of the same instruments found in concert band are also found in the jazz 
] band as well as a few different instruments including the electric guitar, the electric, and 
sometimes stand-up bass, and the drum set. All these help to add that jazzy edge to the music. 
The jazz band, led by noneother than Mr. Ray Novack, puts on a fantastic show and can be 
seen at any of the the musical concerts. They will be sure to leave you breathless. 


Vocal Ensemble is an audition-only acapella 
singing group of about 40 members. It is led by 
Ms. Carolyn Pilanen. The vocal ensemble often 
receives invitations to perform at various break- 
fasts and other gatherings. The group also 
performs at school pep rallies. 

The week of November 30th, every member of the cast and crew for Beverly High School's fall 
production of the freshman-curriculum favorite Great Expectations experiences the agony and 
excitement of anticipation. They managed to steam through a week filled with grueling dress 
rehersals and pre-production anxiety. 

Come opening night, a talented cast of actors told the audience the story of the classic Dickens 
novel upon which the play is based, in practiced British accents no less! They gave a performance 
to remember! 


Drama Fest 

STAGE RIGHT presents original 
one-act play at competition 

'05 Tom Chalifour's The Dinner Party: A Detective Story 

This year at the Massachusetts Drama Festival, Beverly High School performed the original one- 
act play The Dinner Party: A Detective Story, written and directed by senior Thomas Chalifour. The play 
was a comedic spoof on old-fashioned Clue murder mysteries with an ensemble of twisted and quirky 

The cast included Steven Moffett ('07) as the indubitably stupid Detective Chesterton, Jade 
Weston ('05) as the fantastically sexy Miss Jessabelle Scarlet, Sasha Madore ('05) as the intelligent French 
kleptomaniac Claudette LaBouche, Rachel Brown ('08) as the dirty old McDuff, Antonio Hernandez ('06) 
as the suave butler Cheeves, Vanessa Valdez ('06) as the amputation-obsessed Dr. Nespot, Wil 
Kitchenmaster ('05) as the quicktempered Judge Perkins, Emily Walk ('07) as the loyal sidekick Sam, and 
Katie Donahue ('08) as the glamorous Gerty the Emu. Faith Martel ('05) was stage manager, as well as 
costume and set designer. Mrs. Elizabeth Schlein supervised, co-directed, helped develop accents, as well 
as lent out her living room for practice space. Crew included: Amy Marcucci ('05), Curran Justesen ('05), 
Alex Crawford ('06), and Kat Woodbury ('08). 

At the festival, Sasha Madore, Jade Weston, and Steven Moffet won awards for acting, and Faith 
Martel for stage management, as well as set and costume design. The above were initiated as members of 
the Massachusetts Drama Guild AH Star Company for their outstanding performances in the show. In 
addition to the Drama Festival, The Dinner Party: A Detective Story was also performed at the Night of One 
Act Plays at Beverly High School during Fine Arts Week. "Murder, intrigue, romance, foul play and large 
flightless land birds" 157 

BHS Literary Magazine 


"Evening of the Spoken Word" 

A orri c 

5ga» i — mtmmmm — 11 

Poetry! Prose! Art! Photographs! All of these can be found in the Aegis, Beverly High 
School's literary magazine. Ms. Lara Collins led group meetings weekly to prep our 
magazine. Submissions to Aegis could be made by any BHS student. Magazine editors 
include: Poetry editor Stef Brewer, prose editor Ted Quinlin, art editor Kate Lachance, 
Production editor Hannah Israelsohn, and main editor Laura Macomber. 

Japanese animation 
finds following at BHS 

Anime Club 

Henry Le, 

When Henry Le realized that 
there were no clubs or extracur- 
ricular activities at the high school 
that appealed to him, he took 
matters into his own hands. He and| 
a couple of his friends decided to 
start the Anime Club, which meets 
every Wednesday after school with 
Mr. Headley and Mr. Bamburger. 

Anime is a form of animation 
created by the Japanese that is a bit 
different from the cartoons we 
traditionally see here in the United 
States. The way that the characters 
are drawn and the unpredictability 
of the characters are things that 
generally attract people to anime. 

The characters are drawn particular to the Japanese comic market and have 
distinct style. 


Auto Club 

The Auto Club allows students who are interested to 
enjoy their love of cars. This year they went to the New 
England Auto Show in November and to the Ralph 
Lauren Collection at the MFA in the spring. They had 
already seen many of the cars in the exhibit at a private 
showing at Paul Russell Car Restorations in Essex last 

Best Buddies 

Best Buddies is a national 
program in which students be- 
friend peers who are intellec- 
tually disabled. The Beverly 
chapter was active this year; 
attending different events, 
"Finding Nemo on Ice," the 
Topsfield Fair, and a Celtics 
Game at the Fleet Center. The 
also went to see several movies 
together. They also made 
Christmas ornaments and did 
Valentines Day crafts. 

Getting her students to be 
an accepted part of the 
community is the goal of 
Jessica Buchman, who brought 
the program to BHS last year. 
Beverly High "has been very 
accepting and caring," accord- 
ing to Buchman. 

Yearbook goes digital 

Staff immersed in digital 
photos and Adobe PageMaker 

The Beverlega staff has worked hard to publish another great yearbook. This year we made more 
use of the technology available to us through the Josten's yearbook program. This technology en- 
abled us to design more exciting layouts and create more room for candids, which are always a 
favorite. Many non-staff people helped with this yearbook: the Journalism classes wrote copy; Mrs. 
Gougian answered computer questions; Mr. Tom Keeley from Josten's Publishing Company pro- 
vided invaluable support,; Gainsboro Studios took candid photos at special events; Mrs. Morris 
helped take yearbook orders. In addition to the yearbook staff, we grabbed countless other students 
the hall to pick identify people in photos or write copy. Thanks, everyone, and I hope you enjoy the 
yearbook. -Liza Coburn 



Students as Technology Leaders: 

"Healthy computers make 
happy students/' 


Jacob King and 
Matt Woodyard 
perform com- 
plex diagnostics 
on a teacher's 


Kyle Sweeney, Ben Wolf, Mike Sydorko, Kevin Walsh, Jake Mullarkey, 
Steve Morley, Sarah August, Bill Moynihan, and Joshua Gurney. Not 
pictured are Matt Woodyard, Jacob King, Steve Knight, Dylan Powell and 

Dan Goodhue. 

Ben Wolf and Steve Morley 
try out another hard drive. 

Six years ago, Maddy August started the SaTL Computer Maintenance Internship Program 
at Beverly High School. Since then over 70 students have honed their computer skills by 
updating, repairing and maintaining the 250+ old and new computers located throughout the 
building. As a result of their excellent skills, our computers survive long past their expected 
lifespan and save the Beverly taxpayers money. This program, open to all students with 
strong computer skills, is currently supervised by Pam Gougian. 


Computer Lab filled with 
Counterstrike enthusiasts 

The Computer Game Club is a low 
profile organization here at Beverly High. 
The club consists of 24 students who meet 
in G206 for two hours after school on 
Thursdays. Ben Russel founded the club 
three years ago. Now, Bill Moynihan and 
Matt Woodyard are in charge. 

Members of the Computer Club spend 
their time playing one game called 
"Counterstrike." The club is an alternative 
for students who are interested in promot- 
ing computer gaming interests that they 
would normally enjoy at home, but in a 
more social atmosphere. 


DECA-mazing! ! ! 

Eight qualify for national;' 

DECA is a national organization for all high school students enrolled in a 
marketing program. Students compete against other schools to qualify for 
the chance to make it to the final competition in Anaheim, CA. This year, 
eight of the 73 BHS students who went to the District Competition will be 
competing in the national competition at Anaheim. 

Mrs. Marescalchi 
and Ms. Sudak 
teach marketing 
classses that 
prepare students 
for the DECA 

Each night at the 
competitions, stu- 
dents enjoyed a 
DECA dance and 
open mic time. 
They also had 
plenty of free time 
to spend with each 

Many of the students who attend DECA are surprised at how 
much fun they end up having. Cara Chatellier, a senior who has 
qualified for the National Competation, said, "I wish I were a junior 
so that I would have the chance to do this again next year." Beverly 
High students feel very lucky to be a part of this program. 



Gay-Straight Alliance 

Ms. Michelle 
Burke, Advisor 

This year's GSA was very active in the GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning) 
community. They held bake sales and ice cream sales to fundraise money for various causes. 

In addition to discussing issues important to them, the GSA also had speakers from PFLAG (Parents and 
Friends of Lesbians and Gays) to talk to the student body about diversity and tolerance. 

The Day of Silence, which was held on April 13 and sponsored by GSA, was a huge success. Members 
handed out red ribbons to comemorate AIDSvictims and t-shirts to show participation in the day. 

Habitat for Humanity 

Habitat for Humanity is an international Chris- 
tian organiaztion that builds homes for the poor. 
Started in 1970, by Jimmy Carter, it has branched out 
into smaller organizations, such as the one here in the 
North Shore, which was established in 1985. 

To help low-income families, Habitat for Human- 
ity uses volunteer labor and donated materials that 
allow them to renovate old houses and build new 
homes, which are sold to families at cost and without 

Beverly High School helps with the organization, 
as well. It was founded by the '04 Eva Gougian and 
is currently led by a board of directors. Sara Brainard 
and Keira Gaudette are the presidents of the Habitat 
for Humanity Clubt his year. 

The 35 members of the club help paint the houses, 
and those who are eighteen and older help with the 

Their next project is restoring an old colonial 
house in Salem. Each project usually takes about a 
year to complete. 

Sara Brainard says, "It is a great expirience be- 
cause we can help out under privileged people." 

Bringin' Flava to BHS 

Sophomores Zimmerman and Green 
give dancers an outlet at BHS 

Hip Hop Club 

Anyone staying after school on a 
Monday or Tuesday who happens to 
pass the cafeteria will hear the music 
from the newly founded Hip-Hop Club. 

The club usually consists of about 20 
members. The success is due to two very 
enthusiastic students, Ashley Zimmer- 
man and Terrell Green, as well as Ms. 
Padovani, who oversees and helps to 
organize the students. 

Anyone with a passion for or a curios- 
ity about dance does not have to shy 
away from joining because of the club's 
structured, diverse individual groups. 

The different groups focus on ability, 
beginner through advanced, as well as 
interests in different forms of hip-hop. 

Though hip-hop is not seen as a major 
activity among many young students, 
hopefully, because of Green and 
Zimmerman's passion for the dance, 

other students can see the work that goes into the dance and join up | 
next year. 

Hip Hop Club is one of several new clubs that have formed at BH: 
this year, and it is one of the most active clubs available for students 
join. Maybe a competetive Hip Hop Team is on the horizon . . . 

Volunteer Community Service or- 
ganization aids both Beverly High 
and surrounding community 

Key Club 

This year the Key Club 
members have helped in 
such activities as a 
Halloween Haunted 
House, Candy Cane hunt 
and Dr. Seuss breakfast, as 
well as aiding the 
American Red Cross and 
Disaster Relief for victims 
of the tsunami and 

The officers of the Key 
Club, which was advised 
by Mrs. Cohen, included: 
Michael Andruszkiewicz, 
Lear Brace, 
Jen Ballou, 
Kate LaChance, 
Kristen Archibald, and 
Ashtar Boulos. 



Mrs. Hurst returns as 
new Librarian 

Budget constraints lead 
to lacK of funding, 
student fees 

Teachers Contract 
still a deadlock 

National Art Honor 
Society comes to 
Beverly High 

Habitat Jor "Human- 
ity h(zats up 

Eclectic new electives add 
depth to science, culinary, 
wellness, business 

Parking fees tax students 

Golf and Cross-Country: 
The forgotten sports 

Powderpuff prevails: 
Beverly senior girls 
topple Salem's squad, 

Large Thanksgiving 
crowd as HeverCy 
overpowered Salem, 

Hockey seeks NEC crown 


' BHS students 
support Tsunami 

Hall monitors a drain on 
much-needed money 

J)xamafett play., wlltten 
6g fienio* (Jom 
&uUlfoWc, xeac/g fol 

The Ledger 

Editor tnChlttf 

Htm and Feature! Editor 

Art* find Errtertakitrirrrt Editor 


Vnmpoiirl Editor 

AmE SoorU Editor 

The Beverly Citizen is pleased to 
work with our journalism partners 

at Beverly High School in 
providing you with this issue of 
The Beverly Ledger. 

197 Cabot Street' Beverly, Ma 01915 


Model United Nations is a club for students who are interested in world issues. 
Members participate in several weekend conferences per year, where they assume the 
role of delegates to the UN from its many member nations. Students simulate actual, as 
well as futuristic, UN committees where, through debate and the sharing of ideas, they 
resolve problems and shape a better world. 

Teacher Advisor, 
Mrs Ronan 


Math Team 

"Languages may vary, 
but numbers are universal 

Advisor Mr. Clement 

With an influx of members this year, the BHS Math Team had a great 
season packed with pencils and pizza. Devoted to an extra curricular 
activity of the mind, the Math Team, lead by advisors Mrs. Dube and Mr. 
Clement and captains Caroline Mahoney and Zack Decker, had a fun 
season of challenging their minds with math abilities beyond those of 
average arithmetic. 

Captain Zach Decker 

Science League 

BHS team consistently 
excels in competition 

Lands in Top 10 for the first time 
since the last millineum 


Advisor Ms. Phillips 
coaches the team on differ- 
ent approaches to the situa- 
tion at hand. 

The BHS Science team gets to think of ways to send Pringle chips 
in the mail, fling tennis balls 50 feet in the air, and make cars that 
run only on mousetraps, while competing at a conference of over 
thirty schools. 

With the leadership of Captain Dmitri Boulanov and advice from 
the brilliant Ms. Phillips, the team has done the best in the four 
years of its existence by placing among the top 10 every meet. This 
April, the team hopes to snag their deserved prize - a top three 
trophy and bring back the recognition that the school deserves. 

Dmitri Boulanov, 
captain for the 
first time, has led 
the team through 
one of its most 
seasons in the 
history of BHS 
Science League. 

National Honor Society 

Last year the new members of the Beverly High School 
branch of the National Honor Society were selected and 
inducted with David Briand being elected as President, 
Emily Bergeron as Vice President, Sarah Kemmer as Secre- 
tary and Katie Clay as Treasurer for the 2004-2005 school 
year. They kicked off the new year with a car wash. All of 
the money raised was given to a family in Beverly which 
had lost their house to a fire earlier in the fall. The event 
was a success, thanks to the support of the entire commu- 
nity. NHS also gave back to the community by hosting 
their annual Blood Drive with the Red Cross in 

In February, NHS sold candy grams to the BHS student 
body. This fundraiser was extremely successful, as well, 
selling around 750 candy grams for $1 each and resulting 
in a school-wide sugar high. 

NHS held other fundraisers, such as ice cream sales, 
throughout the year, as well as continuing their tutoring 
service. Now it's off to college. 

Jenna Alexander, 
Mike Andruszkiewicz 
Stephanie Annis 
Jennifer Ballou 
Emily Berger 
Emily Bergeron 
Timothy Blodgett 
Ashtar Boulos 
Christopher Bouton 
Lear Brace 
Sarah Brainard 
Katlyn Breton 
Krishna Breton 
Stefanie Brewer 
David Briand 
Katie Clay 
Kimberly Callahan 
Jason Comeau 
Meghan Comeau 
Samantha Crescitelli 
Janna Dwyer 
Paul Elicker 
Benjamin Engle 
Kiera Gaudette 
Alex Jewell 
Ashleigh Karp 
Wiliam Karvouniaris 
Molly Kelley 
Sarah Kemmer 
Chris Kruczynski 
Amy Kwiatek 
Katharine LaChance 
Caroline Larson 
Laura Macomber 
Jaimie Mailander 
Emily McAuliffe 
Caroline McAvoy 
Leighanne Munroe 
Erica Novak 
Clayton Pudvah 
Theodore Quinlan 
Wendy Rathe 
Kirsten Salmonsen 
Jessica Silvio 
Alex Simoes 
Tara Swartz 
Michael Sydorko 
Amanda Tetrault 
Brenda Tracchia 
Andrew Walker 
Jade Weston 


Peer Education 

'It takes two to speak the truth - one to 
speak and another to hear" 
-Henry David Thoreau 

Ms. Donna Hart, 
advisor, recruits 
guest speakers to 
address current 
high school 
issues chosen by 
the peer educa- 

Peer educators are students who want to make a difference by taking control of 
their lives and helping others to do the same. They are volunteers who care about 
social issues that affect their peers and their community. Any student who is 
interested in learning and helping others (and themselves) can be a peer educator. 

Every year, peer educators choose the topics that interest them. Some current 
topics are driking and driving, violence prevention, AIDS, smoking, anti-vandal- 
ism, eating disorders, and depression. 

In the fall, the club organizes the great American Smokeout, and in the spring near 
prom time, they sponsor the Mock Car Crash. Current memebrs are Steph Annis, 
Caroline Larson, Cara Chatellier, Merissa Parisi, Ashley Charlton, and Leighanne 

Mediation is a process in which people involved in a conflict seek 
help from a mediator. A mediator is someone who is not involved 
in the dispute and has been trained to help the parties come to an 

Front: Kate Amiro, Caroline McAvoy, Emily Laverdiere, Janelle Stokes, Mrs. Hart, Advisor. 
Back: Steve Moffett, Molly Kelley, Sam Crescitelli, Dave Briand, Alana O'Grady, Christian 
Hurst. Not pictured: Laura Macomber, Brenna McNiff, Krica Murray, Justin Negrotti, 
Jeremy Sharp, Matt Tracy, Stephanie Annis, Sarah Kemmer. 

Mrs. Hart runs the 
program with the 
help of Mr. Bisceglia, 
Mrs. Cohen, Mr. 
Farrar, Mrs. Grasso, 
Mrs. Kersker, Mrs. 
McDougall, Mrs. 
O'Malley, Mr. 
Sullivan, Ms. Taylor, 
and Mr. Tobin. 


Marine Corps Junior 
Reserve Officer Training Corps 

Led by Major Flores, the ROTC has had 92 
cadets throughout the course of the 2004-2005 
school year. 

The ROTC is a very strict program, with 
students who get into trouble outside of school 
or in trouble academically being kicked out of 
the program. 

Good cadets are rewarded by having experi- 
ences of a lifetime . They have been color guards 
at Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox games 
and participated in Veteran's Day and Memo- 
rial Day celebrations. They take field trips 
throughout the year, including a trip to Battle- 
ship Cove in southern Massachusetts and Civil 
war forts in Kittery, Maine. 

The ROTC has also sponsored fundraisers for 
needy families in the area, and sponsered close 
to 150 children with the Toys for Tots program. 

Major Flores 
supervises the 
Beverly MJROTC 
from their office 
and space in the 
Patten Wing. 

During a normal week , the 
ROTCfollows a regular 
schedule. Mondays and 
Tuesdays are usually academic 
days; the ROTC offers a 
tutoring program for cadets. 
On Wednesdays they have 
uniform inspections; all must 
wear their Marine uniforms to 
school that day. Thursdays are 
drill days, and Fridays are 
focused on physical fitness. 
The ROTC has a large room in 
Patten Wing for drilling. 


Table Tennis 

Ping-Pong takes BHS by storm 

Sophmores Marquart and Bailey follow 
the footsteps of '05ers Briand and Simoes 
in the alternative sports spectrum 

Table tennis 

members set up 

their rules and 



Let the games 


Ping-Pong has taken BHS by storm this year. The idea that was spurred by Matt Marquart and 
Pat Bailey as freshmen, became a reality during this past winter. What started as a small club with 
one donated table has two more full functioning tables. These tables adequately handle the club's 
twenty-some members who play anytime after school until five o'clock. 

The club offers a competitive, fun atmosphere and is becoming very popular with the student 
body. Marquart is confident that the club's ultimate goal of becoming a BHS sport will be realized. 
Whatever happens, you can be sure that Ping-Pong is here to stay at BHS. 

World of 

! II : 1 ! in' \i 

The World of Difference is an organization that deals with such controversial social issues as 
racism, prejudice, sexism, and more. The group is made up of students who have been recommended 
by staff; they receive extensive training in helping their peers come together and put aside our 

This club goes into the classroom and helps teach others not to discriminate against race, sexual 
orientation, age, and gender. Mrs. Donna Hart, the advisor of Peer Mediation and Peer Education is 
also the advisor of World of Difference. 


Ice Princesses! 


Member include: 
Alana Birner, Jessica 
Ewing, Jess Forcier, 
and Allison Tobin. 

Fans were introduced to 
the program when 
Jessica Ewing performed 
her routine between 
periods at a Beverly 
High hockey game. 


Mr. Kelleher is 
the Student 
Senate advisor. 

The Student Senate is composed of five elected students from each grade. 
They sponsor outside speakers, such as State Representative Mary Grant, who 
come to BHS to speak to students about governmental policy and topics of interes 
to the students. This year the BHS Senate focused its efforts on doing something 
about student fees for parking and athletics. The seniors on the Student Senate 
are: Chris Bouton, Ted Quinlin, Laura Macomber and Paul Elicker. 


Cleanup Club 

Clean Up. Clean up. 
Everybody everywhere. 

Club Founder and 
Wendy Rathe 

The Community Cleanup Club was established in the fall of 2004 by club president Wendy 
Rathe. It was established to serve community schools, parks, and other places in need of 
improvement. During the first semester the club assisted Mr. Fred Hopps in the improvement 
of the Solar Now field of solar panels. The panels were overrun with weeds, trees, and debris, 
and the Cleanup Club was proud to help with the removal of the brush in the hope that that the 
Solar Now field will become a public park that all the citizens of Beverly can enjoy. The club looks 
foreward to continuing to serve the community in the future. 

Sports Announcing 

Throughout the 
winter season, this 
group of students 
went to most of the 
BHS basketball and 
hockey games to tape, 
comment, and broad- 
cast the games for 
Channel 22. 

These four young 
men showed dedica- 
tion and hardwork by 
making it to as many 
games as possible for 
both basketball and hockey. Josh Melanson did the play-by-play commentary, while 
Michael Adruskizwicz and Matthew Fellows were color commentators, and Dave 
O'Brien taped the games for airing on Beverly's Educational Channel. Josh also ran 
camera for taping BHS football games. 

All those involved would like to thank Mr. Dunn for allowing them to use his 
equipment and for his assistance. 

Mr. Dunn, 


Dr. James Hayes, Dr. Marie Galinski, 

Superintendent Assistant Superintendent 

Beverly School Commitee 

Mayor Bill Scanlon, Member Ex Officio 
Karen Saxton - Ward 1 
Michele Gordon - Ward 2 
Michael Tallo, Vice President - Ward 3 

Nancy Brusil - Ward 4 
Annemarie Cesa, Secretary - Ward 5 
Judith Cronin, President - Ward 6 
Student Appointment to School Committee: 

Bill Raymond 




Mr. Robert Bisceliga Mrs. Sally Varney 

Mr. Matthew Poska Mrs. Kathy Mosco 





Mrs. Belleau 
Ms. Burke 
Ms. Ferrara 
Mrs. Gorman 
Ms. Grasso 
Ms. Loosian 

Ms. Seal 
Mr. Tobin 

(and Mr. Leahy) 
Mrs. Searles, 


Ms. Boccuzzi 
Ms. Buccella 
Ms. Chavez 
Ms. Chernyak 
Ms. Comiskey 
Mrs. Curley 

Mr. Guy 

Mr. Hernandez 

Mrs. McDougall 

Mrs. Rodolico- 


Ms. Sanford 

Mr. Santa Maria 


Ms. Holtz 
Mr. Dorton 
Ms. Faustino 
Mr. DeAngelo 



Mrs. Cohen 
Mrs. Desmond- 
Mr. Dunn* 
Mr. Flanders 
Ms. Guarrasi 
Ms. Hart 

Mr. Jefferies 
Mr. LaPenna 
Ms. Lincoln 
Mrs. Lindquist 
Ms. McCafferty 
Mrs. Richardson 

Mr. Riordan 
Ms. Taylor 
Ms. Walker 



Mr. Brechko 
Mr. Eastman 

Mr. Farrar 
Ms. Hoeffner 
Mr. Kelleher 

Mr. Leahy 

Mrs. Nottingham 
Ms. Ronan 
Mr. Swingler 
Mrs. Virden 
Mr. Witwicki 



of the Year 




'Those who do not 
remember the past are 
condemned to repeat it. 

-George Santayana 




Mr. Bisceglia 
Mrs. Ciano 
Ms. Clark 
Mrs. Digenova 
Mrs. Dube 
Mr. Gibbs 

Mr. Gilson 
Mr. Hardigan 
Ms. Howard 
Mrs. Lebzelter 
Mrs. MacDonald 
Ms. McCarthy 

Mr. Novello 
Mrs. Pratt 
Mr. Roy 
Mr. Wysocki 


Ms. Bernazzani 
Mrs. Brewster 
Mr. Christiansen 
Mr. Corson 
Ms. Dupray 
Mrs. Epie 

Mr. Grimes 
Ms. Phillips 
Dr. Polan 
Mr. Prodanas 
Ms. Scanlon 
Mrs. Schalch 

Mr. Clement, 
Department Head 



Ms. Buchman 
Mrs. Cormier 
Ms. Dawson 
Ms. Hanner 
Mrs. Harris 
Mrs. Hewett 

Mr. Latusky 
Mr. MacDougall 
Ms. Pablo 
Mr. Smith 
Mr. Sullivan 

Mr. Thomas 
Mrs. Thompson 
Mr. Babineau 
Mrs. Collins 
Ms. Corbett 
Mrs. Gallant- 

Mr. Donovan 
Mrs. Duchamre 
Mrs. Kaylor 
Mrs. McKenna 
Mrs. O'Malley 
Mrs. Sydorko 

Mrs. Tuttle 
Ms. Farwell 
Mrs. MacKinnon 
Ms. Manzi 
Ms. McGahey 

Ms. Kargir 

Speech Therapist 



Mrs. Flaherty Mr. Hutton Mr. Longley Ms. McHenry Ms. Padovani Mrs. Porcaro Ms. Flachs 


Mrs. Billings Mrs. Borsetti Ms. Graczyk Mr. King Mr. Novack Ms. Pilanen Ms. Tremblay 

Dept. Head 


Breakfast in the Cafe 

The alarm clock that gets students out of bed 
each morning is not what gets their day 
started. To some people, a good, tasty break- 
fast is essential for the energy they need to 
survive the long, harsh school day, and that 
can all be started right in the cafeteria at BHS. 

Starting at 7:30 AM every morning, students 
can buy bagels down in the cafeteria. For 
only a dollar, they can get a bagel, a milk or 
juice, and a piece of fruit. For 25 cents, regular 
and light cream cheese are also available, but 
cinnamon, peanut butter, jelly, and butter are 
free of charge. 

Bagels have been a staple in the cafeteria for 
about seven years. The staff sells an average 
of 25 per day, with plain bagels being the 
bagel of choice. 

The newest addition to the breakfast has been 
New England Coffee. At $1 per cup for 
regular, decaf or a flavor of the day, it makes 
a morning run to Dunks or Starbucks passe! 

Custodial \ 

Mr. Anderson 
Mr. Holland 
Mr. Nyland 
Mr. Bourque 
Mrs. Bourque 
Mr. Carratu 
Mr. Hendrickson 

The Cafeteria Staff 

Ms. Batchelder 
Ms. Castrucci 
Ms. Clifford 
Ms. Donahue 
Ms. Kouroubacalis 
Ms. Medina 
Mrs. Nylund 
Ms. Pollard 
Ms. Raynes 
Mrs. Spiridigliozzi 
Ms. St. Hillaire 


Be Wicked For&Week 

Married in Jamaica December 2004, 
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Bourque 


Mrs. Billings 

BHS art teacher, Shelia Billings and her sister, Robin Farren, recently 
wrote a children's book called Work-A-Day Week. The book is meant 
to help young children learn the days of the week by seeing what people 
do on those days. 

Work-A-Day Week was based on a song Farren had made up to teach 
her own sons the days of the week. The song is included in the book, and 
the rhymes make it easy to learn. 

Billings and Farren tried to make the book appropriate for any type 
of family and avoided stereotypes of males and females. Billings was 
inspired by the diversity at Witchcraft Heights School in Salem, where 
she used to work. 

The two women had such an enjoyable time writing Work-A-Day 
Week that they have already started their next book, A Melody of 

Mrs. Dube 

BHS Physics teacher, Mrs. Pat Dube, was featured in the September 
2004 issue of Working Mothers because of her decision to switch careers 
from engineer to high school teacher. 

Mrs. Dube is happy to work with students every day and has no 
regrets about becoming a teacher. She says she enjoys working at the 
same school where her son is a student and is grateful to have more time 
with her family. The article focuses on the pay cut Mrs. Dube took by 
switching careers; she says the move was absolutely worth it. She told 
the magazine about the difficulty she encountered when students tried 
to trick her as a new teacher. 

Mrs. Dube gave tips for balancing teaching and life: "Cook meals 
ahead, ask for help, and don't teach in the summer". 

Every day, Mrs. Dube shows her enthusiasm for teaching and BHS. 

Mr. Swingler and Mrs. Brown 

If you haven't noticed by now, Social Studies teacher Mrs. Brown has been 
absent from BHS this school year. She is in England, participating in a teacher- 
exchange program. She is living in Eastbourne with her family for the year and 
teaching children in Year 7, the equivalent of 6th grade in America. She is 
living in her exchange's home, Mr. Swingler, and teaching all of his classes. 
Mrs. Brown is enjoying teaching over in the U.K. and says, "Just as at home, 
the staff members are all very hard-working and friendly. I find that teachers 
everywhere ha ve good sense of humor. You just have to laugh about it all. " Her 
counterpart, Mr. Swingler, is also adjusting rather well to life here in America. 

Mr. Swingler, from Eastbourne, England, is now living with his family in 
Gloucester in Mrs. Brown's home. He is teaching Mrs. Brown's Social Studies 
classes in BHS and says he is enjoying the experience. "I do believe Americans 
like school more than British students. For example, if Britain had pride week 
[like] you guys have, it would be torn down in an hour. I just think Americans 
are more optimistic." He has been growing slowly homesick, missing friends, 
family, and his favorite sports of cricket and soccer. 

Both teachers are finally adjusting to driving on the opposite side of the 
road, after a few near disasters. They will return home in time for the next 
school year. 


Dunkin' Donuts of Beverly 

(The Serpa Family) 

411 Cabot Street 
44 Dodge Street 
41 Enon Street 
1 Dodge Street 
Route 128 North 
224 Elliot Street (Inside Stop & Shop) 

Dunkin' Donuts/Togo's/Baskin Robbins 
112 Elliott Street 


Fine Foods Since 1941 

"Special Occasions 
call FOR 
Special Foods" 

When planning your special day, 
call the catering expert* at Henry's 
or stop by and pick up a menu. 

588 Cabot Street, North Beverly 


to the 
Class of 2005! 
Good Luck! 

900 Cumming Ctr. (Rt. 62) 
Beverly, MA 0191 5 

Phone: (978)232-0100 
Fax: (978)232-0155 

Congratulations to the Class 




Tel:(978) 922-4732 
P.O. BOX 68 

BEVERLY, MA, 01915 

Captain Dusty's Ice Cream 

Creators of Homemade Ice Cream 
Congratulation to the Class of 2005 

Come See Us Before you go 642 Hale St - Beverly Farms 

60 Beach St ~ Manchester by-the-Sea 
143 Derby St - Historic Salem 




(978) 922-9075.927-6029 

'"We're Tfie Only One" 

Serving the Northshore for 30 Years! 

7at£lfo&ui Hardware 

All sorts of hard-ware and household things 
for the handyman, householder 
and craftsman 

Two Convenient North Shore Locations 

Village Shopping Center 
Topsfield, MA 01983 
(978) 887-2343 

50 Enon Street 
Beverly, MA 01915 
(978) 927-1320 


Northern Health 



Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 

Where trust and care 
go hand-in-hand 

Congratulations, Class of 2005 


978 921-1200 

97 River Street, P.O. Box 510 
Beverly, Massachusetts 1 9 1 5 
Fax 978-921-1556 

800 649-8ATH 


(978) 741-1770 

jk 3L JL (800)287-1770 

©I K\ii\ Fax(978) 741 - 1330 


Thomas L. McAuliffe 


Good Luck, 
Class of 


Cummings Properties 

100 Cummings Center, Suite 107-L ph: 978-922-9000 

Beverly, MA 01915-6106 fax: 978-922-9880 

Make It a BLOCKBUSTER Night 


Home Decor 

272 Cabot Street Beverly (978) 922-8100 





Quality Backed by a Desire to Please 
Since 1959 


Working For The 
Community Since 1888. 

Herita g e Bank 

f—t Member FX 
BUM MembetSIf 

(800) 820-8330 

Salem • Beverly • Danvers • Marblehead 





Beverly, MA 
(978) 927-4065 

Mickael's Li 


Micbael Kostopoulos 


161 Lynn Street, Pcnbody. MA 01960 
Phone. 978-532-8488 tax: 978-531-1751 
Cell: 978-423-7387 


Fine Woodworking & Home Improvement 

Michael D. L. Gaudette 
3 South Street 
Beverly, MA 01915 

Good Luck Class of 2005 


118 Bridge Street 
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915 

to the Class of 

Best Wishes! 




Main Office: 

254 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA 01915 
(978) 922-0857 
Branch Offices: 

63 Dodge Street, Beverly, MA 01915 
(978) 927-5283 

48 Enon Street, Beverly, MA 01915 
(978) 921-2383 

73 Lafayette Street, Salem, MA 01970 
(978) 745-1941 

Member FD1C 
Member SIF 


BevCam stands for Beverly 
Community Access Media, a 
studio located down the long, 
dark hallway of Patten Wing. 
Lead by Mr. Dunn, students 
recieve a hands-on education 
learning how to shoot with 
cameras and edit tapes. BevCam 
also serves the public of Beverly 
as our local access channel. So 
tune in to Channel 22! 

Congratulations to the 
Class of "2005" 

Beverly National Bank 

Downtown Beverly 

North Beverly 
Cummings Center 
South Hamilton 

(978) 922-2100 

Beverly National Bank 


Member FDIC 

A full service community bank serving our schools! 



Custom Embroidery & Silk Screening 
Team Uniforms & Jackets 
Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer and more 

Todd & Lorna Lampert 

407-409 Cabot Street 
Beverly, MA ! 9 1 5 

fax 978-927-4538 

Class of 2005! 





Health Care Associates RC. 

From Birth To Twenty-One 


Centennial Technology Center 
10 Centennial Drive 
Peabody, MA 01960 
(978) 535-1110 

467 Rear Main Street 
Melrose, MA 02176 
(781) 665-5131 

Vinnin Square 
600 Loring Avenue 
Salem, MA 01970 
(978) 741-8366 

225 Boston Street 
Lynn, MA 01904 
(781) 599-1134 

Wakefield Medical Center 
300 Quannapowitt Parkway 
Wakefield, MA 01880 
(781) 245-8180 


- 1 





The world is your oyster, bunky, 


Mom & Dad 


Jacob Cowan 

Dearest Jacob, 
Son, brother, Friend 
You are the best of everything! 
We are proud and blessed to be 
sharing our lives with you. 
We love you, INFINITY! 
Dad, Nanny and Adri 

Megan Nyland 

You go girl! 

Mom and Dad 

Rob Tamilio 


Our "Favorite" son and brother. Good luck in whatever you 
decide for your future. We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Heather, Lindsay and Brianna 


Michael Lawler 

"Earth's the place for love; 
I don't know where it'll go better.... 
One could do worse than be a swinger of 
Robert Frost 


Kaiser Systems 


Maria's Pizza 
D' Antonio's Hair and 
Skin Care 
Chapman's Florist 

Brian Ranta 

Brian, Congratulations! 
As the length of your hair 
shortened, your eyes 
widened, your smile 
remained and a bright 
future awaits. 

We are all of proud of 


Mom, Dad, Mark and 


If you bought a 

Beverlega 2005 
yearbook, don't 
forget to pick up 

your summer 
supplement this 



Class of 2005 





O Lifestyle guru 
Martha Stewart 
begins serving 
a five-month jail 
sentence in West 
Virginia, after being 
found guilty of lying 
about a suspicious 
stock sale. 

3 Ronald Wilson Reagan 
40th president of the 
United States, dies in 
June at the age of 93. g 

3 Strong partisan division over issues 
at stake throughout the 2004 
presidential campaign results in 
record turnout of voters under 21. 

3 In November, Minnesotan Chai 
Vang allegedly shoots and kills six 
hunters and wounds two others 
after he is caught trespassing on 
a hunting platform in Wisconsin. 



Will rraecDO Ind.r It. Pro.liloo or Sectfc' 


M irk WllsoiiQnrty Imagast 

EP»VShawn Thaw/Hndov 

Rojbi I WollenBanj/tJF'M.inrJrw 

M«ik Wilson/Getty Imatjes 

Tom Ridge leaves his Health and Human 
position as secretary Services Secretary Tommy 
of homeland security. Thompson resigns. 

(J National Security Adviser Condoleezza 
Rice makes history as the first black 
female to become secretary of state 
when she succeeds Colin Powell. 

Secretary of State 
Colin Powell 
steps down. 

Attorney General John 
Ashcroft relinquishes 
his cabinet post. 

3 Ribbon-shaped 
magnetic stickers 
urging people to 
"Support Our Troops" i j 
appear on countless 
American cars. 

orist insurgency leading 
up to the Iraq presidential election in January 2005. The war 
costs the lives of over 1 ,400 coalition troops, as well 
as over 14,000 Iraqi civilians. 

O More than 220,000 lives are lost after a massive 
earthquake in December off Indonesia's coast 
causes a tsunami that smashes coastlines 
Southern Asia and as far away as Somalia. 


! in 

I, { 

O In the trial of the 
year, California jurors 
find Scott Peterson 
guilty of the first-degree 
murder of his pregnant 
wife, Laci, and 
second-degree murder 
of their unborn son. 

In response to the 
investigation by the 
Bipartisan 9/11 
Commission, the 
U.S. Senate passes 
the National 
Reform V.I 

£ The Center for Disease Control's Youth Risk Behavior 
Survey finds 6.1 percent of teenagers surveyed have 
tried steroids as compared to 2.7 percent in 1991. 

Preventing HIV/AIDS is Everyone's Respo 

O The United Nations 
reports the AIDS 
epidemic is growing 
in Africa and worsening 
dramatically across 
eastern Europe 
and Asia. 

After more than a 
year of ceasefire, civil 
war re-ignites in the 
Ivory Coast as a result 
of President Gbagbo's 
ordering air strikes 
on rebel positions. 

Onome Oghene/EPA/Landov 


' AN 


O The Ukrainian Supreme Court 
invalidates that country's disputed 
presidential election because of vote 
tampering. In the revote, pro-West 
opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko 
claims victory. 

3 In September, Chechen rebels kill 
more than 430 people in a series of 
terrorist attacks in Russia, including 
the bloody attack on an elementary 

3 After 22 months, the conflict in the 
Darfur region of Sudan continues to 
grow, leaving more than 2.3 million 
Africans in need of humanitarian aid. 

human interest 

(J Due to manufacturing errors, the 
United States faces a flu vaccine 
shortage. The U.S. Department of 
Health reserves vaccinations for those 
most at risk — people over 65 and 
infants six to 23 months of age. 

O In August, the National 
Underground Railroad 
Freedom Center opens 
in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

O Countries and individuals around the world join together to 
pledge over $4 billion in relief for those devastated by the 
December tsunami disaster. 

O Christopher Reeve dies at age 52. 
Reeve is remembered for his movie 
role as Superman and as an advocate 
for spinal cord research after being 
paralyzed in an accident in 1995. 

C According to the Lance Armstrong 
Foundation, over 20 million people 
are wearing the yellow "Livestrong" 
wristbands that help fund and promote 
the organization's cancer research. 

C In September, Microsoft Chairman 
Bill Gates announces a $168 million 
donation to fund malaria research. 

OThe National World War II 
Memorial is unveiled in 
Washington, D.C., in 
honor of the millions of 
Americans who served 
during World War II in 
the military and on the 
home front. 

C A prolonged deployment 
of over 200,000 U.S. 
troops to Iraq leaves 
many families struggling 
at home. 



Portable photo printers O Hong Kong-based toymaker 

that do not require 
a computer are a 
hot item for digital 
camera owners. 

Wow Wee Ltd. sells 1.5 million 
Robosapiens since the toy's 
introduction in April. Among other 
"talents," the $100 robot can belch 
and pass gas on command. 

O The Food and Drug Administration links the use of 
antidepressants such as Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac 
to suicidal behavior in teens. 

EasyShare primer dock plus 

O SpaceShipOne, 
the world's first 
privately developed 
spacecraft, is named 
"2004 Invention 
of the Year" by 
Time magazine. 

3 Apple's iPod is the 
year's hottest tech 
gadget, fashion 
accessory and 
advertising personality, 
all in one credit- 
card-size package. 

O After four years on the market 
and billions of dollars in revenue, 
pharmaceutical company Merck 
recalls the arthritis drug Vioxx 
due to increased risk for 
cardiovascular disease. 

3 General Motors releases 
the industry's first full-size 
gas-electric hybrid pickup 
truck, the Chevrolet Silverado. 

O Toshiba's HD DVD and Sony's 
Blu-ray battle for supremacy 
over the next generation of DVD 
technology. Major movie studios 
are evenly divided in their backing 
of the two technologies. 

9 £ Designer dog breeds like 
|J the "Goldendoodle," an 
Wy\ allergy-friendly cross between 

I a golden retriever and 

3 1 a poodle, are in high demand. 

African lions join the 
endangered species list 
because they are being 
killed to protect domestic 
livestock and their habitats 
are being destroyed. ! 

> O Although Saturn's rings look solid from Earth, images taken by the 
international Cassini spacecraft show they are more like rivers of dust 
and ice, with particles ranging in size from specks to mountains. 




1 i 


ull.ii ll.irvuul firttilhsmiun Ci'iiliit lm Aslioplivsii'S'l .iiulov 

Pierre Htfltz/Reuters/Corbis 

Troy Wayrvnen/APA/Vide World Photos 






O Swarms of locusts destroy millions 
of acres of crops in West Africa. 

C In September, astronomers 
announce the discovery in the 
Milky Way galaxy of a new and 
possibly abundant class of planets. 

C On a remote island in Indonesia, 
scientists find 18,000-year-old 
skeletons of a hobbit-like human 
species that grew no larger than 
today's average three-year-old child. 

Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters/Landov 

k., t 

Vi "Ha 7 



In October, Mount 
St. Helens vents 
ash and steam for 
the first time since 
its major eruption 
in 1980. 

Threatened by 
the spread of 
chemicals and global 
warming, polar 
bears are added 
to the endangered 
species list, 

■jr ■ 

11 --TTB 


:esy Even 


! Canadian 

AFP/Gtny Imagis 

C Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet 
garner Golden Globe 
nominations for Eternal 
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 
which also earns a nod for Best 
Picture, Musical or Comedy. 

»1J Shrek 2 ranks third on the list of the 100 top-grossing movies, 
with a total haul of just over $436 million. 

O The Incredibles, Pixar 
and Disney's movie 
about a superhero 
family trying to live 
a normal life in 
the suburbs, is a 
box-office smash. 

3 Clint Eastwood 
directs another hit 
with Million Dollar 
Baby, starring 
Hilary Swank as a 
31 -year-old boxer. 

3 Johnny Depp scores 
his second straight 
Oscar nomination 
for Best Actor with 
his performance in 
Finding Neverland. 

© U ni ve rsa l/C o un e sy : Everett (V 

O Jamie Foxx delivers an eerily 
convincing and Oscar-nominated 
performance as the late Ray 
Charles in Ray. 

Z) Already named best picture by 
film critics from New York to 
Los Angeles, independent film 
Sideways finds even more 
celebrity with a leading seven 
Golden Globe nominations. 

J) The Aviator, starring Leonardo 
DiCaprio in the role of eccentric 
billionaire Howard Hughes, earns 
eleven Oscar nominations. 

© Miramax/Courtesy: Everett Collection 



ABC/Courtesy: Everett Collection © NBC/Courtesy: Everett Collection 

O "You're fired!" becomes a household 
phrase as Donald Trump plows 
through executive wannabes on his 
hit NBC show, "The Apprentice." 

C ABC gets big ratings from its new 
hit drama "Lost," the intriguing 
story of 48 plane crash survivors 
stranded on an island. 

£ To kick off her 19th season of 
CBS's "The Oprah Winfrey Show," 
Oprah and Pontiac join forces 
to give each of the 276 audience 
members a brand new Pontiac G6. 

O Pausing and recording 
live television with 
DVR is rapidly replacing 
VCRs in households 

C Before his unbelievable 
74-game winning 
streak comes to an 
end, NBC's "Jeopardy" 
contestant Ken 
Jennings wins 
$2,520,700 — a TV 
game show record 
He delivers over 2,70 
correct responds 

With bands like Interpol, 
The Killers and Snow Patrol, 
alternative rock returns to 
the mainstream music 
scene in a big way. 

U2's new album How to 
Dismantle an Atomic Bomb 
hits No.1 in Billboard magazine, 
and the band is inducted into 
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 
in March 2005. 

O Nelly continues to 
wrap up big sales 
and hit songs with the 
simultaneous release 
of his two albums, 
Sweat and Suit. 

3 Ashlee Simpson, 
Jessica's younger 
sister, makes 
headlines with her 
triple-platinum debut 
album Autobiography 
and a lip-synching 
gaffe on NBC's 
"Saturday Night Live." 

O Pop superstar Prince gives his concert 
ticket-holders something to cheer 
about before the concerts start . . . 
a free copy of his Musicology CD. 

3 Legendary '80s alternative rock band 
The Pixies, known for inspiring 
"grunge" music, reunites after 
13 years for a sold-out U.S. 
and European tour. 

5 In December, Usher 
dominates the Billboard 
Music Awards, taking home 
11 awards, including Album 
of the Year for Confessions. 

O The newest trend in video games is to go "old school," with 
plug-and-play systems featuring '80s games from the likes of 
Atari and Namco. 



IJ 1 

7 iai v 



1 i n" >" i ' inaJt "' 

O 2004 is the year of celebrities having 
babies, as Courtney Cox-Arquette, 
Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, 
Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler and others 
all become first-time mothers. 

C Thousands of young people 
become avid poker players, a trend 
sparked by TV shows featuring 
tournaments for celebrities and 
professional poker players. 

C The challenging "Metroid Prime 
2: Echoes" takes home the prize 
as IGN. corn's Gamecube Game 
of the Year. 

O The hottest 

"hard-to-get" toy for 
the holidays is the 
Nintendo DS handheld 
gaming system. 

C Even though it won't 
reach bookstores 
until July 16, 2005, 
preorders in December 
help J.K. Rowling's 
Harry Potter and the 
Half-Blood Prince 
top several 
best-seller lists. 

Ironman Lance 
Armstrong wins his 
record-setting sixth 
straight Tour de France 

Heisman Trophy winner Matt 
Leinart leads the USC Trojans 
to a second consecutive NCAA 
National Championship by 
routing the Oklahoma Sooners 
in the FedEx Orange Bowl, 55-19. 

(J With a series sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, the Boston 
Red Sox lift the "Curse of the Bambino" to win their first 
World Series title since 1918. 

Ann Heisenfelt/AP/Wide World 

O The New England 
Patriots defeat the 
Philadelphia Eagles, 
24-21, to repeat as 
Super Bowl Champions. 
They have won three 
of the last four 
Super Bowls. 

Following his win 
in September at 
the Deutsche Bank 
Championship, Vijay 
Singh unseats Tiger 
Woods as the 
world's No.1 golfer. 

O In December, Indianapolis Colts 
quarterback Peyton Manning throws 
his record-setting 49th touchdown 
pass of the season. 

In one of the worst brawls in U.S. 
sports history, five Indiana Pacers 
players clash with Detroit Pistons 
fans on court and in the stands. 
The Pacers' Ron Arrest is suspended 
for the year for his involvement. 

3 Russian teenage tennis star Maria 
Sharapova defeats Serena Williams 
to claim the Wimbledon title. 
Thanks to lucrative sponsorship 
deals, Sharapova ends the year as 
the world's richest sportswoman. 

EP/VGeto Breloar/AP/Wldo World Photos 

C Carly Patterson joins Mary Lou 
Retton as the only American 
gymnasts to win the women's 
all-around Olympic gold medal. 

a Waete/Cotbis 

3 Michael Phelps swims 
his way to eight individual 
Olympic medals, six gold 
and two bron 

David Gray/Reuters/Landov 

The Tampa Bay 
Lightning claim the 
2004 NHL Stanley 
Cup by winning the 
seventh game of the 
Stanley Cup Finals, 
2-1, over the 
Calgary Flames, 

" I I J 4 t } 

''j flfJUler'./C'Jf!,!'. I 



C In a year of entertainment 
dominated by teen 
queens, Lindsay Lohan 
makes the biggest splash 
of the bunch with the hit 
movie Mean Girls and her 
debut CD Speak. 

of mus 
He was 

poetry author and the Muscular 
Dystrophy Association's National 
Goodwill Ambassador from 2002 
through 2004. 

(J In remembrance of those who have died and those who 
continue to risk their lives in the war in Iraq. 

O Ukrainian presidential 
candidate Viktor 
Yushchenko suffers 
from debilitating 
illness and scarring 
caused by dioxin 
poisoning, allegedly 
at the hands of 
his opponents. 

3 Rodney Dangerfield, 
82, veteran comedian 
: famous for getting 
"no respect," dies 
from complications 
following heart surgery. 


O Democratic vice presidential and .* 
presidential nominees John Edwards ? 
and John Kerry make the 2004 
election a very close race. 

O Actor Zach Braff from NBC's 
"Scrubs" makes his big screen 
acting, writing and directorial 
debut in the critically acclaimed 
Garden State. 

Former NFL player Pat Tillman, 
who chose the Armed Forces 
over the NFL, is killed while on 
duty in Afghanistan. 

Printed in USA. © 2005 04-0508 (1777)